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Wii U Has Another Bad Week In The UK


This weeks all-formats charts are in from GFK Chart Track and they once again show that the Wii U is seriously struggling in the United Kingdom. There are currently no Wii U exclusive titles in the entire top forty best-selling games for the week ending January 5th. You can view the charts here.

39 thoughts on “Wii U Has Another Bad Week In The UK”

  1. Even though I wish it wasn’t the case, I’m not surprised. The Wii U is yet to receive any killer titles. Yes, there have been some pretty good games, but they’re not quite console sellers.

      1. I like your optimism, but optimism isn’t a certainty. I’m not saying the Wii U’s doomed–but, so far, Nintendo’s only announced about three first-party games for Wii U most Nintendo veterans will care about: Pikmin 3, Zelda, and SSB. The only new AAA third-party titles announced are The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. These are coming who knows when.

        (I won’t count Monster Hunter 3 Unlimited since it barely better than the original Wii version–a simple upscale to 1080p, a few touches on textures here and there, and online play–all for a game some have played twice before.)

        Nintendo REALLY has to step it up with games. Some Nintendo fans are going to buy the console regardless, but for those of us who pay rent (and not have our parents buy them for us), this not satisfactory enough to shell out $300+ on a Wii U right now. We can’t spend a third of rent on optimism..

        1. You really need to look into MH3U if you think it’s “barely better than the Wii version.” There’s a lot more too it than better looks…

          1. Actually, I HAVE looked at the game–about 3 hours worth, in fact. The game barely even has better looks. It looks exactly like the Wii version with a few minor texture touch-ups here and there and undergoing a mere upscaling to 1080p. Though, my point was that there’s not a whole lot more to the game that differs significantly from the last version of the game. The least they could’ve done WAS at least overhaul the game’s visuals, since you’ll be buying the exact same game as last time with minor enhancements.

            I know the game has more additions to the game than the original Wii version, but my point is that they’re not enough to make the game interesting enough to buy for a second time around (or third time around, if in Japan). The game’s got a few better textures here and there, minor enhancements in-game, and online gameplay…okay…so what? If you’ve already beat the game with three friends locally the first time around, you’re not missing much–not enough to re-buy it all over again at $50.

  2. Most people are skint here in the UK, tough times for a new console with expensive retail games. I wouldn’t be surprised if we dip into recession again this quarter, for a triple dip recession!

  3. I can understand that as most games cost £10 more on the wiiu compared with the latter consoles. For example it is £22 for darksiders 2 on xbox and roughly £45 on wiiu. It’s a shame as most people that buy the wiiu are only looking to be able to play 3games and it is therefore worthwhile to wait until the likes of pikmin 3 and the wonderful 101 comes out.

    1. Depends on where you go. But still kinda the same. Shopto had Darksiders 2, Tekken and Batman all at £24 the past few weeks. But on the other hand amazon has had PS3 ver of Darksiders up for £12. Can’t win lol

  4. Honestly, what is up with the doomsayers and the UK charts? Looking at that list, there were 7 games listed in the top 20 that are all available on the Wii U currently. Even more interesting is that a few of them are fairly popular on Miiverse. For the sake of journalism and relative information, at least have the decency to report that no Wii U exclusive is doing well in the UK top 40. Being brand new with a limited library is more than enough reason for this.

  5. As expected. People allready bought the games they wanted at release. Its far more intresting to see what the charts do after some new released games. The headline sounds really dreadful, but its not an enormous issue yet.

  6. Hahaahahaaahahahaahahahahaha

    Wiiu is a joke in the uk…oh wait people just think its a wii addon hahhahaahahaahaha

    1. “people just think its a wii addon”

      have you seen the wii sales? if that’s the people mind then the wii u easly can outsell again their competitors lol

  7. It should’ve had a different name. Using the word Wii in it just basically messes with peoples’ minds. They think it’s the Wii. It even uses the same controllers. I feel like adding U at the end wasn’t enough to make people realize it was a new system. With enough games, it’ll pick up steam. They really should’ve had more non-port titles for it at launch.

  8. I’ve noticed that none of the big bigger supermarket chains (Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys) seem be carrying Wii U games yet and this is where a lot of people get games as impulse buys. Another person said it earlier though. Most people have bought all the games they wanted on release and are now waiting for the next wave of premium releases. Nothing new there surely?

  9. It’s only because there aren’t any REAL good games for it yet. Neither of Nintendo’s exclusive first-party titles on the Wii U screams the words “BUY ME”. Even my girlfriend is a bit bored with the current batch of games available. Though she plans to buy New Super Mario Bros. U eventually. Myself? I haven’t even bought a Wii U yet. I’m waiting for Pikmin 3. Although I’ll still dread buying a Wii U with only one game I care about.

    1. That’s why I’m waiting till E3 to decide whether or not I want to buy one. I’ll see what games they announce and if I like it, I’ll buy one, if not, I’ll just buy something else.

  10. Who cares about the UK… I say this everytime we get posts like these. Really, I don’t care and no one else should. The Wii U’s success has little to do with how well it does in England. Nintendo doesn’t need the place!!!

    1. First of all, shadddap! Nintendo needs sales for anywhere there are gamers.

      Second of all, don’t talk for other people in your homeland (and can I safely assume you’re North American, particularly from the US?). You don’t represent “us,” and if you haven’t noticed, the Wii U hasn’t exactly been selling like hotcakes over here, either. Third of all, stop thinking like you’re 13 years old (which you probably are). Just because Wii U’s not doing well in the UK doesn’t mean that

      (a) the UK’s gamers are to blame for not wanting to buy a Wii U right now or

      (b) the Wii U won’t do better latter when more compelling reason to buy a Wii U should arise.

      Many of you younger fans have GOT to stop equating someone’s reason for not wanting to buy a Nintendo product as reason to disdain their personal choice, often times a rational choice. People have their reasons for not wanting a Wii U right now–and for us older gamers who DON’T have parents to buy most of our games for us anymore, investing in a new console comes a little bit tougher of a sale for us.

      I’m a veteran gamer and lifelong Nintendo fan, followed the Wii U back when it was first called Project Café, and even I haven’t bought a Wii U yet. Simply said, if I’m going to pay a third of the month’s rent on a new console, there’d better be more games for it first (or at least some more game announcements, which even that we’ve been dry about having so far). Doesn’t make me a bad guy for having a good reason why I’m not buying a Wii U just now. It’s NINTENDO’S job to sell the product to me–not the fans.

  11. Way before the Wii U came out, I always foresee and wrote on that blog that the sell will not be great.
    1) The price, as I always say we should have the US price. Giving the economy of the country and Europe in general. I think Nintendo needs to get real and reduce the price to £230 minimum for the premium version if they want their sells to be better.

    2) There is a problem with the contents which come with the console, the online experience is the prove of it. We all know that the Japanese and the yanks have more feature for lower price cause Nintendo care more about those markets than European markets therefore we always feel screw and refuse to pay more for less.

    3) Someone already say it, the Wii u games are on average £10 more expensive than PS3/Xbox games version… i will sack the guy in charge of the pricing strategy.

    4) The marketing/launch of the Wii U is sh*t, I mean Nintendo Europe has done less than 25% of the marketing the US and Japan got.

    5) I know for fact that lot of French waiting for a Mario kart Wii U version (or the hardware to be hacked). In short, Nintendo get more games in Europe and stop giving to the yanks cause they will buy any shit, take some risk and try to seduce us (Europeans) instead.

  12. oh yeah forgot to say that since the USA (note, that I say the USA not north America) and japan take some of the Wii U which were originally allocated to the European market, it’s not wonder people can’t find the Wii u in supermarket. Taking that into account not wonder why the sells are not as expected duh…..

  13. This could possibly be related to the fact that USA and Japan have a strong relationship and seem to see Europe as a secondary market. I feel the marketing done in the USA and in Japan were much stronger than that done in Europe. Not only that, I just think that Americans were a lot more excited for the Wii U. I could be 100% dead wrong on this. It’s just an outsiders (Australian) opinion.

    1. Wow. You’re really naive aren’t you?

      The only people that give a crap about that game are hardcore Nintendo fanboys. And they already own a Wii U.

      Diddy Kong Racing is not a console-selling franchise. If it were, they’d have made a ton of them by now (like Mario, or like the Halo series did; it launched the original XBOX and set the modern FPS standard and also launched the XBOX 360 with Halo 3).

      Diddy Kong Racing? Go look up the sales figures; not even close to Mario Kart, and even THAT isn’t as big as it used to be back in the SNES and Nintendo 64 days…

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