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Pokémon Company Says The Pokémon News Coming Next Week Is ‘Big’

cute_pokemon_artworkPokémon-related news is coming next week, as first revealed last week in a recent Japanese trailer for Pokémon Black 2 & White 2.

We now know that the upcoming news isn’t only for the Japanese audience, as The official Pokémon Twitter page for North America sent out a tweet today that read, “Pokémon fans, mark your calendars! Check on January 8th for some big news!

January 8th is four days away… What do you think the “big news” will be?

219 thoughts on “Pokémon Company Says The Pokémon News Coming Next Week Is ‘Big’”

    1. Why would you ever look forward to Pokemon? It just a babyish attempt at a real Rpg. Of course, it sells because RPGs are too tough for five year olds to play, and it has pretty colors!

      1. I agree. Only stupid little shits would look forward to Pokemon news, and anyone who plays it is an unmanly little retard.

          1. translation: Im an exclusionary fuck face who labels myself a “hardcore” gamer, meaning i believe ONLY the things i like are worth anything and if you dont like what i like you are a child or unmanly. Which is to say im desperately trying to make myself feel important.

            I dont give two shits about pokemon either but you people need to fuck off and worry more about what you like and leave people who have different tastes the fuck alone.

              1. yeah we get that, but nobody asked for it, there being dicks cuz something they dont like is still going on, but if they dont have nothing nice to say or go be a dick somewhere else.

        1. Okay so if “only stupid little shit care about pokemon news”. How’s that make you look? A guy that CARES about what other people think enough to waste his own time to make fun of other people. If you don’t like a series that fine, but don’t take away from something other people like just because you don’t like it. It just makes you look like your looking for attention. Go do something useful with your life. Honestly kid :)

        2. Oh SHIT!!!! We got a full grown up guy here… Start smoking… It is rated 18… It will give you the feeling of being a big papa…
          And… Tell your mom she can be proud to have such a big boy…

          1. where MAKING THIS HAPPEN

            I think it’s much too early to be discussing Generation 6, but the only other time there was a simultaneous announcement on both the American and Japanese Pokemon sites was when Black and White were shown. Makes me wonder…

        3. Well Billy boi, I’m afraid I don’t wanna be manly anyways cuz I’m a 5’2″ little Japanese girl~ Pokemon are CUUUTE home skillet! And I like whatever the hell I wanna like ;D

          Imma check the Pokemon site first thing on the 8th and shout the news from my window with PRIDE <3 Cuz Im a grown woman who loves Pokemon and I do what makes me happy <3

          Haters gonna hate Billy~ <3

        4. So, teenage girls who dress like prostitutes and kids dropping out of school to gamble and abuse animals is childish?

          1. sounds like america cept replace animals with teen girls and gambling with raping and shooting ppl. honestly id rather go with the animal abuse world. least they have free health care for the animals and the animals arent looked down on as sluts for being raped

        5. People crying because a NINTENDO GAME is “unmanly” or based around the younger fanbase? I have my doubts you even know what Nintendo is. Pokemon is an excellent game, so is other Nintendo titles like Mario, which are both as childish as eachother. Get a life, loser.

      2. well said! pokemon are childish rpg series! let’s play togheter final fantasy XIII… the best final fantasy of all! the king of RPG! pokemon.. bleah!

      3. One would think with games being better graphically now than 10 years ago, there would be more colors dominating the screen.
        Yet, “Oh, look at the black. It’s so realistic”

          1. There is also a metagame with Effort values abilitys and natures that work on in the background to help decide the better pokemon

      4. Actually, I think you might be misunderstanding the potential of a five year old child! Let me inform you of my proposal on the education of children while incorporating video games as the primary medium. As someone who carries a general interest in gaming, as well as teaching [I can tell by your comment that we both care very much about the little guys],I truly believe that it is up to this generation to establish gaming as not something to ‘pass the time’ with, but as a tool for making children smarter, younger. The standard age for kindergarten I would say is about five or six years old. I think that five might be a bit too young for a more complex program, but I believe that simpler games that incorporate a puzzling solving element are crucial for empowering the brain.

        A personal suggestion of mine, and of course you can offer your own ideas about this topic, would be the PC classic, Chip’s Challenge. The game has increasingly difficult levels, that introduce different concepts over time. This can help young students understand the concept of progression. After all, they will learning math at increasingly levels of difficult each grade.

        Now more back to the current issue. I think that if we mustered the funds through a nonprofit campaign, we could conduct a study to see how many five year old children excel at high end role-playing games. I’m sure we could also play them in black and white if color is an issue.

        1. As someone who played a lot of pokemon as a child I can see how this would work as a child pokemon player I noticed that it improved my language skills through following instructions. Social skills through trading.
          But I never once looked at the stats of my pokemon choosing only attack moves with cool names. Pokemon used as a learning tool could be great as it engages both sides of the brain (creative pokemon designs mixed with the logic of the battle system)

          I also think the puzzles based around spatial awareness could also work. Block pushing puzzles as a more simple version tetris as a low mid level version and portal as a high level version. Allowing the child to understand complex spatial tasks in a quick and easy way.

          I have played proper educational games and the one thing that is consistent with them is how boring they are. They are designed with the education first and the player experience second leading to games that uninteresting and games that bore the player.

          The games I have listed (Pokemon, Tetris, block pushing puzzles, Portal,) all are designed around the game first and education second witch makes them engaging to the player. they also are all games with no deaths, guns, and minimal violence making them appropriate for education use in a time where effects of violent video games are a controversial subject.

      5. You realize you’re insulting almost all of Japan right…40 year olds over there read manga and play the 3DS on train instead of reading the newspaper. Japan loves Pokemon. Whether its 5 year olds or 40 year olds. They have the right state of mind. You’re nothing but an insecure abomination, impersonating a gamer. So congrats on achieving a small victory in this world. Getting real gamers worked up. Now you have my permission to die a happy life.

      6. Wat,U mad bro dat your dumb RPG games can’t handle the badassery that is Pokemon.HAHA,look at this chump who thinks s/he is better than Pokemon.

    1. hopefully not

      black2 and white2 was so similar to RSE, it’d be a bit pointless to remake hoenn. they should probably save hoenn for gen 6.

      1. I’d buy it if it was for the 3DS, I can’t wait to see what Pokemon on it looks like. And RSE is my favourite Pokemon generation.

        1. Something along the lines of Pokepark or Pokedex 3D in detail would be a nice change. I love the sprite work every game in the games carry from 2D to 2.5D, but it’s about time they bring a fresh look to the series.

    2. theres no reason they would remake the series. the only reason they remade gen 1 n 2 is because you couldnt get all the pokemon from that generation cuz gen 3 wouldnt link trade with gen 2 hence making the first national dex incomplete

      1. yea, well, thinking of the 3DS, this is the case again: you can’t play the old GBA Games anymore on a 3DS, so for those who don’t own an old DS, a remake seems necessary.

        still, i don’t think they’ll go that. with BW and BW2 they incorporated so many old pokemon into their game, i think they will just mix the rest into the next main game and be done with it. i don’t think a remake would sell as well as a new game, especially considering the originals aren’t that old yet, and by aquiring a DS, you could still play them and trade to BW, while with the old games, as you said, there was really no way to trade anymore at all.

  1. Who knows? They could be announcing a fan-requested game, like RSE remakes, or something else. I don’t think it’d be Gen 6 though, as it seems a little early, since B2/W2 was realeased just a few months ago. But still, I have no solid idea on what It could be. Of course, it could also be some kind of poll, but whatever.

    1. It takes around 3-4 years to make a pokemon and bw was released in summer 2010 so they might announnce gen vi for japan in the summer and na probably around spring 2014.

  2. I’m guessing 3DS game announcement.

    Still think they are making a mistake by not making an open world RPG. IMO, the first version should be online but contain a lot of DLC to keep adding areas and different Pokemon. Online modes should be trading, some challenges, and battle/arena mode.

  3. Game Freak has surprised us before, it just happened with B2/W2, so honestly I have no idea what this announcement could be. All I know is that I’ll be on my laptop all day waiting for it.

  4. It better not be the inevitble release date of Mystery dungeon.Cus we all know that’s comin anyway… That game will be awesome.

    Maybe some sort of NFC pokemon cards for the wiiu with a pokemon stadium style game ? (dreams)

      1. again, just because you dont like something it does not mean countless others do not. for example, you do not think you are a piece shit who needs to leave people who do not like what you like alone, i certainly do think you are a piece of shit who needs to leave people who do not like what you like the fuck alone. Does that make you a piece of shit? probably not. so there ya go, ya fuckin bottle-nose.

  5. Can’t wait to learn what that is.
    And the fact that it’s gonna be a worldwide announcement is great !
    Let the hype begin !

  6. Maybe a pokemon mmo? I know it’s wishful thinking but that would be awesome if it did happen. It could have all the current regions, and you could choose which is your native region. And they could add expansions to it, like new regions every 4-5 years, like in the actual games. Have the ability to customize your trainer every way you want and maybe make the legendary pokemon unobtainable since in the pokemon world there is only one of each, if the anime is to be believed.

    But that wont happen because Nintendo and Game Freak make more money with retail releases so yeah. Either way, I’m excited, 3rd gen remakes, core pokemon title for the 3DS, Wii U pokemon game ala Stadium, new Pokemon Snap, exciting news indeed.

      1. I know right? That or a Skylanders styled Pokemon game, I mean how has Nintendo and Game Freak not thought of that yet? They would make a ton of money on all 649 figures sold, plus if they make shiny pokemon as well. The Gamepad has NFC tech in it, it would make sense, or just have the tcg cards do that.

        1. the only thing that bothers me, if we are talking about using the gamepad NFC like skylanders:

          Skylanders is build upon the fact that you put your figure on the portal and it stays there while you are playing with it, in constant connection, gaining experience stored in the actual figure, not in your game. NFC reader and gamepad were different devices.

          that is awesome, but not possible with the gamepad. the gamepad nfc can be used to scan the figure, but not to have it stay on it, because you need to hold the gamepad in your hands, move it around, play with it. so to get that same experience, you’d have to connect twice: one to start, and once to store progress. i’m not sure that’ll be as fun as just putting the figure up there.

  7. Probally another boring Pokemon spin-off.

    Honestly I don’t see what people see in Pokemon. Every game in the main series is the same catch some Pokemon level them up and until their powerful enough to beat the gym leaders. Beat all the gym leaders and then advance and fight the final four (or whatever they’re called). After that you waunder around until you catch the rare Pokemon. The only reward you get from any of this: being able to brag to your frineds like a nerd.

    The spin-offs are even worse; Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Rumble, Pokemon Farm, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Pile of Poop.

    Honestly, the series is milked worse than Mario…But at least most Mario games are at least half-decent

      1. I realize some people like Pokemon.That’s fine with me. It’s their time and money. They’re free to spend it how they like. I wouldn’t mind the series myself if they got rid of all the spin-offs and actually made meaningful innovation in the main series.

          1. By new things you mean a few new Pokemon. I mean real innovation like a totally revamped battle system or a deep storyline.

            1. If they changed it too much fans would hate it!!! All the fans want is tons of new Pokemon, new abilities, new regions, gym leaders, etc….. that’s what they give us each new gen. If you aren’t into Pokemon than you wouldn’t understand. TRUST ME! If the Pokemon changed the battle mechanics and stuff, the games would suck and fans would be furious!

            2. The storyline was much deeper in Black and White 2, and the battle system is always being modified in every game, just not drastically, because if they did, that would be like changing Call of Duty to a platformer. It just wouldn’t work.

            3. 100-156=a few? anyway
              gen 2-day and night, the special stat split into special attack and special defense,genders,2 new types,held items and shiny pokemon
              gen 3-double battles,abilities,natures,weather conditions on the field.
              gen 4-the physical special split,online in general
              gen 5-animated pokemon sprites, triple and rotation battles,infinite use of tm’s,seasons.
              Not to mention that each gen adds aroung 100 moves and gen 4 and 5 added around 45 abilities.

            4. actually they do just that. its not only some new pokemon, its always lots of new mechanics, deepening the battle system. and the BW Storyline was deeper than any pokemon storyline ever before and deeper than most gamestorys nowadays. guess you haven’t played it…

        1. Sorry but i dont agree with you….Ranger is not bad and Mystery Dungeon too, unique games (some games are ven better than some RPG pokemon games). I just dont like Stadium like and Pokepark games…..

    1. Well, i can’t speak for everyone, but i play pokemon mainly for the competitive side. Its the best competitive experience I’ve ever had with a video game. Granted, i still have fun playing the main game, but i can’t defend it on the fact that it doesnt change much.

      1. Best competitive experience you’ve had with a video game? Really? In that case, you obviously haven’t played very many video games.

        1. on the contrary, this fella above you may have just found he absolutely loves the competitive aspect of the pokemon series over every video game hes played. Wrap your god damn head around the fact that he holds that opinion or yknow, just fucking move on. Im sick of seeing little belligerant assholes like yourself who overrun this site stating your “opinions” as absolutes while assuming if people dont hold your opinions they arent playing enough games, or playing the right games.

          buddy, instead of fucking throwing out “if you believe pokemon has great competition you obviously havent played many games” why dont you fucking say, hey thats cool, have you tried such and such a game? it has great competitive play, ive tried and loved it and find it a better experience than pokemon. But you dont. neither do the others. you throw out insults veiled or outright and paint yourself as some god damn benchmark opinion as whats absolutely the best and worst. get over yourself, or fuck off.

    2. Honestly, I don’t get is why do people even like games in the first place. All of them, regardless of game/series, has the exact same plot: one is the victor while the other is the loser with typical lame twists like someone being betrayed or died along the way. Your reward for beating games is simple: hours spent on nothing useful and an expensive disc or license key.

      Honestly, every game is milked to death, regardless if they are popular or not, whether through merchandising, media, or spin-offs.

    3. aeolus was eaten by thor

      Competitive battles. They are one of the most complex competitive scenes I’ve seen. It requires prediction, knowledge, good memory and quick problem solving skills.

    4. Pokegen, Pokesav, Competative metagame, anything ring a bell? The big point you’re missing is the community. This whole “brag about the pokemon you caught” thing in pokemon is completely irrelevant and has been since the DS era of pokemon started, but of course the mainstream audience doesn’t know this and probably better off that way. Anyone actually interested in the series already knows you could just generate a pokemon with ease into you’re game and builds the competitive community, hardly anyone gets into just the story and basic gameplay when there is obviously a lot more to pokemon than that. ehhh… I shouldn’t even be arguing. fk this.

    5. so.. to sum it up, the game is about doing some stuff, mastering some challenges, collecting some stuff, and in the end all you get to do is brag to your friends about it? yea, i guess thats right.

      now.. name any singleplayer game that is different?

  8. My money’s on a 5th Gen Ruby/Sapphire remake. Probably on the DS, though. I seriously doubt it’s 6th Gen, it’s way too early.

    1. Any Pokemon games from here on out will be on the 3ds, black and white 2 were only on the ds because they wanted people who had the first game to play the second one.

    2. Don’t know why people rule out the possibility of a new game all the time…not just with Pokemon, with any franchise. People always use the excuse “ITS TOO EARLY!!!…blah blah blah”, but look at the Call of Duty franchise…a new game comes out like every year!

    3. It’s not too early at all. Gen I lasted about 4 years in Japan, Gen II about 3, Gen III was 4, Gen IV was 4 and Gen V is at about 2 and a half. If they annouce a game for the end of the year in Japan, that will mean Gen V will have lasted roughly 3 and a half years, which is fitting.

  9. I’m sure some fans today won’t agree with me, but I’d love to see a 3D open world pokemon game that offers huge regions with all generations and also with internet access on Wii U. I loved red/blue/yellow and the fire red/leaf green series and would kill to see it in a 3D version along side the new ones. Now that to me would be big news.. or putting the old gameboy games on Wii U eshop.

    1. i believe Mystery dungeon is already released in japan and the release date is known for US – they wouldn’t make such a fuss just about the EU Release date, so i guess Mystery Dungeon is out of the question.

      What it might be:
      – Some tournament … Gotta hate ’em all.
      – Some download event … *yawn*
      – Some additions to dream world … *yaaaaawwwwwn*
      – Ruby/… – Remake for 3DS.. oh well..
      – New Ranger Game for 3DS.. somebody might like it..
      – New Arena Game for WiiU.. might be interesting
      – New Main Game for 3DS/WiiU… that’d actually be great
      – Pokemon MMO … one can dream…

      1. Its big news…”game changing” big. 6th gen on Wii U is as good a possibility as Ruby and Sapphire remakes for 3DS.

        1. Yeah, I still don’t trust any company when they said big news. Remember Square Enix’s big news? It was just a little browser game. Sure it looked good, but it didn’t seem big.

      2. they said that, yea, but companys change their minds all the time when new technologies, and more importantly, new ways/ideas to make money come up…

  10. I’ve never played Pokemon, but they’re really hyping this up. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of disappointment on the 8th, however I hope not.

  11. if it’s a worldwide announcement, i doubt that it has anything to do with the games or the anime. let’s just see what happens.

  12. HOLY SHIT I just had an epiphany!
    They said pokemon was evolving in 2013, right? And that it was a worldwide announcement!
    Could It be a darker (M-rated) spin on the pokemon franchise for Wii U?
    *jizzes pants at thought of it*

    1. First, I’m disgusted at the thought of an “M-rated” Pokemon game and second I’m disgusted at the fact that you jizzed to the thought of it… Major “EW!”!!!

  13. i really hope this is something good, and not related to gen5, i hated that generation. i want to see more of the first 4, mostly the first 3 gens

    1. Me too! If its another dumb spinoff, another iphone app, or even another tournament I will be insanely angry! Mystery dungeon is good but it is repetative with every game, id rather have a new “ranger” than another mystery dungeon, but a new full 3D epic pokemon game on 3DS would be perfect! It would be the only game besides another halo I would want all year!

  14. probably skylanders type big. Nintendo wants to cash in on the all the pokemon miniatures that they could sell. Wii U does have built in NFC, which is perfect for something like that.

  15. Oh my god I can’t wait! I hope its a new main series pokemon game! On the 3DS NOT Wii U! I’m hoping it is either a new game, or an Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire remake, or even a game with every region reimagined with a brand new full 3D engine, with eye popping 3D! Yes!!! It better be a good announcement or I will personally kick the creator of pokemon in his face!


      STFU this is America! In America we speak Spanish! Oh wait you did so…viva la raza!

      …na fuck that marron go mow my lawn or go back to Mexico.

  16. i dont play pokemon, but i do see the appeal in it and would love to hava a 3D pokemon game, playing online and battling random players online such as WoW, if they pull this off, pokemon as we already know will become GIANT for online plays..

  17. Better be good, Wii U main game, 6th gen, Battle Revolution /Pokemon Stadium Wii U, Pokemon Snap Wii U<One of these or I'm not buying!

  18. I like pokemon, but only the games. I USED to like the anime, but the modern anime isn’t really funny anymore and it is becoming too childish. I remember last time they did this it was to introduce Black/white right?

  19. I’m hoping for either Gen VI, 3DS main series game, or some of the original games coming to Virtual Console

  20. As much as i love pokemon, I truly do believe that they have to change things up next gen. In the 90s, Pokemon was able to revolutionize a certain social aspect to gaming. Before gaming was about playing with your friends, but Pokemon became about not only trading and battling your friends, but meeting new people at Pokemon events. (more of a 90s thing when physical linking was needed, you youngsters wouldn’t understand) Now it’s time for Game Freak to step up their game and make pokemon a brand new experience. We have the technology for an open pokemon world, and I feel as though thats what fans deserve now.

  21. I hope it’s an action RPG similar to Skylanders, but with Pokemon toys and way better on 3DS and Wii U with cross platform play.

  22. Lomao,dis wil b uh sehre redesin,new sehre mecanic that wil b aybul tooh dew ataks frum 5 diferen anguls,dependen on teh levil desiyn.JK teh serhre’s captin leevin ferevur

  23. The news’ll probably be an MMO what with Nintendo ‘finally getting serious about online’.
    LOL at possible reactions to the following:
    Taking into account that they couldn’t even fit all the pkmn in Battle Revolution, I think they’ll stop making new pkmn soon. You know, after this coming next generation. The idea of having 1,000+ different pkmn models ALL with various attack and faint animations seems daunting.

  24. Pokemon may seem like a kids game but it also has a lot of depth to the games that some kids might not understand. I lot of my friends and I buy pokemon games and we’re in college. Also the cutesy picture for this post doesn’t help. There are cooler pokemon out there.

  25. I’m hoping for either a Pokemon MMO on Wii U or a fresh new entry on 3DS done entirely in 3D with voice acting.

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  27. Personally, a harder breed of pokemon game would really suit me. In most pokemon games you choose your starter and smash the game until the very end when it begins to get hard. A bigger set of difficulty spikes for the older fans out there would be welcome in my books, with harder competition of course and all on the wii u in hd graphics

  28. I’d prefer a new game. and while we’re at it, make it available for 3DS and WiiU, or at least do some crossplay magic and let us play the 3DS games on WiiU. Add NFC Trading Card Stuff to scan Trading Cards for added bonus/pokemon in game. Do some more Online Features, like a reliable official online storage system for Pokemon that allows to send pokemon from multiple games you own to the same storage box. Scratch the boring dream world, give us MMO-Like Gameplay or at least a proper Coop-Mode where you can run alongside each other, not only via WiFi but also via Internet, with selected Friends at least, and not only restricted to certain regions and special missions like it was in BW/BW2, but in the normal gameplay. and finally: give us some cool new pokemon again. Yea, all of that combined, that’d be big pokemon news for me :)

  29. I’ll always be a Pokemon fan to some extent, but I only played one game all the way through (Diamond) and when I started playing Pokemon White, it felt like the same old thing. So I got bored. If every Pokemon game is the same thing (which I know it is), I’m very surprised it stayed so extremely popular for so long. I was more of a fan of the anime than I was the games. At least, the good ol’ Misty & Brock days. Long before other boring characters such as May, Max, Dawn and whoever those 2 new freaks are in Black & White.



  31. A New Style Pokémon with an Innovative Name, Like:

    Pokémon Diamond

    Is not gonna be a remake… The first 3D Pokémon

  32. I’ll be fine with just about anything related to Mystery Dungeon or Main Series. I’m looking for a more… “balanced” multiplayer experience, however. generation 5 introduced some extreme power.

  33. Besides a ruby and sapphire remake, maybe they might announce Pokemon red/blue games for virtual console on 3ds? Could be.

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  35. Haha whats with the comments on this website? Who said pokemon is childish? The person who never got a legendary! Games dont need M- rating to be “good”
    We play games for fun. And always this website has a fight hahaha

  36. Actual Big: new main series Pokemon game
    Actual HUGE: new main series Pokemon game with more than one region to explore or Pokemon Colosseum for Wii U

    Pokemon Company Big: new Pokemon Pinball or Pokemon app for your 3DS
    Pokemon Company HUGE: new Pokemon Snap

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