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Dragon Quest X On Wii U Will Feature Beautiful Orchestral Music


During Jump Festa, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horiiand, and producer, Yosuke Saito, announced that the majority of the Wii U version of Dragon Quest X will feature beautiful orchestral music. The Wii version of Dragon Quest X only featured synthesised music. Dragon Quest X will be released for the Wii U in Spring 2013 in Japan.

67 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X On Wii U Will Feature Beautiful Orchestral Music”

    1. this game wud be good if it were released 5 years ago on the wii. The fact that its being released right after the life cycle finished it officially makes it dogshit cause there is no excuse for square enix to do that. MMO are suppose to be played for months even years. By the time people get into the game the graphics willl look horribly outdated as if they dont already.

    2. DQ is not exactly known to have the best up to date graphics if I have to be dead honest. But I prefer graphics that are “dogshit” over gameplay that is dogshit (I am looking at you the majority of the western blockbuster games…)

    1. Dragon quest VIII is in my opinion the best so far. I would even say it is my favorite rpg of all time. It goes pretty cheap nowadays anyway.

    1. Next holiday is alittle unrealistic. I hope we get to see it before the end of 2014 and becomes really happy (and suprised) if it comes out Q1 or Q2 2014.

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    1. lol! Thinking the same thing. I gave up on the Dragon Quest series. Hate the art style and the whole concept. Story mode, character progression. Its all pretty boring.

        1. It’s just dawned on me that, for some strange reason, almost every Nintendo fan focuses solely on graphics for Wii U games.

          It’s totally not like we just came out of purely SD games that were already perfectly fine from before (Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or Wind Waker, anyone?), get a system that does EVERYTHING we wanted it to do (HD Nintendo games, ’nuff said), and get a kick-ass game library FROM LAUNCH that we haven’t seen since the likes of the SNES era.

          Just observe the fan reaction:


          – Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: “LOOKS LIKE THE 3DS GAME!” – Of course it does, you moron, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE CROSS-PLAY COMPATIBLE, which is a feat that can only be done viably if the graphics, textures, models, and locales are kept similar. Be GLAD it looks as good as it does. And, once again, for the mere sake of bringing it up, these are the SAME PEOPLE that played a version that looked FAR WORSE on the Wii by comparison.

          – Pikmin 3: “IT’S THE SAME THING AS PIKMIN 1 AND 2! NOT BUYING!” – Isn’t that what all of you wanted to begin with, with HD graphics slapped on? (Nevermind the fact that Pikmin 3 is far more innovative than Pikmin 2 ever was.)

          – Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge: “HURR HURR! TOO MANY JAGGIES!! CONTROLS SUCK! GAME’S TOO HARD!” – Uhh…you guys clearly never played the original Ninja Gaiden games to comment on difficulty. Also, it’s called the Pro Controller for a reason. Use it. And, people are ACTUALLY gonna complain about anti-aliasing? Man, these are the same people that, once again, just came from playing the Wii. I can’t tell you how ‘horrid’ a game like Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition must look to them. It was either jaggies or huge frame-rate issues in the midst of intense combat. You decide.

          – Nintendo Land: “KIDDY.” – Yup. A game that solely works into the hearts of all the original Nintendo franchises that we love and brings them into a new light, crafting new experiences through the revolutionary GamePad to bring you back wonderful, captivating, nostalgic memories of gaming’s past through twelve, fully-fleshed out theme-park attractions just OOZE with childishness, amirite? Haha. Just checked your status updated on Facebook. Going to Disney World next week to try out their new rides? Cool beans. Yup, yup. Totally kiddy. Totally not a game geared towards anyone out there who is just now getting into games or has played games for most of their life. While I’m at it, games are toys too. There. I’ve said it.

          – New Super Mario Bros. U: “IT’S THE SAME AS ALL THOSE OTHER NEW SUPER GAMES!” – Definitely. Because all of those other New Super games featured: 1) A sprawling overworld map, 2) Seamless drop-in, drop-out gameplay, 3) HD visuals, 4) GamePad-only play without the need of a TV, 5) Did I mention you could seamlessly take off the TV or switch it to another channel, let someone else watch TV, and continue playing on your GamePad in another room? 6) Yup, all the other New Super entries totally had the Super Acorn, P-Acorn, and every other new power-up introduced in NSMBU. 7) Oh yeah, each game in the NSMB series was totally based off of Super Mario World’s stellar design. Everyone know NSMBU was based off of CDi Zelda: The Faces of Evil. 8) Baby Yoshis were in all of the NSMB games. Of course! They were just REALLY cleverly hidden. No one has found them quite yet. ;) 9) Miiverse was in ALL of the NSMB games from before. Why have it again in NSMBU? 10) The Challenges were definitely in all of the other games in the series too. They were also VEEERY easy. They TOTALLY didn’t make the game one of the hardest, most frustrating 2D Mario games of all-time.

          – Bayonetta 2: “HURRRRR. WHY DON’T WE GET ON OTHER CONSOLES. DUHHH.” – Uhh…why didn’t any of those other companies want the game in the first place? Enter Nintendo: “We’ll help fund your game, keep your company alive in this rapidly declining industry, and save the industry, once again, from having another major collapse by supporting and helping all developers we can to fund their projects and get them back on their feet to create more awesome games for the industry as a whole and keep it alive.” – THAT’S WHY THESE GAMES BECOME EXCLUSIVES AND PUBLISHED BY NINTENDO, PEOPLE!

          And, by far, the worst of them all:

          – ZombiU: “THIS GAME LOOKS LIKE CRAP! CONTROLS ARE TOO HARD! THE GAME IS TOO HARD! THE STORY SUCKS! IT’S TOO TEDIOUS!” – 1) The graphics are among the most atmospheric I’ve seen since the likes of RE:R. I fail to see the point here. Textures are also done well and the lighting effects are surreal, though the only problem the game suffers from is some poorly executed muddy textures that show up from time to time (these are usually the glaring ones, ironically) that are a result of the launch date push. I’m sure it can ALL be fixed in the sequel. 2) Controls hard? Yet, these are the SAME people who turn around and play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? Have you people even played fighting games to make a comment like that? I mean, it’s not like fighting games are a test of your button-mashing skills, or anything, compared to ZombiU, of all games. It’s called GETTING USED TO A NEW CONTROL SCHEME. One that works mighty fine—better than its counterparts, in my honest opinion. Also, the “one-hit KO” mechanic? That’s been used countless times, and it works seamlessly here for the sake of what this game seeks to accomplish, and it creates a reward-and-risk factor unlike any other when blended in with Miiverse integration. 3) The story? Who plays this game for the story to begin with? I would think most people play this game for the SURVIVAL-HORROR aspect. One we haven’t seen since the likes of the original RE. On the topic of RE, since when did we have a storyline that actually made sense in an RE game? Yeah, exactly. Moving on. 4) Too tedious? Maybe if you stopped trying to whack all encroaching zombies with a cricket bat and use those weapons you have ample amounts of ammo saved up for those particularly dire situations, you wouldn’t be feeling that way. That said, the only “tedious” aspect of this game was that fact. Literally. If we had more melee options, there would be nothing left to complain about. Because, certainly, you can’t complain about zombies in the game when the game itself is called ZOMBIU. -_-

          The mindset of the Nintendo fanbase this generation is so screwed up.

          Now, while you guys are sulking about graphics, I’m going to go back and enjoy games for what they are supposed to be enjoyed for more—their GAMEPLAY.

          *starts up Wii Mode and plays Super Mario Galaxy 2*

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    1. Not really. They were still good during the psone days. And last gen and this gen FF games werent THAT bad. The new one actually seems interesting.

      1. SquareEnix has been pretty solid throughout their time as a company. Each company has blunders they make, but they learn from them (hopefully) right after. SE is no exception to that rule.

        I, for one, look forward to Dragon Quest X.

        It’s the first in the series that I’m actually gearing up for due to its highly innovative quality that I haven’t honestly seen on a Nintendo console since the likes of Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 & 2 and Monster Hunter Tri.

        1. Yeah. I mean SE actually dont make alot of games, they jus publish loads, and they’ve published some damn good ones this gen.
          They can still make good RPG’s though, FF7 fanboys just whine too much.
          Yeah, FF13 wasnt great, but FF13-2 improved alot of the problems besides the auto battle rubbish, and FF13-3 aka Lightning Returns has scrapped that battle mechanic entirely for a real time one, its in a different place, its non linear and its got a Majora’s Mask like Doomsday Clock in it, yet every video about the games trailer i go on, “herp derp, FF is dead to me”, “where’s Versus 13?”, and worst of all “where’s our FF7 remake”. All of those things are in no way a consequence of any FF after 7 and 8, and all due to other reasons, winds me up -.-

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