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Brand-New Wii Title From Namco Bandai Games Announced

While Nintendo isn’t currently making any new games for the Wii, big name publishers, such as Namco Bandai Games, are still bringing new titles to the six-year-old console.

Namco Bandai Games recently announced Pretty Cure All-Stars, a dancing game with characters and songs from the Pretty Cure series, for Wii.

The upcoming Wii game is scheduled to launch in Japan on March 28th, 2013.

46 thoughts on “Brand-New Wii Title From Namco Bandai Games Announced”

  1. Namco should focuz on a AAA title for Wii U… not a lame title for the Wii. I can guarentee that this will only be sold in Japan. America is done with the Wii… maybe its diferent over in Japan though??

    1. I’m guessing this won’t exactly take much of their resources. They are also helping with smash 4, so I’m sure they know how to manage their people

    2. Probably that was a project that didn´t consumed much of their resources and they don´t want to lose it. I bet it will be a WiiWare game, not retail.

  2. Hey guys, here’s a magic trick for you!

    1. Pick a number between one and ten
    2. Square that number
    3. Divide your new number by the original number
    4. Subtract the original number

    Conglaturation ! ! ! You have reached the number of fucks I give about this game!

  3. well i can tell this is one of those game that will never see the light of day in the West……. who wants some tea and cookies?

  4. Pretty Cure? MAN, there’s SO MANY anime and mangas that I’ve never heard of. And what’s worse, a lot of them feels like the exact same thing. The characters in every anime look alike.

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  6. This is probably going to be one of those games that will turn out extremely rare over a decade, similar to Shantae for GBC.

    1. This. Zangeki no Reginleiv would have been the perfect game to prove to the haters that Nintendo has their fair share of gorey games.

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  10. I’ve always wanted to get a Precure AllStars Fighting Game along the lines of the same treatment Dragonball Z and Naruto gets from Namco Bandai ( Budokai Tenkaichi and Ninja Storm ) I truly do think Bandai is missing a golden opportunity by not pursuing this idea.

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