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Wii U Launch More Successful Than Launches Of Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

black_wii_u_with_gamepadSince its debut last month, Nintendo’s new Wii U console has surpassed the launch sales of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

In a span of four weeks of being on the market, Nintendo has sold over 1.8 million Wii U consoles. In that same amount of time, Microsoft sold 940,000 Xbox 360 consoles, and Sony shipped 540,000 PlayStation 3 consoles.

For comparison’s sake, in its first four weeks on sale, 2.07 million Wii consoles were sold in 2006.

136 thoughts on “Wii U Launch More Successful Than Launches Of Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3”

    1. maybe… but what about multiplatform games? 70% games this gen were using UE3 Engine and next gen? i personaly think the same will happen with next gen (UE4), that means Wii U needs to play/run those games.

          1. They don´t need to know the specs of the PS4 and Xbox 3 to say that it´s possible to downscale and Unreal 4 Engine game to wii u. All they need to know are the specs of the Wii U.

          2. Well they did say it could be downscaled to play on phones and tablets and all that jazz. They made the engine for the PC they dont need to know the specs of anything else for all we know the ps4 and new xbox will play a downscaled version of the engine.

            1. well, you actually do need to know the specs of your pc to know whether or not you can run a game lol. for example, if the game requires 2 gb of video ram, and you have a standard 560, you’re not going to be able to run the game.

              1. Or you know, I could just buy a PC that is considered powerful, insert the game in without checking the specs and it works?

                The point is that you don’t need to check the specs.

                1. yyyes you do lol. every game has a minimum required spec list that you should follow in order to make sure you can actually run the game. if you buy a gaming pc, chances are that you’re going to get ripped off with the hardware inside of it and will have to upgrade a lot of parts inside of it in order to run the latest games.

        1. haven’t seen ness in ages and aeolus seems to be a bit more moderated.. if he turns up, which is rare nowadays
          so why even bother? does their opinion really matter that much to you?

          1. Those two have basically become the mascot trolls of this particular site.
            It’s kind of expected these days.
            Most of us play along with them because it’s funny to see them fight on endlessly against the Wii U and its fans, when neither are something they can stop.
            Train-wreck analogy fits here? Horrible to watch them but you somehow can’t seem to turn away?
            Dunno, maybe.

      1. Of course you where if you where a Nintendo only player and did not played on other consoles but me i want to play mario.

    1. These figures are all counted at the actual purchase. So this is the number of people who have actually gone into a store and bought one (excluding preowned.)

  1. Wii U, the eighth generation developers console of choice. Hope my fellow nintendo fans realise, it’s time to stop whining, our system is going to have multiplats galore :).

    1. I ain’t trying to start anything, but I wouldn’t get too far ahead, anything can happen. Yes the Wii U could be the devs choice, but it just as easily could be one of the others.

    2. Sorry but im not so sure…..

      The problem is that developers wants much much more powerful machines than current gen (PS3/60), not just the first 8th gen console. The Wii U is not miles ahead from current gen consoles PS3/60 (especially not the CPU)… if PS4/720 will use 6GB-8GB ram, much more powerful CPU and GPU than Wii U definitively wont be the first choice. Im sure the Wii U will be better for 3rd party games this time (better than Wii) but i highly doubt 3rd party support will be better than 8th gen Sony/MS consoles.

        1. They will NOT cost that much, and they will NOT be as weak as the wii U. Microsoft can take a loss. They have stated that they are using DX11 capable parts.

      1. “The problem is that developers wants much much more powerful machines than current gen”

        How do you know that developers want more powerful machines?
        And also if they want more power why the developers(I haven’t hear of them, crytek maybe?) that you say don’t just skip the consoles and just develop for pc?

    3. At the moment its the 8th gen console of choice, but that of course can change when the others come. Don’t get your hopes up.

  2. Imagine when Nintendo releases their next console…hahahahahahah
    Which hopefully will be some sort of upgrade for the Wii U so you don’t have to buy a whole new system ^^

    1. It’s comments like this that almost make me ashamed to be a Nintendo fan. You’re being just like the PS and XBox fanboys that hate on Nintendo.

      1. I would never be ashamed of being a Nintendo fan, because honestly, I’ve seen much worse from the others, particularly the Sony fans in my case. Tbh I have a sneaking suspicion that he might be a Sony/Xbox fan trying to give us a bad name….ahh, maybe I should lay off the conspiracy theories ;)

          1. No, its not…. its not only a console, its a bluray player too. PS3 is very strong in 1st and 3rd party games/library….so, why the PS3 is BS?

            And no, i never said Wii U is BS.

  3. I’m just waiting on the Nintendo games. All the huge releases are coming to the 3ds like luigis mansion,animal crossing (even though the states don’t have a release date) fire emblem. Nintendoland is cool and Mario but that’s all they have.

      1. What do you mean?

        I’m buying the Wii U after SSB and Mario Kart (Or if a new F-Zero, Mother or Shin Megami Tensei game comes up, but what are the chances), why is waiting for games you know you’re going to enjoy bad?

        1. He said that the only games that he like are Nintendo land and Mario. Nothing wrong in waiting but also notghing wrong in trying what the console already have.

  4. 540,000 People Payed $600 For the Fat PS3??!! wow ._. …….. I wouldn’t Pay $600 for a PS4!! (I payed $250 for my PS3 Slim, Worth the Wait).

      1. HAHAHA overpriced at least have HDD not like the stupid Wii U that is without HDD and is much overpriced stupid Nintendo monsters

      2. Well, i wont call it overpriced (blura for movies and games, hdd, incomming games, very strong 1st and 3rd pary library etc)….

    1. Actually, $600 for a PS4 isn’t so bad.
      Still a bit pricey but from the hardware I’ve been hearing coming out of the next gen Playstation I’m actually looking forward to seeing how well it performs, same goes the Xbox 720.

      And if you think I’m a fanboy, well you got another thing coming because I’m neither a fanboy of any company, I just love their consoles and heck I even play on PC so really you can call me a Gamer… also I already own a Wii U

      1. You might have a point, but $600 would be placing the PS4 very close to budget gaming PC territory, which it would have to match or surpass in terms of specs. Also, releasing a $600 console was a mistake (to say the least) back then. In this economy? Not really viable imho…

    2. I payed $1,000 dollars for the PS3 (When it first came out). I will not pay that much for a console ever again, $450 or $500 I would pay for a console.

  5. “For comparison’s sake, in its first four weeks on sale, 2.07 million Wii consoles were sold in 2006.”

    should be added that the wii, relatively to the US launch, was released later in the EU than the wii u was which would naturally result in fewer sales within the first 4 weeks

    so sales are quite a bit “worse” than they were with the wii, but it looks like they can still be called a complete success :)

    1. Yeah but the Wii was advertised and publisised like hell, it was all people were talking about at the time (positive or negative)

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  7. I enjoyed reading that XD. Nintendo obviously advertised their launch well compared to others. and once they bring out a Zelda and a Metroid. Sales will rocket stupidly high XD.

  8. I can´t understand this synthetic hate. I love the Nintendo Ip´s but Sony and Microsoft have great Ip´s too. So I support all three of them, because they all derserve it. The three are not enemies, they are actually friends.

    Because without each other, it would be much much harder to survive on the market. Every advertisement about consoles and games, no matter if it´s about PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii U, helps all three of them in equal measure

    1. They are very different.
      When I support Nintendo, I’m not just a Mario fanboy. Although Nintendo is a for-profit company with it’s faults, they have a strong conviction towards family entertainment and innovation. It’s the only thing they do.

      Microsoft and Sony have multiple product lines. They are in it for the money. That’s it. Nintendo wants money. They have a responsibility to their share/stake holders to be profitable, but from the top down, they BELIEVE in more than money. They have a passion for innovation for the sake of having fun.

      I support Nintendo because I respect what they stand for, and I get pissed with them for making occassional dumb-ass mistakes, but it’s the gaming company I’ll always invest in.

      1. Sounds somewhat like my opinion. Microsoft and Sony haven’t been able to give as much fun as I can find on Nintendo consoles (although I liked the PS2).
        I’m not very fond of these “realistic” games, that aims to make it look like it could happen in the real world. I rather prefer games that gives me an experience that I can’t find in real-life.

        Might explain why I love platformers and cartoony games? :P

      2. This is a good summarization of why Nintendo, when given a choice, will always get my money over the other two. Passion for what you do makes deciding on a product that much easier(not to mention being pretty much guaranteed that when I shell out a large sum of money for a console, it is going to last pretty much maintenance free until the following generation comes out), and I enjoy supporting a company that stands for fun and family friendliness, because we are all part of families, and most of us grew up on Nintendo. A company that doesn’t succumb to the peer pressure of offering more ‘mature’ titles just for the sake of appeasing the whiners who don’t wanna play ‘kiddy’ games. As far as class goes, they stand above the rest IMHO.

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  10. Congratulations to Nintendo! I am happy for their success. Hopefully this will trigger even more third party support, and of course great Nintendo titles.

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  13. Just can’t wait for new Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, the holy Triforce of Nintendo. Imagine seeing all of them at E3. Ahhhh hold me!!!!

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  16. wii u is awesome just got Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and black ops 2 saw the hobbit for the 2nd time today and i am going to get Mass effect 3 in a day or two

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