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Slow Wii U OS Probably Won’t Be Fixed In Next System Update


You may remember reports that the next Wii U system update will dramatically improve the sluggish operating system. Well, it turns out Engadget who reported the story misread the Japanese Nintendo Direct that the information originally stemmed from. The actual update in question will improve performance for Dragon Quest X, and not the Wii U system. I would imagine that Nintendo is aware of the complaints levelled against the OS and are working on a fix.

Nintendo’s PR people have been in touch and we’ve had one of our bilingual editors take a look at the video. Unfortunately, something was lost in translation and our source was mistaken — the update in question is for Dragon Quest X, not the Wii U system.

Thanks, Banjos

79 thoughts on “Slow Wii U OS Probably Won’t Be Fixed In Next System Update”

    1. Tenth! Ha ha! As always, no one gives a f**** that you posted first. What would be even more exciting is if the first poster actually had something to contribute to the conversation.

      It’s a shame the sluggish OS won’t get any tweaks, it could still use it. I’m glad to hear Nintendo is aware of the problem, how could it not be?

  1. Ok, we have to wait some more time then. Even though I myself have no problem with the OS so do I know many do. Ok, loading times are slow sometimes but I do not get to upset about that.

  2. Wiiu is such a mess.

    Thank god for current gen cheaper consoles with loads of games and actually stable and a better CPU looool

    1. Thetruthandnothingbut

      Aww, how cute, he’s pretending that the other systems didn’t have any launch problems and that the Wii U’s launch is how the system will always be.
      Isn’t that just adorably dumb?
      A year from now, no, probably 6 months or less from now, you’ll be just like a dumb puppy, who comes back with its tail between its legs and its face full of spikes, after its first run-in with an irritated hedgehog and a nice hard slap of reality.

      Hope you enjoy your taunting while it lasts.
      Because it won’t.

      Also, this is coming from a PS3 owner.
      Try wrapping your mind around that.

      1. Well said =)
        I have a PS3 as well and I totally agree. The Wii U OS is new. It’s got to learn to crawl and all that. Heck, the PSN store has been pokey for years and only just got a 1.01 update =) In time the Wii U OS will cruise and even with a slightly pokey menu it’s still a heck of a lot of fun to play.

        1. More like a downgrade, the PSN store sucks ass now, the App is even sluggisher, the only thing keeping me going back this year are the year end sales.

    1. really? first off, the OS isn’t that bad, and second, why in the hell would you base whether or not you’re going to buy something purely based off of a few people have issues with the Os? there are SO many other features that are way more important, such as the eshop, miiverse, nintendo tvii, the amazing web browser and not to mention the GAMES on it. seriously, basing your purchase decission on one little thing like that is like deciding not to buy a car because it only has 4 cup holders even though it gets 100mpg and only cost $100 a month.

        1. The os works perfectly fine. The only thing is a couple seconds in between loading an app. Really ? Can ppl get any more spoiled. They report that it’s been crashing so much. It only happened to me once and that’s it no big deal it’s new hardware give it a chance

          1. Thats the thing, if people don’t jump up and down, Nintendo will continually get away with it and keep pumping out slow OS’s. People need to tell Nintendo to fix it otherwise it will never be fixed.

            1. Thetruthandnothingbut

              They’re crying over an issue that isn’t big enough to be worth crying over, though.
              That’s the point people are trying to make, here.
              The OS isn’t so horribly bad that an immediate fix is necessary.

              1. Most people see it as a significant issue (I do as well). A slow OS can be extremely frustrating at times and could end up giving Nintendo a bad image in the eyes of that customer and potentially losing that customer (It does happen more than you think). If the OS is slow, it needs to be fixed, if you want Nintendo or any other company in that matter to keep pushing out unfinished products, be my guest, I on the other hand will be complaining so they know to get off their asses.

                1. Thetruthandnothingbut

                  Define “slow”.
                  10 seconds isn’t slow in this case.
                  If people were waiting over a minute and a half, then they’d have a valid complaint, but as it is, it’s not slow enough to be considered a real issue.
                  The real issue is a bunch of spoiled and pampered gamers with little to no patience who want any reason they can find to bash the system.

                  Also, launch problems don’t make the product unfinished.
                  All of the big consoles had launch problems.
                  Example; Red Ring of Death. That persists to this very day in some cases.
                  Do people call the X-Box “Unfinished” because of it?
                  Abso-fucking-lutely not.

                  The OS can use improvement, but it’s not slow enough to be a deal breaker unless the complainer is a spoiled one.
                  You’ll know they are, for sure, when they come onto the internet to complain about it.

                  First world problems FTL.

        2. So confident in your opinions that you didn’t even bother to create a username? The OS works and doesn’t negatively affect play during games in any way. Is it a bit pokey at times when navigating it? Yes. But it hasn’t slowed down one title I’ve played. I’m actually pretty amazed at how fast I can switch from a game to Miiverse and back again. I’m guessing Anonymous does not actually own a Wii U.

          1. Or you’re a blinded fanboy that would probably take a bullet for a Nintendo product? His username has nothing to do with the issue. If their is an issue, it needs to be fixed, why do fanboys defend this? It’s puzzling :S

            1. This coming from the person who’s trying to condemn the entire system because he’s got to wait a few extra seconds for a non-game menu to load up.

              Blind hater is blind.

      1. OK. But at the very moment, I won’t be getting one anytime soon. I am a HUGE Nintendo fan, but in the case of getting a new video game system, I generally wait til the price go down.

      2. XD are you comparing a Consoles OS (the soul of a console) to the Quantity of cup holders in a car (a fucking luxury?)

        Stratisfire, i love you dude, but that was the dumbest comparison ive seen in a while.

          1. I mean in terms of game consoles you big silly lol!!!! I can honestly say , Para gliding , Speed boating , Jet ski-ing , Scuba Diving , Football , Marijuana , Women , football , weed and women are all more fun than the wiiu…

  3. Wonder how long the launch issues, that every console ever goes through, will effect the wiiU.

    Well, the vita didn’t have any launch issues, I guess. All consoles do though. Lol super Nintendo launch.

    1. Vita suffers from a severe case of “bad softwareitis”. Well, in my opinion at least. There isn’t a single game for that Vita that makes me want to buy it. Yet…

        1. It also suffers from “can’tplaypspumdsitis” too.
          The WiiU just needs more games that really show its merits. Nintendoland is a fantastic start.

            1. Gaming as a whole is a luxury that people take for granted. Why should additional options be offered to us to begin with?

  4. I’m going to be honest, havent really liked my wii u much, played it like 7 times. Love my 3ds, I’m assuming it’s just a software thing, it’s still a young system. I have to say its not like the wii, I played wii sports for hours when I first got it. I will play it out like the 3ds, amazing nIntendo games should boost it in the future

    1. Most likely due to differences in attention span when you were younger. Remember when a cardboard box was the best thing ever?

        1. I took fort building a step further; I used Pipe Works to build my forts, then put blankets over the pipes and actually slept in them.
          If I’d had a second set, I’d have build a damned CASTLE out of the stuff.
          Being a kid was so much better. The world was nothing but pipe works forts, your first crush, what someone was cooking for dinner, and looking forward to the next day when you’d get to do all that and more all over again.
          I miss the simple life.XD

  5. I’m hoping that by the time I finally get a Wii U (when Pikmin 3 comes out) that all of the current problems that the Wii U has will be fixed.

  6. I dislike the loading times between changing games, loading the menu and loading Miiverse (which I do a lot), but it’s not as big of a problem as people are making it out to be. It’s like the loading times for Super Smash Bros Brawl – it’s a minor detail that you can get used to and only experience when you’re not engaged in gameplay.

  7. People are just so ignorant is the blog man, a lot of hate and trolls man. I am a gamer and i enjoy every single console in the market. Stop been a fan boy and be a gamer instead, and if you don’t like Nintendo just don’t come to this site to talk your stupid nonsense.

  8. I am not as concerned with the sluggishness of the OS. The thing thats getting me is how the HULU app is performing. Constant video playback is sketchy. After you watch a show it countdowns to playing the next show but never plays it. Anytime I attempt to exit HULU it freezes on the Wii U logo until I pull the plug. This seems like something that should get immediate fix attention. Its annoying to have to pull the plug like that when it freezes. There should be a button combo to restart from the gamepad.

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