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Analyst Says North American Wii U Sales Reached 600k In December, Outsold By Xbox 360 & PS3


Weighing in before the official NPD numbers are disclosed this Thursday, Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter and fellow analyst firm EEDAR believe that Nintendo managed to shift around 600,000 and 675,000 units in the US in December. Both analyst firms say that the Xbox 360 beat the Wii U by an extremely large margin. Here’s their predictions for the Christmas period.

  • 360 – 1,700,000 (-2%) / 1,550,000 (-11%)
  • 3DS – 1,140,000 (-29%) / 1,350,000 (-16%)
  • PS3 – 900,000 (-5%) / 950,000 (0%)
  • Wii U – 675,000 (n/a) / 600,000 (n/a)
  • DS – 600,000 (-7%) / 400,000 (-38%)
  • Wii – 500,000 (-53%) / 550,000 (-48%)
  • Vita – 300,000 (n/a) / 300,000 (n/a)
  • PSP – 20,000 (-92%) / 30,000 (-88%)
  • PS2 – 500 (-98%) / (n/a)
  • Total – 5,835,500 (-7%) / 5,730,000 (-9%)


77 thoughts on “Analyst Says North American Wii U Sales Reached 600k In December, Outsold By Xbox 360 & PS3”

    1. Xbox has crysis lol wii u next gen my ass

      Lol shitendo has no crysis 3 cuz they dont care about ya losers and proof and real reason is they weak

      1. Patcher was right xbox destroy stump the wii u lol wii u is garbage

        Holy shit even sony shit on da wii lmfao xbox won and we have crysis and halo unlike wíi u thats last gen weak graphic trash. All hail the smart glass

        1. Die shitendo staydead annoying assholes haha shitendo cares then wheres crysis

          The people have spoken all hail kinect smartglass and congradulation sony lol wii u focus on hardcore lol where crysis and gta lol emjoy mario and lego city lol such rubbish

          1. Shitendo porting old hd games fróm xbox doesnt make your system next gen . Xbox has crysis

            So nobody wanted xbox smartglass eh fanboys lol patcher was ríght wii got raped enjoy ya diaper games while xbox nation plays next gen games like crysis

            1. Mãybe if they cry and beg shitendo like suckass they get crysis like when they cry for wii to get those chink games cuz they care lol even ya knew wii had no games btw mario ü is not hardcore bãbys lol gta crysis 3 ftw xbox

                1. LOL!!!!!!!!!! do you think we are stupid? everyone knows you are the same person! and you have done this for a long time!
                  in each article always appears your gravatar, only with a different name!
                  sometime you are troll, sometime you are big nintendo fan…

                  1. Who ever that guy is , he has some serious Split personality disorder lol. That guy needs help quick…… I actually have mild Schizophrenia from smoking too much Mary J. But at lease I only use one name lol…..

                      1. Whatever man…. *curls up into a ball* XD….

                        Nah that was a few years ago , I’m fine now :)

                      1. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! you are so funny “Me”, or should I say Nintenlord, numchuck norris, peteriuss, 7 Asses, Roma, TheBadBuffalo, troll whisperer, theorangefish, Unknown, peteriuss, Anonymous, AwkwardMexican, gamer, Kool C, the list is endless!!! HAHAHA, but you are funny dude ;)

              1. Damn why do you people hate Nintendo so much? What did they ever do to you? All the try to do is cater to the children market. No one else is doing it? Sony & microsoft are focusing on mature gamers.
                @sony fans: your focus should be on microsoft because they are kicking your sony consoles into ground. Yet you guys are worrying so much about casual Nintendo and wishing them death but why?
                They aren’t a threat to hardcore consoles. All this laughing and hating Nintendo makes no sense.

          2. Umm cyrtek confirmed why its not on the wii u already. EA has been butt hurt about origins not being on the wii u so their not really supporting it. Crytek wants crysis 3 on the wii u. So…….

    2. Inb4 “but the wii u has a low supply” cause every store I’ve been to has had wii u’s coming out their asses cause they have no where else to put then.

      1. this^

        Consoles at half the price with a huge library of games like Halo 4 and blops 2 just coming out should be expected to be selling the way they are.

        The wiiu will be expected to sell this way or even faster when Smash bros U comes out (the wiiu’s halo 4 equivalent or one of them in terms of sales boost)

        The wiiu needs to sell about 8-12M in 2013 to be considered a good success. From there it can go on to sell 50-100M in the following 5 years….

        1. Smash Bros is probably a sure fire way to explode the sales. I know I’m getting a Wii U either way when smash bros comes out <—-Huge fan of games like Smash Bros

          1. True…

            3D mario , Smash bros , Wii fit U , Zelda , Pikmin 3 will cause a surge of console sales even if not as big as other games do..

            1. Plus also depending on the pokemon news. If there is a massive pokemon rpg announced for Wii U. I’ll be down at EB games within seconds buying a Wii U.

              1. Indeed sir. If you think about it , Pikmin 3 could sell 1.5-2M consoles on it’s own.

                A pokemon RPG could sell more…..

    3. Let’s be real here, what would people rather get, a cheap console with a massive library of games, or a new slightly more expensive console that has only just come out with a small library…?

    4. Is xBox become the new “Wii,” Inexpensive, old-tech. Kids that just want a console with a huge library probably got one for Christmas.

      It’ll take some time for WiiU to pick up momentum, people don’t understand it. My friend went from, “I don’t get it,” to “Ok, I’m getting one,” but I had to have him play it before he understood.

      Ah well. The 3DS can keep the cash flow coming in intill WiiU picks up.

      Maybe WiiU won’t sell like the Wii, but as long as Nintendo has IP’s like the overnight, epically successful Animal Crossing, 3DS, the company will be fine.

      I’m loving WiiU.

      1. The wiiu is doing fine bro. It’s right now just under 3M worldiwde in just over a month.

        If it can get to 10M by december 2013 , it’s a huge success. If it only gets to 5M by then (which is pretty much impossible considering Rayman , Monster Hunter , Lego city , Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 , Wiifit U are all on there way) then it will be considered an alarmingly slow start.

        10M a year is 60M in 6 years… AKA a moderate success if you’re not losing or breaking even or even making an overall profit off the games.

        The wiiu will do well I think….

    5. I find it funny how fanboys like to compare the Wii U sales to the PS3 and Xbox 360 now but not when they first launched.

        1. Anybody that uses those silly terms as insults is a child. Their under 25 and clearly have no clue why we have an Xbox and a Playstation today. Which makes any opinion they state absolutely meaningless to me.

        1. People do look 12-years-old when they start throwing accusations of “fanboyism” around. I like Nintendo. I don’t like Microsoft much. Doesn’t mean I’m going to call those who do happen to like Microsoft’s console as a “fanboy.” Though, if the term exists, it exists in the level of fanaticism to the point of general annoyance. Fanboys are those supporters of a product that are even annoying to those who like the same product. Fanboys are people EVERYONE wishes would chill out. We’ve got our own share of those sort.

          1. Jobs are hard to find for a 16 year old. Most places prfeer to hire people over the age of 18. The best thing you can do is apply to as many places as possible. You’ll have to really play the numbers game. My first job was in a pizza restaurant and they were pretty good about hiring 16 year olds. The job was also a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Since you are still in high school, I wouldn’t recommend working more than 10-15 hours a week. You might be able to get a job in a supermarket as a bagger until you have enough experience to make cashier.

      1. Every “fanboy” compares sales. Sales of consoles shouldn’t really be cared about anyway (unless you’re an investor). Sales of games should be more worried about imo.

    6. No surprises there, ofc Xshit is going to outsell Nintendo.
      Atleast Nintendo has a big base over there unlike Microshit who barely has any in Japan xD

      1. Xbox is the best console at the moment closely followed by ps3 i have a wii u but at this moment it feels like a catch up console but im sure in time more Next gen stuff will come out but im only using netflix on wii u at the moment :C.

    7. thekidnintendowiiman

      So, everybody loses because the market still declines, i really hope that the Wii U, PS4, 720, 3DS, and Vita sell as well as the PS2 did but that’s very unlikely (maybe not so much for Nintendo)

      1. 98M wii’s , + 72M ps3’s + 74M 360’s + 155M DS’s + 70M PSP’s –

        Previous generation

        154M Ps2’s + 22M Gamecubes + 25M Xboxs + 90M GBA’s

        And people say the market is in decline ?

    8. Damn, next you’ll be telling me the 360 and ps3 both have larger game libraries and install base.

      Seriously, why is anyone making articles about this? Did they only get into gaming in 2010 or something?

    9. The Wii U, Wii and DS, sold above 500 000. In short Nintendo is making bank steadily. The Wii U will sell about 3 million in less than 3 months. Nintendo is smiling all the way to the bank.

    10. I love how trolls come on a Nintendo website and troll about how great the 360 is with call of duty and two exclusives (halo and gears ). So cool. Or ps3 goblins come on and just hate on the Wii u when its been out for what 2 months ? Okay when you own one then you can complain. own one for a year and try it then you can troll all you want . but I have actually owned all consoles and they each have their strengths but personally I enjoy the Wii u a bit more the gamepad is so cool what other system let’s you play an entire game full 1080p on the controller while you watch your favorite TV show ? Or change the channel or turn up the volume or tell you the stats while you watch sports ? Give Wii u a chance to get rolling and the trolls will hide under their bridges. What happens if Nintendo gets great third party support later this year ? What happens if the first party games are so good they almost force people to buy a Wii u ? Trolls don’t think like this maybe they should be a little afraid that every console sucks somehow (kinect,move) and that the Wii u could be a force to be reckoned with if it works out it will be selling better than 1000 dollar graphic machines like most trolls are praying the next gen ps3 and 360 are gonna be but remember a lot of people won’t pay for expensive Wii u is gonna be a great price unless 360 ps3 go more wallet friendly then how are their graphics now ? Not amazing. I enjoy all consoles even with their weaknesses but I’m not gonna jump on a bandwagon and say Wii u is better its got potential to be great its got weaknesses it hasn’t proven to be the best console ever in a matter of months but what has ? Give it time, it could shock you what happens just like 3ds is now.

    11. Worldwide Nintendo has sold 2.45 million consoles to date, so it is half the way to what they have expected (5 millions I guess), but I don´t know if they can achieve those numbers now that the hollydays are gone. In a personal note I also think that the wii u has to be played to se if it appeals to you, but its a wonderful gaming machine. Have a nice Day.

    12. You mean American actually preferably American targeted games!? Holy shit.
      Funny they should discuss the worldwide sales instead.

    13. OMG! Nintendo is doomed. Sony sold more PS3’s than Nintendo sold Wii U’s. Nintendo is gonna go bankrupt. Oh no! Sony is better, who would have thought?
      And btw, I’m being sarcastic. I can’t believe so many people like the PS3. Fools!

    14. They should’ve beat the Wii U. Why? Massive sales on Xbox /PS3. Plus, a TON of games. However, anybody with any kind of understanding, should’ve known that. With a lot more software releases, the Wii U will do much better next holiday…

    15. Hey Sickr! Hate to suggest this, but could you please do something about all the hateful comments? I don’t mind constructive criticism, but all the Nintendo hate is getting out of hand!

      1. Its crazy. Why are sony fanboys hating on a children company so much?
        Its not like nintendo make hateful, racist, offense content. Hell, they don’t even make gory, violent content like sony, rockstar, etc.

        Yet sony fanboys hates nintendo so much. NINTENDO IS A DISNEY-LIKE COMPANY. Why are sony fanboys hating on them and wishing death upon them. Give them a chance to get the console off the ground damn it.

    16. When is Nintendo going to learn that you do not release a new console without a REAL Super Mario Title or Zelda.

    17. depends on you. If you like to have fun, play with friends and so on, coohse the WII. If your a hardcore gamer, PS3 would probablly be better. Since you have the xbox 360 which is awesome, get the wii so people could have fun cuz u already got the hardcore gaming side of your room

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