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Nintendo America Announces Pokemon Themed Nintendo Direct Tomorrow


Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that there will be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow. The first Nintendo Direct of 2013 will feature Satoru Iwata making a short announcement which will be Pokemon related. What do you think will be revealed?

Join fans around the world tmrw for the 1st Nintendo Direct of 2013. Mr. Iwata will share a short message w/ Pokémon news @ 6 AM EST!

Thanks, PKStarstorm

94 thoughts on “Nintendo America Announces Pokemon Themed Nintendo Direct Tomorrow”

    1. Are you kidding me? There are enough Pokemon games on handhelds. I’d love for them to finally bring a full fledged Pokemon game back to the home console.

      A Pokemon RPG on the Wii U would not only be a pretty awesome thing, but also drive the Wii U sales way up.

      (This coming from someone who has never been a fan of Pokemon)

      1. It’s been stated time and time again that the main series of Pokemon will always be on a handheld to facilitate on-the-spot trading and battling.

        1. Fine, keep the main series on handhelds. That doesn’t mean a full fledged game couldn’t go on Wii U. Imagine the possibilities if they brought it to the Wii U.

          Better network support for mulitplayer and trading.
          Possible NFC support.
          Using the GamePad as a Pokedex, to keep track of all your pokemon during battle and quick and easy switching, and other gear and tools.


          1. That’s all true , And I don’t see how ”on the spot trading” is so superior to trading with people online on your friends list….

              1. Speak for yourself.

                I know a lot of people who would love another Pokemon Stadium, or Pokemon Snap, or some other Pokemon console game.

                A 3DS game would be cool too, but don’t speak for everyone.

                1. I am really hoping that there will ever be a sequel (rather on console) to Pokemon Snap. Everybody thought about that when they saw the gamepad, and everybody did because it makes an insane amount of sense :p

              2. No fuck you dill hole Who are you to get mad at his opinion everyone doesn’t want a fucking 3DS Pokemon CLEARLY or so many people wouldn’t be saying STADUUN so then EVERYONE is just in YOUR fucking opinion. I want a stadium game too! Shit! Getting mad going all crazy and shit on people like you’ve lost your mind grow up!

        2. Yup, but that was b4 the NFC enabled Gamepad hit the market. This would be a HUGE deal for Wii U.

          Most people, when they first heard of the capabilities of the gamepad probably thought: “Huh…. this would b PERFECT for a Pokemon/Skylanders game based on card trading”. And I’m not even a Pokemon fan.

          I don’t think it’s this big a news. It’ll probably be a remake, or a side game or something. But it makes sense, create an insane amount of excitement even if they didn’t have anything to show.

      2. It’s either

        -Pokemon generation 6 for 3DS
        – Pokkemon black and white 2 remake with full 3D graphics for 3DS or something similar like Ruby and Saphire
        – Some sort of wiiu game – Stadium style , Snap style , RPG style…

        1. Gen 6… ITS IS WAY TO EARLY FOR GEN 6!!!
          But I would love to visit Hoenn again… Surfing on the big ocean… All the awesome music… Planting berrys… And maby I will see mirage island this time…!!!!!
          But if it is gen 6… No.. I want Ruby Sapphire remake.

          1. You would turn down a 3D gen 6 with full 3DS graphics ? u mad bro ? lol. I will take anything I can get pokemon wise. I can’t get enough of the RPG handheld games. BW2 was awesome as was 1 .

            Now I want anything in 3D (3D polygons) on 3DS. Ruby and saphire are begging for remakes…

            1. I just kinda think it is to early for gen 6.. They would make me happy but I would be more satisfied with ruby sapphire remakes… I am not saying that I do not want gen six but what made gen 4 and 5 so special for me was the announcement after I have waited so long… Black has not even launched 3 years ago…. Any way I LOVE ALL POKÉMON GAMES!!!

              1. Me too :)

                I think the majority of use feel it’s time for Ruby and saphire to get their remake.

                Fire red , leaf green , hear gold , soul siver , And now Ruby and saphire remakes.

                DS games a la Diamond and pearl and BW don’t need ramking on the backwards compatable 3DS…

              2. there is no need to remake ruby/saph, they still work fine and are still able to trade up. if you want ruby/saph, go play ruby/saph. also they already said they are working on something for 3DS, and that it is NOT a remake. so, go figure…

                btw: not to early. its been 3 years since gen5 was first released. plenty of time.

      3. I would definitely purchase a Pokémon game for Wii U if it were a stand-alone RPG and not a spinoff. I loved the original games and couldn’t stand games like Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Stadium. Unfortunately it’ll never happen. I agree the potential is there for a polished Pokémon RPG although I could see an arguement that it defeats the purpose of “physical social interaction” that a handheld could provide more efficiently.

    2. Honestly I wouldn’t mind something else if it’s awesome like Pokemon Conquest, Pokemon Stadium, or Pokemon Puzzle League, or maybe even snap

  1. I say it will be Gen 6. And no, it’s not too early, guys. September will be the 3-year anniversary of B/W in Japan.

          1. Oh god no stadium sucks. We need another cosseum or xd type of game, an rpg not something like stadium/battle revolution.

  2. Junichi Masuda himself has been hyping this announcement and has said that he will be on it, so it’s clearly main series, as GameFreak only develop the core handheld titles.

    Generation VI Primary Pair for the 3DS. Anyone who says anything different at this point is an idiot.

    1. New Gen it is, i agree. I still wouldn’t take the WiiU out of the Equation though. if they are smart, this could be their cross-plattform-move now. i’m saying: maybe its for 3DS AND WiiU. that’d would really be big and ‘evolving’.

  3. Pokemon stadium deluxe. And it also works on for the next main game.

    Pokemon coliseum 3. Orre region now is a normal region with wild Pokemon from all regions few from Gen 6 and has gyms n sucm. Champion being Wes from first game

    Pokemon Grey.

  4. Mecha Ridley is scarmory’s new evolution and metroids are new Pokemon with Samus as a trainer!

    Lol jk, It is going to be Gen 6, why else would it be at 6am?

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  6. Cool, maybe this is related to the big Pokemon franchise “evolution” thing happening this year which is also related to the “big” announcement that’s happening on the 10th (if I’m not mistaken)

  7. So is this a Nintendo Direct Mini about Pokemon, or is it a normal Nintendo Direct, but with focus on Pokemon with other game announcements/updates?

  8. It better be a new RPG game :|

    I don’t want them to just say, “we make lot of money making Pokemon Movie 24, Ash’s Rectal exam”

  9. 6th gen RPG game for Nintendo 3DS, sequel to Ranger or something similar, or Action RPG for Wii U or sequel to XD.

  10. Pretty clear it’s gonna be for 3DS and/or Wii U. It won’t be Mystery Dungeon since it’s already out in Japan.
    3 possibilities in my opinion : Generation VI, Generation III remakes, or a spin-off like Pokémon Snap that could be for both 3DS and Wii U.
    They could always announce something totally different, but that’s what I think.

    1. won’t be a remake. when asked about their next game for 3DS last year, they already stated that they are working on something new. don’t have a source, sry, but i’m sure you can find it if you need to.

      1. Then maybe the remakes will be for ds. I hope not but it would make sense to release the remakes on the same platforms as gen 5

  11. I I do hope it’s a stadium type game with miiverse similar to Nintendo land where you can see miis in the plaza and battle them right there. See there pokedex badges etc.. Nintendo really needs its own online wii u title and people have been wanting to use there bw teams in 3d for a while

  12. i bet it’s an announcement saying they are going to stop making pokemon games. then release about fifty billion more.

  13. hope they’re bringing pokemon games to the eshop and finally bringing good classic gameboy colour and gba games to the eshop starting with pokemon yellow, gold, etc.

    1. that is what i fear the most. if i wanted to play the old games, i’d just play them on my old devices. but its entirely possible that this is what the ND is about, instead of a new game….

      1. They can easily just bring out yellow version and make a lot of money since so many people want it but I personally wouldn’t buy it. I’d just play ss or hg on ds instead since I think second gen was better than the first.

  14. Something fun I hope! On a dedicated game console, at that. I don’t care if it’s Wii U or 3DS… or both :D

  15. A pokemon-game for Wii U would be awesome :) It could use two gamepads if you want so two people can battle with their moves and pokemons on their gamepads. :)

  16. they did span their editions over multiple platforms with mystery dungeon (gba+ds), they might repeat that. 6th Gen, one Edition on 3DS, one on WiiU. or even 3 editions (DS, 3DS, WiiU or 2x 3DS+WiiU), or even, lets be crazy, 4 editions (2x 3DS, 2x WiiU), all of the same generation, connected, something like that. WiiU is closer in technical aspects to the DS/3DS Plattform then the GBA ever was…

    they’d motivate people to buy more than one copy if they own 3DS *and* WiiU, keep mobile trading alive as they said they would, but also add more online features on the WiiU to evolve the game, – again – just as they said they would. maybe even add in NFC-Features.

    this is what i really hope for. 6th gen with some connectivity between 3DS and WiiU. Monster Hunter proves, that connecting is possible. Skylanders proves, that a collectible games work just as well on stationary devices than on mobile ones. now combine it and make me happy.

  17. These type of announcements have gotten my hopes up before, only to then be proceeded by what in my opinion were less than exciting spin-offs. That being said, however, I’ll admit this one seems to be getting a lot of hype, so let’s hope it’s good! Incidentally, tomorrow is my birthday and witnessing the announcement of a new main series game would be an awesome gift!

  18. It has to be Ruby/Saphire remake on 3DS. Definitely not 6th Gen since they always do a previous game’s remake before releasing the new generation of pokemon.

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  20. I see everyone talking about that if they made a new game on the WiiU, if it would be like stadium or snap… no love for Colosseum or XD? Those games were so underrated, but if Nintendo made a new WiiU game based on the “shadow” series, they’d have ALL MY MONEY.

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