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Team Ninja Insists That Wii U Is A Next-Gen Console


Yosuke Hayashi, head of Team Ninja and director of Ninja Gaiden 3 is convinced that the Wii U is a next generation console. Hayashi has dismissed previous claims that the Wii U has a horrible and slow CPU and claims that it was just 4A trying to find a scapegoat for a simple business decision on their part. He then went on to say that if you’re basing next-gen simply on processor speed, then it’s not next generation, but the innovative nature of the platform places it in next-gen territory.

“The Wii U is an infant that’s just been born. It’s a little unfair to compare it to mature platforms that people have been working on for over five years. I’m sure people will find ways to bring out even more power as the platform matures.”

“To be completely blunt and honest, there’s no way that the Wii U processor is ‘horrible and slow’ compared to other platforms. I think that comment was just 4A trying to find a scapegoat for a simple business decision on their part.”

“If you’re basing this simply on processor speed, then it’s not next generation,” he says. “If you’re basing this on Wii U being a new idea that challenges existing platforms, then it definitely is next generation. It is a console videogame platform that is now independent of the TV. Nobody has done that before.”

“It’s no mistake to say that we have entered a period where it’s difficult to provide an obvious difference to many players based on processor speed alone. Players want new innovation that includes the environment in which you play and services you use, rather than just raw processor spec.”

“Nintendo is at the forefront of that innovation. I’m looking forward to seeing what the other platforms come up with in the future.”

Thanks, Nintedward

161 thoughts on “Team Ninja Insists That Wii U Is A Next-Gen Console”

  1. This is one of the many reasons why I love Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge for the U. Hayashi-san have done an outstanding job in making that game. Wii U IS the next generation video game console. In the next few months, we’ll look forward seeing more games, new apps, etc. while the systems matures and blossoms (like Kasumi)

    1. It’s an insanely hard game for me.
      To be honest I think it’s kinda limiting my enjoyment of it, but I get that that’s what the fanbase expects of the series and that’s how it’s supposed to be, so I can’t honestly wish they’d change it without being unfair to the spirit of the series.
      Of course, none of this is going to keep me playing it if the repeated deaths don’t lighten up soon.
      Scary thing is, I’m only on Normal…..

      1. You need to learn to block more, Ninja Gaiden is a game of defense and dismembering. Don’t do long combo steams as it opens you up to get attacked from behind. Stick to short combo that end in a strong attack, like Y Y X, or Y Y X X. Dismember the enemy and finish him off quickly. Dodge, always dodge, but running works too.

        1. Been attempting to do so more often, but even short combos tend to leave me open from the side.
          See, I think this is the real reason why I’m not too fond of the difficulty of NG3 RE; It’s not because of the difficulty itself, but rather what said difficulty prevents me from utilizing.
          I’ve got a huge list of long combos that I’d love to memorize and use more often, but the difficulty doesn’t make that viable. I’m either blocked and my combo string is interrupted early or I’m attacked from the side or behind and forced to break off the attack early to dodge or suffer fatal damage.
          Having lots of options and no opening to use many of them, isn’t very fun for me.
          Of course, I’m more than willing to admit that the reason I can’t seem to use them is probably because I’m not skilled enough yet, but to me it just feels like I’m being pushed into short combos when it’s the long, flashy stuff that I’d rather be doing.

            1. Yet another episode of motherfuckers saying stuff no one gives a shit about starring Aeolus. This episode finds our resident cocksucker puking on his own dick once again.

  2. Not listening to developers of a horrible, slow sequel defending a horrible, slow CPU.

    Wii U is just an underclocked 360. Thanks to Nvidia’s Tegra 4 powered Project Shield, companies are slowly eliminating the sole niche it ever had – streaming games onto a device with physical controls and a display.

    The Wii U will inevitably Dreamcast itself out of the upcoming, real next-generation and everybody who isn’t a Nintendo fan will continue not giving a shit about it. The entire console is an engineering disaster for everything but it’s streaming feature alone.

    Let this be a lesson on why gimmicks =/= guaranteed success, Nintendo. Now time to pony up and make the real successor to the SNES designed for the core crowd, not for the idiotic Nintendroids who couldn’t just buy a damn PS3/360.

    1. You’re wrong. You have no idea about WiiU Tech. Other M was supervised and directed by nintendo. and what they doing on their own games doesn’t matter. What the interview here holds is true, and it’s a really good interview too.

    2. If all you care about is power rather than gaming just stay with PC.
      PCs right now are more powerful than what Orbis and Durango are rumored to have and will get even more powerful by the time they release.
      I don’t know why you people think that the console that’s more powerful is the most advanced when PCs will be steps ahead of them.

      What makes a a console next gen is when something entirely new is brought to gaming industry.
      Just like when N64 had 3D environment games and with a joystick, like when Xbox Live was introduced and like when the PS2 had DVD compatability when others didnt and made the console more than just a gaming device.

        1. But that is how you deal with trolls.

          They can’t answer back with witty comments when facts and logic are presented to them instead of the reactionary responses people like Nintendward and others always give it.

          See how it didn’t reply back.

          1. trolls just spout random crap in hopes of pissing people off. they don’t even care about what they’re saying. they try to act like morons to get people mad.

      1. Nobody is talking about the power of PCs, nor does anyone care if PCs are more powerful than consoles. A powerful console is quite acceptable in this day and age, do I care if a high end PC is more powerful? No. For those powerful PCs, you’re spending significantly more for it to be called that to begin with. Therefore, that’s precisely why nobody gives a shit if a PC is more powerful than a console unless they have that cash to go out and build one.

        Wii U offers nothing new, it is done nothing but overglorified remote play using shitty 2008 and below hardware.

        Nice try though, there wasn’t logic used here, just the most predictable, asinine, captain obvious retort Nintendolts will use for whatever retarded fucking reason and talk about “innovative experiences” as if the Wii U is the only device that’s doing this or offers games doing it.


        This company has NO relevance in western territories and their games are not any better than the best titles in respective genres, bunch of retarded nostalgia blinded idiotic fucks they bred who dare call themselves gamers, but guess what? You’re just a crop of basement dwelling virgins with 0 taste in digital entertainment. I’ll let that sink in for you.

        1. Aeolus sucks juses' dick!!!!

          What the fuck is wrong with you… did juses pop your cherry? Nintendo’s Wii U IS next gen… and Hayashi is right. U mad because you don’t have the fucking balls to accept it… because you have a fucking vagina, faggot!!!!!

    3. “It’s no mistake to say that we have entered a period where it’s difficult to provide an obvious difference to many players based on processor speed alone. Players want new innovation that includes the environment in which you play and services you use, rather than just raw processor spec.”

    4. Same tired arguments from an in-denial basher.
      If you had any sense, you’d shut the fuck up and go play something you enjoy, instead of spending time here giving us reasons to pity your sorry ass.

    5. Wow lol troll much ? Ever heard of kinect ? I’m sure you have lol that’s a joke or move. Gimmick right ? And I forget the last time Microsoft didn’t steal an idea from Nintendo cough cough *smart glass*cough Dreamcast right ? Wrong . what is the real next gen ? Not the next Xbox or ps if you think they will run PC graphics. They will have to find something no one has done before and make everyone go wow I need that. eventually people will get bored of playing halo and call of duty and they will need something like a new way to play. Like hmmm ? The Wii u does, I’m guessing you are cheap and don’t own one so you have no clue what its like you just judge because Microsoft didn’t make it . Xbox isn’t the best thing ever I promise you. But its okay they will keep copying Nintendo and failing and you can keep saying how Xbox is better since they are original or some be.tell that to any PC gamer how Xbox is better than any console and how great the graphics are they will laugh in your face and make a huge joke out of it. So don’t judge if you don’t know.especially since if you haven’t heard the next 5 years for Xbox in their “next gen” is more kinect .

    6. Wasn’t it you who said the Wii U is more powerful than the xbox(even if you said slightly)?But here you say it’s less powerful.

    7. “Now time to pony up and make the real successor to the SNES designed for the core crowd, not for the idiotic Nintendroids who couldn’t just buy a damn PS3/360.”

      The real successor to the SNES was called the N64, kid.

      Why would the Nintendroids (what does that even mean) buy a PS3 or 360? They’re more than 5 years old! They are becoming obsolete. The Xbox 360 is in it’s last year.
      It would be pointless to purchase either platform as they are both showing their age.

            1. I have to agree with you Jellybean. If Team Ninja were to do a new Metroid title for the Wii U, they need to follow the same method that Retro Studios had done… only with an original method advised by Miyamoto himself.

    1. The failure that was Ninja Gaiden 3 too, awful game and the enhanced PORT of it still sucks.

      Innovation? Nintendo doesn’t know how to innovate, they just take existing ideas and force it onto the user with tacky, plasticky, fisher price quality rubbish and then call it “next gen”.

      1. Butt hurt much ? ”Nintendo doesn’t know how to innovate” – wait a minute , Nintendo is and always was by far the most innovative company in gaming. Period. None debatable . Fuck you.

      2. Just go kill yourself. You are full fucking retard.

        Find a double barrel shotgun, put it in your mouth, to the back of your throat, and pull the fucking trigger.

    2. While Other M is my least favorite metroid game to date, I have to step here and say to you: NO, Team Ninja DO a wonderful job on metroid other M. They do the best they could do with what the have to work.

      If you want to put blame for the failure of Other M, put your finger in the man whose name should not be spoken, everything that is bad and wrong with that game it was a forced mandate by Yoshio Sakamoto.

      1. Team Ninja created a stain to the metroid and gaming world. Other M should never have existed. It made me want to vomit all over myself.

  3. Team Ninja aren’t thebest developer, or have the best textures in their games, but if there’s 1 thing i trust them on, it’s if they know if a console can run a game fast.

    1. Exactly, they have their own limitations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what’s going on, they’re 100% correct on the 4A Games “slow CPU” crap.

  4. I whole heartily agree. There has been much speculation on the future competitive consoles, but I am positive Sony and Microsoft are aware that Nintendo has stepped up their game and inevitably will follow suit. As much as people can debate over invention of various technologies relative to consoles, it is quite apparent that what Nintendo did with motion control and now the touchscreen gamepad isn’t as gimmicky as they claim or else Sony and Microsoft wouldn’t be investing in either one.

    Off-topic: I would love to have my Wii U in a different color than black or white.

  5. So is this an announcement that Team Ninja is abandoning those Identity Theft platforms, and Red Ring of Death platforms, and putting all their projects on the Wii U? Because that would be putting your money where your mouth is.

  6. Who the hell wants to play a video game on a small ass screen vs a nice big tv sitting in front of them?
    I mean my vita has remote play but I’m not using it.

    Also the fact that there needs to be arguments about how the console is next gen just shows how on the fence the system really is.

    1. I do… including everyone else who loves and support Nintendo through thick and thin. The Wii U does everything that no other game system can match… sorry, but Phony’s Portable Titanic does not count. If you read and pay close attention to Hayashi’s quote instead of kissing Kaz Hirai’s ass, you should understand what he’s talking about.

          1. 1.) i’m not into the freaky crap you’re into, and 2.) i bet you defend the Wii U more than you play it, lol gtfo

            1. 1) You love lickine Aeolus’ cum flavored poontang
              2) Why the fuck you here at a Nintendo themed blog and you’re a fucking Nintendo hater?!
              and 3) I own a Wii U to play games… not specs. You need to get the fuck out, loser!

                  1. Aeolus sucks juses' dick!!!!

                    Dude… just leave TheOriginalUNation the fuck alone and go on with your fucking business. If you own a Wii U and as a Nintendo fan, all you have to do is support Nintendo… not that Sony cocksucker Assholus. It’s over… just let it go and move the fuck on.

    2. Nobody, that’s who. Unless they feel they need to be playing a game while taking a shit or something.

      Basically, yeah. If this console was as next-gen as they claim, nobody would be in constant dispute over its power. But in the end, we all know the Wii U is on par with the PS3 and 360 and is simply being called next-gen because of release date, not power.

        1. When gamers talk about “next-gen” nobody is talking about release dates, but you can keep trying to pretend that’s what they do.

          Wii U is not a next-gen console in any way that actually matters.

      1. Wii U, on par? WAHHAHAHAHA. Bro, whether you like it or not Wii U is 100% Next gen and is superior to xbox and ps3 in every way, including power.

          1. Why don’t you prove it to yourself, ass-hurt Meg! Buy yourself a Wii U, play New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Legends, Trine 2: Director’s Cut… or hardcore games like ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed III, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, or Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

        1. The wii u can easily run crysis 3 while not using the consoles full graphic power. Why do you think the wii u can easily port games in less then a year which has been confirmed already.c’mon guy know your info first


              The developers themselves said it could be done, but due to the quarrel between EA and Nintendo, it won’t be. Not because of technical aspects, not because of architecture, but because EA can’t get on Nintendo’s good side. So all in all, it’s possible, but business is business, and that’s understandable given EA’s track record.

              Dismiss it as you with your superiority complex evidently will, but I’ll take the side of an actual, well established developer over a user who thrives on bringing down Nintendo fans on this website any day.

              1. They said it “could be done”, how the fuck that translates into “The wii u can easily run crysis 3 while not using the consoles full graphic power”, is beyond me. But it’s okay if your reading comprehension is shitty, that can be fixed by actually staying in school and off of the Nintendo.

                1. Thetruthandnothingbut

                  Way to move the goalposts once you’re proven wrong, kid.
                  Try tossing some unbiased evidence of the contrary out there besides the elitist techno-babble you’re so used to spewing, and maybe we’ll take you seriously.

                  1. Proven wrong? Like fuck I was proven wrong, I asked for proof such a thing was done and got absolutely nothing.

                    You can suck their cocks harder though, seeing as you’re a 28 year old virgin with no actual friends and life but his precious Nintendo. I don’t give a shit if you don’t take me seriously either, you’re a lesser being, and a piece of shit.

                    1. When all else fails, resort to overused and overdone posts to make yourself feel all witty and shit because you’re too stupid to actually think for yourself.

                      1. It’s impossible to be your lesser, but nice try.
                        You’ve been proven wrong a thousand different times and every single time, you fall back on personal insults or goal-post-moving because you can’t handle losing to anyone, then you get pissy and start crying.
                        Massive inferiority complex of yours aside, you’re just a whiner who’s sad that you can’t steer anyone away from the console you hate to a console you’d play just so you could finally put a single person who isn’t an ass-hat into your friend list.
                        You’re not even a proper gamer, let alone a respectable human being, and you don’t have the social stature or right to look down on anyone, least of all me. You’re an elitist little 12 year old punk who can’t handle being told off without crying over it.:P

                        Truth be told, you’re not even worth a post more than this, so go ahead.
                        Cry more.
                        Retort with any insult you like, anything you can muster.
                        I’m sure the rest of the community here will get quite a laugh out of watching you try to insult me, when I’ve just promptly brow-beaten your ass, kicked dirt in your face, tossed you off your high horse and ignored your forthcoming responses for the sad little ravings of an inconsequential life-long loser that they really are.

                        Have fun talking to thin air, kid.
                        With a friend’s list as empty as yours, I’m sure you’re used to it.:P

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                        Fuck, you know what? He’s right, too. You’re really NOT worth the posts.
                        It’s fun letting you know that, though. Can’t help it if we find your tears delicious.:P

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                        You’re literally a PUSSY, lol, I bet you wouldn’t even say this shit on Skype without sounding like a frightened little bitch.

                      4. HAHA, sad little pussy is still replying to him just as predicted.XD
                        Keep going, try-hard. Saddest shit ever, but definitely worth laughing at!XD

                2. Hmm, Maybe EA is still pissed that Nintendo didn’t let them put Origin on the Wii U Which was a Very Smart Decision in my Opinion. :P

                  1. Aeolus Grandmother

                    Aeolus, Your grandad says to stop damage controlling, He needs for you to pick up our dental cream, stop wasting your time in this website boy.

                  1. They are nearly one in the same. All of the assets of a game are in that game’s engine.
                    You are fueled by ignorance to fact.

                    It’s elementary my good troll.

      2. I play more on the gamepad than I do on My 2 HD Tv’s…. It’s nice to have the choice , if something good is on tv you can do both , if someone else wants to watch tv , you can carry on playing , if you want to lie down in bed and relax and turn the big tv off you can.

        PS vita’s remote play is a bag of shite with input lag anyway. Please write me a list of supported Ps3 games…

      3. Vita. Yeah. PS rip? now I know that the PSP had the streaming from the ps3 to there system first, but YOU ARE PLAYING YOUR FREAKING VITA! IT HAS A SMALL A** SCREEN AND YOU’RE NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT, SO WHY COMPLAIN ABOUT THE WII U!? And I don’t know if the wii u is next gen, but it’s certainly innovative, and definetly more creative than your stupid stream to vita or your stupid complaints about already having the tv. Consider some mulit-player games. This would make them more fun to play with that small a** screen.









    3. Team ninja hits the nail on the head. It’s not the leap some were hoping for – which means it is a leap over last gen consoles graphically even if a smaller one than expected. Never the less one that will ineviably produce Jaw dropping graphics.

      If it was a normal console with a normal controller , with this level of power it would be slightly underwhelming. BUT what makes it feel like a true next gen console is the Gamepad controller.

      Wiiu to me feels miles ahead of ps3 and 360 due to the Gamepad alone….. And when we see its full graphical potential it will feel even more ”next gen” .

    4. Games like galaxy 2 smash bros brawl and skyward sword look beautiful and Nintendo will make their games look even better on wii u. Nintendoland and nsmbu look great but watch when they push the system how fantastic there games will look.. Oh and they will be very fun.

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          1. Not really, you’re just a gigantic fanboy faggot on YouTube (assuming you’re not an even bigger faggot just using that username because you can).

            Either way, you’re a faggot.

            1. Aeolus Grandmother

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            2. it’s amazin you’re still alive. someone seriously needs to find you and beat you violently to death and send me your brain. not to eat, but to find the defect.

    6. I dont really care what users like aeolus, wobbly jobbly, bill, and other Wii U haters have to say. I like my Wii U. I dont care if xbox and ps3’s cpu is higher than Wii U, or if it has more ”hardcore” games. I dont care at all. The Wii U will be really successful and so will Nintendo.

      1. Aeolus Grandmother

        Don’t mind my grandson, he just want to make friends since he gets bullied at school. He used to be nice but you guys ignored him when he was nice. Now hes a hater and he gets attention from you all. I’m not proud but he now has people to talk to.

    7. I’m not a fanboy. Mircrosft and Nintendo both deliver games & console experiences that I like. I can’t stand the PlayStation controller, though.

      The Wii U CPU is slow, but not horrible. The different architecture can be taken advantage of by skilled developers. The GPU IS up to date, though. The RAM is slow, but there’s a lot of it.

      In other words, not a ton of raw power, but it it is flexible and can *likely* present high-end games with some extra work. Whether devs WILL do it is a different story…

      And I think a touchscreen controller is pretty cool. A living room sized DS. A shame about the lack of analog triggers.

      1. Also, it’s impossible for Nintendo to “do a Dreamcast”. Their first-party franchises are WAY stronger than Sega’s was. They also didn’t have a failure going in (Saturn). 3DS could’ve been one, but it has recovered.

      2. clockspeed is not processing power jesus christ you casuals dont know fuk all

        if it has a 4 stage pipe like broadway then its the shirtest pipe by far in a gaming cpu xbox360 has a 20 stage pipe if not 30 stage pipe witch is sad and pathetic like pentium 4s

        wiiu cpu has 3 x the catch of x360 and its edram wiiu cpu has 15 execution units vs x360s cpus 3 LOL IGNORENCE IS BLISS

        1. Uhm, Wii’s memory bandwidth is also less than half of the XBOX 360’s, despite having twice as much physical memory to pull from.

          And “execution units”? Lmao. I love how you think you know what you’re talking about but you can’t even put a proper sentence together, much less understand how a console actually works and measure it’s raw benchmarks. Jog on, toolbox.



      gamepad next gen wm plus next gen controller choice next gen controller interaction next gen gamepad screen tv screen interaction next gen 3ds link capable next gen plus backward play etc





      1. The Wii U CPU is capable of out-of-order execution. Meaning that the data can be processed out of order. It is very efficient.

        The PowerPC cores in the 360 do not have out-of-order execution capabilities. This means they can’t change the order of instructions to execute them more efficiently, limiting the theoretical performance of the CPU.

    9. This is why I don’t play video games for “specs”. I play games for the games, no matter how powerful they are or what system they are on. I don’t care about high-powered graphics and or if it is the best system out there. While I do like some power and beautiful graphics, those shouldn’t be the main focus of the games. The actual gameplay counts. I rather have a game with a great gameplay and decent graphics than to have a realistic-looking game with bad controls or loading times.

    10. I’d rather have raw spec. My XBOX controller works just fine and I’ve never sat there saying, “well this doesn’t work as well as it could if I had a huge screen down here!”

      Raw spec means more than just prettier graphics: better physics for more complex and/or realistic engines and environments, better AI for more interesting enemies an sports games and NPC game characters, larger and more detailed environments, smoother frame rates, longer games, etc.

      I’ll take a new XBOX 720 console that is 5 times as powerful as the XBOX 360 and has a standard contoller and the stellar 3rd party support that MS has had for the last 10+ years, over a console that’s only slightly more powerful than the XBOX 360 but uses all of that extra power for a second screen on an awkward contoller that forces you to keep having to look up and down/away from the action on the main screen. Sorry.

      I tried the Wii U. Several times. I was excited when it was first announced but I am extremely underwhelmed now that I’ve played it a bunch. It’s just… boring, and it has no really AAA “gotta have it OMG!” type games like Halo was for XBOX, or Twisted Metal was for the original PlayStation, or Mario 64 was for the Nintendo 64, etc.

      1. Devs don’t have to use the gamepad screen for anything if they would prefer the power go to the main screen. And the off-TV play feature is a great idea.

        Yes, there aren’t any killer apps right now. But the Wii U feels like it was rushed to a degree. The first big (sort of) franchise coming, Pikmin 3, was meant for Wii. The delay is probably for upgrades so it shines on the U.

        E3 is going to be massive for Nintendo. It HAS to be so they can fend off the other upcoming console(s).

    11. I can’t wait for the day when nintendo starts making games for both xbox infinity and ps4 because their wii u is shit and it will be the next dreamcast whether you like or not.

      1. And Nintendo STILL HAS MONEY IN THE BANK! In other words, they’ll continue making games, profitable franchise games, and (when time comes) newer systems that are both fun and revolutionary. Hope you have a total of $1,500 to $2,000 on buying PC wannabes… LOSER!!!!!

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