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Little Inferno Nintendo eShop On Wii U Deal Extended

little_infernoThe original price of Little Inferno is $14.99, and the download-only game went on sale for $9.99 last month in North America

The sale was supposed to end yesterday, but the game’s developer and publisher, Tomorrow Corporation, has extended the deal until February 1st.

If you are interested in Little Inferno and want to save some cash, purchase it in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U this month.

29 thoughts on “Little Inferno Nintendo eShop On Wii U Deal Extended”

    1. They really should release a demo so people could try it. Little Inferno is one of those games that’s hard to enjoy from simply watching a LP or gameplay. You have to experience it yourself and bring out the inner pyromaniac inside you.

    1. I got it launch day at full price. Loved it. Worth it. Glad the indie developers got my money and hope they continue to create great games.
      I got Chasing Aurora the day before the sale began. Hated it. Yelled at myself the next day.

  1. It is a cool little “game” that deserves to be played.

    But I think even $9.99 is too much for what it is. And the original $14.99 is just taking the piss.

    1. Is it worth playing if you have a real fireplace and always burn real shit anyway ?

      The best thing was when I finished High school and college and burnt the shit out of all my books. Best. fire . ever….

            1. Good for you. I have all my GCSE’s None lower than a B. And I have three A levels at college. English language, Environmental science and Geography.

              I may come across stupid because I smoked a whole load of dope and partied too much in college…… Fun at the time , but not a good idea in the long run…..

              1. My English teacher told me that college is all about having fun and making friends (which can only be done by having a car apparently). After getting Bachelors is when we should start taking things seriously.

  2. You be a dummy to not get this at $10 bucks and you would be a smart spender to get it at $15, $20 is ok but anything more would be a ripper.

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  4. I see why they did this. Late December and early January is around the time when people are opening their new Wii Us from the holidays and playing some retail games. Early January and late January is probably the time they began to check out what else they can play in the eShop.

    Nintendo should release an incentive for people to check what’s in the eShop early on, similarly to them giving out 3DCLASSICS: Excitebike and Pokedex 3D on the 3DS.

  5. This was my favorite Eshop game Nintendo has released on any platform yet. And also probably in my top 5 of games for the WiiU so far…. Definitely worth 10 dollars..

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