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Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels Resurfaces On Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this week. Released only in Japan, this sequel to the smash hit platformer was never brought to the west in its original NES version. Later released on Virtual Console for Wii, now you can experience this rare classic in all its 8-bit glory on your Nintendo 3DS.The Lost Levels expands on Super Mario Bros. with tough new level designs, trickier enemies, and new features like fierce winds that blow Mario away. It’s the ultimate challenge for any Mario fan.

55 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels Resurfaces On Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Diary Entry: May 3, 1986
    Sorry for my hurried wrighting I fear I have little time left.
    Make no mistake this is an evil game, an evil evil game. It shits pure hatred apon those who play it as they dare to challenge it’s almighty power. Whoever plays it becomes consumed with ragequit most notably upon taking a warp pipe back a few levels. I have tested it here In the US and already our first testers are going on a rampage. I don’t know how the Japanese are immune but we are hoping for an antidote soon . I tried the first level out of curiosity and am feeling angry at the poison mushrooms F—— UNFAIR. If you are reading this know that we failed to cure the ragequit and that we are sorry attempting to play the game. If anyone can contact Nintendo Japan and let them know what happened here make sure they NEVER publish super Mario brothers 2 outside of Japan. I didn’t know this would happen and I feel like the blood is on my hands I started the play testing without consulting my superior. I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WOULD HAPPEN F—— POISON MUSHROOM YOU UNFAIR LITTLE…
    this was the final entry.

    1. Wonderful comment. Also note that nintendo power was with us throughout the good and rough days of these gems. With no save spots, but good old cheats and trickery. Tough brains and memory cells.

    2. Its not that hard guys… It just take a whole lot of patience to learn the levels so you know whats coming. The whole game is second nature to me now. Ive even beat the super hard hidden worlds that you unlock after beating the game 8 times

  2. I could beat this game as a kid on mario allstars but I can’t do it now. The famicom version is slightly harder than the allstars remake, and I couldn’t beat it with the 1up trick on world 1-1 :/

  3. Man, it gets SO old hearing about games coming to 3DS eShop that’s already been released several times in the past. I can’t believe people still buy these games that’s been on other consoles so many times. And Nintendo just keeps milking every game for all they can possibly get.

      1. I won’t. I just can’t believe there’s so many people who WILL and DOES. Though I suppose there’s always new generations of gamers who never heard of these games before.

        1. You dont need to suppose because it is fact that a LOT of people just either never seen some of those games or just havent bought them who may buy them and must buy them or they wouldnt bother with the re-releases. Quit bitching.

            1. Bitch about something with merit then, at least. OMG WHY DID THEY RE-RELEASE THIS! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THE HELL WOULD BUY IT THE IDEA OF IT EXISTING FOR PURCHASE IS KILLING ME!!!! OH NO< BECAUSE I DONT WANT OR NEED IT THERE HAS TO BE NO USE FOR IT! again, quit your bitchin. As someone name retrojunkie youd think youd be pleased something retro is more widely available.

              1. @ As someone name retrojunkie youd think youd be pleased something retro is more widely available.

                LOL that’s what i was thinking!

                1. I could happyly buy all the vc games on wiiu and 3ds if they atleast gave me the option,i love the classics i even prefer some old pc games over the new 1 like warcraft 3 over starcraft 2 and farcry 1 over farcry 3,unreal2004 over any crap today ,and commandos 2 is still my fave pc game beside rise of nations.

                2. Is EVERYONE an idiot on here? You have to admit that seeing the same game released time and time again on every freakin’ Nintendo platform DOES get old. Captain Douche can’t seem to understand my point.

    1. I love that Nintendo gives us the chance to buy almost all the Nintendo games on one console :D With the 3DS and the Wii U, everyone gets the chance to play the older games without buying a NES or a SNES or a GameBoy :D

    2. You need to remember that you’re not the only one who plays videogames. There’s a lot of new generation kids who want to experience old games and this is their opportunity to acquire the titles.

  4. Old School 2D games will always be harder than New 2D games and 3D games mostly because most either concentrate on graphics or new styles of gaming without even thinking of the difficulty.
    Most games the last 10 years are a joke compared to the older ones in terms of difficulty…
    Hardcore players who think games are hard today need to stop refering themselves to hardcore…;p

    1. there is an old phrase to describe how hard some of those games are/were: Nintendo hard. some of them are just son of a biitching rage inducing hard cheap ass have to get every movement down pat and perftect without even a millimeter of leeway available for mistakes needing a combonation of memorization, muscle memory, practice, and insane reflexes to get through. they dnt make games that hard anymore. which is maybe ok. hahaha. But! people that bitch on about hardcore, i dont believe they can call themselves hardcore until theyve played and beaten some of those games. you almost have to put an amount of time and repetition into them as to be a detriment to yourself.

    2. Mlost old games focused a TON on making the gameplay really hard. Most modern games want games to be cinematic and to tell a story. I love them both. That is why I play halo 4 legendary with all the skulls on! Great story. Physically impossible to beat!

  5. Also known as the real super Mario bros. 2 ( rest of the planet )for those gaming heads that were stateside in the 80s and not world over. Nintendo fans you are spoilt, you have 2D and 3D Mario goodness, plus you get retro Mario games on the virtual console and e-shop. Man I love nintendo :).

  6. Sony should release the PS4 with crush Bandicoot, hopefully a month after nintendo releases Mario galaxy 3, or Super Mario Universe :). With the excitement Mario brings it will over to players buying good old crush. As a nintendo fan, and gamer in general, I know the importance of Sony’s play station brand go gaming as a whole. We can afford to lose the xbox line and not the playstation. This because, Sony actually has gamessssssss! unlike Halo alan wake having xbox.

      1. He meant Microsoft exclusives,i though that whit the susces of halo wars Microsoft would bring age of empires to consoles but they actualy they killied the franchise.

    1. mario galaxy 3?!? hell no man thats milking their franchise, you guys said 2d mario are milking but not 3d, i would go against mario galaxy 3 bashing it.

  7. Awesome! I can’t wait to play this! I also hope for “super Mario Bros 2(the american one). That game is one of my favorite mario games! Its just so different from the rest. It stands out.

  8. I love this game! i have beaten only twice in the Wii All Stars Version. I actually have the original FDS disk game and i have only barely gotten to world 8-4 once(you can only continue on the first level of first world when you game over).

    1. This better come to America, being able to play this without awkward phone emulator controls on the go would be amazing. i am willing to pay $6 for this, a bargain considering how much the original version would cost you (for the FDS and the game). Do it Nintendo, that and Mario 3 must come to 3DS virtual console everywhere!

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  11. I feel sorry for today’s generation of gamers. Having to rely on “downloading games” instead of owning the originals like I do. The digital era sucks! The only game you’ll EVER see me downloading is Earthbound (preferably on Wii U, not the stupid 3DS) and maybe if something like the Mario Artist series from the japanese N64 disk drive was localized. That would be SWEET!

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