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EA Was The Number One Publisher In The UK During 2012


Developer and publisher EA has taken the accolade of number one physical publisher in the United Kingdom during 2012. The firm has a number of successful products including FIFA 13, Mass Effect 3, and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Here’s the publisher rankings based on data from GfK Chart-Track.

  1. EA
  2. Activision
  3. Ubisoft
  4. Nintendo
  5. Microsoft
  6. Sega
  7. Warner Bros
  8. Take-Two
  9. THQ
  10. Square Enix

95 thoughts on “EA Was The Number One Publisher In The UK During 2012”

          1. Where I live in Manchester (in the ghetto part) People by xbox live points like Crack So they can score a virtual pack of ”ultimate team” cards.

            I’m not gunna lie – Fifa is an AMAZING football (soccer) game. No doubt about that. I used to prefer PES , but that doesn’t have the depth that fifa has…..

            Fifa is a great game. The chavs which devote their life to it and CoD are not.

            1. PES has been my favorite soccer game since the PS2 era, then FIFA 12 made me change favorites. FIFA 12/13 are the best soccer game I could ever come across. I play them with friends/cousin on my Xbox 360 every weekend. Every… Weekend! Before we would play the real sport, when we were younger, but now that we don’t have that much time in our hands, we just gather together, order some food and we play as we chitchat.

              It’s not the only game we play, though. Mario Party 8 and 9 are a must. Mario Kart Wii as well. With that said, we always change what sort of game we play, but FIFA is almost always in the list. :p

              Anyway, about FIFA 12/13: The ball physics are good, shooting from a long range is actually fun, as opposed to the PS2,GC era. The dribbling system and all that. Good game, but it’s just fun if you have friends to play with. I can see why a lot of people would hate FIFA (either they hate the sport or they don’t have many friends who like soccer). All in all, I adore it. :)

      1. Fifa is pretty amazing. If you like football then you should like Fifa. I was brought up going to Man city games (when City used to be shit lol) . I’m a life long Man city fan and can’t deny fifa. It’s easily the best football game out.

        PES 2012 on 3DS is the best portable football game out. Better than Fifa on Vita and 3DS….

        1. Yeah, I play a bit of PES and FIFA with friends every now and then on the home consoles and I have FIFA for my Vita too.

          I don’t have PES for my 3DS though. I’m not THAT into the sport, but it’s fun to play with friends from time to time.

          1. PES is more ridiculous than fifa. In a good way , more ”arcadey”.

            I can score from the halfway line on PES with the right player lol. Fifa is much more realistic.

      2. EA’s deserving of the hate. I know tey publish games, although sometimes very poorly, like Kingdoms of Alumar, and DLC/online pass crap, but it’s the developers like Criterion, and Visceral that deserve the respect. You know EA would have told the companies to back the games more accesable to get more money :/

      1. The UK is probably more Xbox based than Playstation (and a third Nintendo) It’s the other Euro countries that love Sony so much. Because UK and America are very similar countries with similar cultures , People in UK love the ECCSBWAAAWWCS .

        In the particular store I go to , the 360 is smashing the ps3 in sales. So says the owner.

        1. Kinda 50/50 when it comes to Xbox or Playstation.

          We have alot of casuals though, so alot of stupid people buy Kinect -.- that thing that barely works.

          1. I know. My little brothers friends all play kinnect. I had to have them stay over at my place so I could show them the wiiu. The wiiu (like when playing Nintendo land) is the most sophistocated and best casual device ever by far.

            It’s not silly it’s complex and awesome.

            I think the wiiu will be big eventually.

            1. Nintendoland does look fun, i still play multiplayer games all the time like Brawl to this day with my little brother, so i could have alot of fun with it, although it’s not as big as i’d like, but it cones with the console, so it’s not like i could complain about it

              1. The game is awesome. Collecting all the shit to put in your park is a blast using the pachinko machine.

                When you eventually get a wiiu. Pick up Nintendo Land. You will love it. The replay value comes from playing with freinds and family though…

          2. I bought Kinetic for my little brother. He was a lot happy with it playing Kinectmals and stuff, but the novelty wore off so quickly, it has been gathering dust. Now I sort of regret it, too expensive for something that offers almost nothing. It has been the quickest add-on for a console that was forgotten here. :p

    1. Also Nintendo up at 4.
      Nice to see proof of their relevance rather than what certain people say they pulled from *insert generic site here*

      1. That’s rich coming from you.

        Seriously, about 70% of the people ive met here just play either COD or FIFA, or Dance Central shit, and buy nothing else.
        It’s sad. Bad game is a bad game, same as movies and tv shows.
        I suppose the shitty Resident Evil film are just my bias opinion now? Now, and anyone that likes them has a poir taste in films, and needs to stop wasting money, same goes for the “gamers”.

        1. At least I’m not insulting my country for liking different things. My GF loves CoD and FIFA, do I care? Nope.

          What the hell does Resident evil have to do with anything? I wasn’t a fan of them either, but I know people who worship them.

        2. That’s because the biggest gaming audience is the casuals, hence why so many play CoD, FIFA, dance- and singing games and the like. Because those games appeal to them,

  1. Yeah, the UK generally has terrible taste in Games, no offense to those in the UK that generally play actural Games, but it’s Games like FIFA and COD are overrated for no paticular reason in my eyes, I mean, the 2 Games generally have the same gameplay in every installment, however even though Pokemon and Mario nearly do the same thing over and over, atleast these are actural Games. What is wrong with my Country!? D:

    1. Well Mario is based around level design, so making a new game is easy, its only gotten old with the “New” series.
      Similar case with Pokemon, it’s all designed around new regions, pokemon, moves, and gyms, and the combination of pokemon they use in the game.
      But Pokemon has come a long way since Red and Blue, it’s insanely deep, with all EV training and people making unbeatable Pokemon, like a Breloom with Poison Heal :|

  2. Tho only game I’m looking forward to from EA is Dead Space 3, but even then I hope they don’t mess it up.

    1. I hope they don’t mess it up :/
      Dead Space 2 was good storywise and improving some game mechanics, but i just didn’t find it scary. On occasion it was tense, but the first one was the real deal. Plus it was linear :/
      The larger location variety is a mixed opinion, i liked how they were more varied, an looked more like civilian areas, but being non linear made it feel like connected, like the first one did with the Ishimura.

      1. I all all Dead Space games, and I have to admit, my favorite of them is the one for the Wii (surprise!). I know, I bet a lot of people must be cringing their nose right now as they read this but lemme explain why I actually enjoyed the Wii (point-n-shoot) one:

        It’s simple, it has a lot of focus in the story of the game. I really enjoyed the script. Yeah, only shooting at the screen can be boring, but gracefully the story fills the void rather well. It is the ONLY game of that type that actually drew me in ’till the end. Fantastic!

        I hope they do more like that, I always enjoy a good script! It would be even better if they had a script like that with the gameplay of the main series. Then I would be happy. :p

        1. I admit, the story in Extraction is really good, more of a character driven story.
          But i still prefer the original, the atmosphere is awesome, reminds me of the mansion in the first Resident Evil, but a mining ship xD

  3. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Am shocked . not, FIFA is the main game there uk is just part of the region. so big up to uk and manchester united.

      1. Don’t throw your “well that’s jus ya know your opinion, man” shit around.
        People who have opinions on games either like it, or dont like it, but understand why they would. When nobody understand why people buy fifa and cod, it just means its shit.

        1. You insult me sir,I play FIFA because it is more of a strategy base game (trust me,i have to know when to hit,whose generic AI to give it too,which rules to follow).It is very fun if your a fan of futbol.

      1. Have to agree with you Nintenlord. EA make/publish some pretty good games, there business tactics on the other hand are well … questionable.

  4. As long as it isn’t shitty Nintendo, I don’t care who is number 1. EA is starting to become a cool, manly company, unlike Nintendo with its shitty games, hardware, and obsessed baby fans.

      1. The elite few that develop and play on PCs only are too small and manly to be on the top list of ignorant masses that buy baby console games.

    1. Wait,they finally decided not to screw fans over!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?Now where the hell was i when this happened?

  5. I have always said ea was number 1 activison second ubisoft third but I didnt expect to see nintendo #1 I mean they are gaming lol

  6. I am not surprised unfortunately. I know a lot of people, including my brother, that the only reason they have to own a console (either home or handheld) is to play FIFA and Madden.

    1. Isn’t that…. DISGUSTING!? I find it pretty gross. You wanna play sports?- GO PLAY THEM! That’s what YMCA’s and your back yard are for. It is a little ironic that you can “play sports” as video games.

      1. I play sports outside, and I play sports on consoles. I fail to see how its gross playing sport games on consoles. Some require strategic thinking unlike a lot of FPS games.

  7. The Nintendo Reviewer

    You got to be kidding me. If this were 2002 I would fully agree. But now? No way. They aren’t the great company they used to be. Number 1 should be Nintendo or Ubisoft or WB Games. Or even Sega. As far as third party publishers go I think Ubisoft is the best right now.

  8. EA get’s a ton of hate but you can’t deny they put out great games, NFS is that game they still pull me into every year.

    1. Yup, its just idiots jumping on the i hate EA bandwagon, i expect that from other sites but the majority of the people here own only Nintendo Consoles.

      How can you hate EA if youve only own a Wii or 3DS? I just dont get it.

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