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Next LEGO Games Will Be Set In “Legends of Chima”


Warner Bros games has announced that the next set of LEGO games will be set in a brand new universe which the team is calling Legends of Chima. Legends of Chima is apparently a vast fantasy adventure world where good and evil magical animal tribes battle for supremacy. LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey, which is developed by TT Games, is due out on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita during the summer. A Nintendo DS version launches in the autumn.

54 thoughts on “Next LEGO Games Will Be Set In “Legends of Chima””

    1. Very true man,, I haven’t bought any Lego games for the last 5 years.. The last one was Star Wars… But this Lego city game looks awesome and diff from other Lego games

      1. same…. I used to LOVE the lego star wars games on ps2…… No other lego game has got me excited like Lego city. They look to of put a lot of effort into it , not just a watered down cross platform lego game…..

  1. It looks like Lego Thundercats. I have been seeing these commercials on TV. (Not interested)

    The only Lego games that I have actually liked are the Lego Batman games and I’m hoping Lego City will be good.

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  2. Tiny Chocolate Finger

    Meh. I doubt this is the future of the series. It’s being released for handheld platforms only, one of which is awful and one of which is almost a decade old. And also, a similar thing happened with LEGO Ninjago. Does anyone remember that? No, exactly. The LEGO franchise is in good hands.

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    1. Nope. No it isn’t. It’s the highest selling gaming system of all time , and is still selling by the hundreds of thousand weekly.

      Ds , Wii , 3DS , Wiiu . Nintendo has 4 active platforms as of now.

  5. Interesting. I wonder if this means TT will be making more original LEGO games in the future instead of movie licenses. Only time will tell. But I’m still overly excited for LEGO City Undercover.

  6. Thetruthandnothingbut

    Why does everyone take it looking like a Thundercats pic as a bad thing?
    Aside from Snarf, that was an awesome series.XD

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