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ZombiU Demo Now Available In Europe


Ubisoft has released a demo for the well-received ZombiU on the Wii U eShop. The demo is available to download right now and takes roughly 30 minutes to download depending on your internet connection. ZombiU currently has a Metacritic score of 77 and a Metacritic user score of 7.5

69 thoughts on “ZombiU Demo Now Available In Europe”

    1. Crysis 3 hasn’t even been released yet Bill, so let’s not jump to conclusions. But yeah, from what I’ve heard ZombiU sucks ass.

      1. I know I have a Zelda gravatar. But I’m not a Nintendo baby. I only play Nintendo games occasionaly. I really agree some of the Nintendo series like Pokemon and Animal are childish and for losers. And unlike most here, I actually play games on other consoles and PC.

        1. dude, have you ever tried competitive Pokemon battling? It’s sometimes more frustrating than math, The strategy that’s involved @_@ I dont think children have the brain to do that

          1. Just allow adarazz to his/her opinion. Everyone has them. Who cares if adarazz doesn’t like Pokemon, it’s not like it’s going to affect your whole life because someone has different preferences >_> (Note: I for one love pokemon & AC, but that’s just my opinion)

        2. Thats cause you live from some else opinions of you, you live on the internet and his trends and cause bashing Nintendo is a recent trends you fallows it.
          P.s stop being racist.

        3. Both those games you mentioned have an insane amount of replay value. Explain why people keep coming back to Pokemon and animal crossing if there losers?

        4. @adarazz101
          You fucking little i’m gonna beat the shit out of you and rape you’re mother like the whore she is.

      2. Nope ZombiU is awesome and you would love it if you played it….. Look at that meta score , 77 is bad ? no…

        I love the game and is the most realistic survival horror game ever made. DOn’t mean graphically realistic , but the settings and gameplay make you feel like you’re the one escaping from london.

        If you ignore the mediocre graphics , this game is pretty stellar…

    2. Zombie U is one of the best survival horror games I have ever played.

      If you base your opinion from the bad reviews you are really talking out of your ass

    3. im guessing you havent played it? gotta admit, not looking forward to crysis3. didnt like the first or second in the series, gimmie half life 3 lol. hope it lives up to your expectations. gotta ask though, why do people keep referencing zombiu with crysis or cod? zombiu = survival horror (resident evil, silent hill, dead space). crysis = fps (cod, hl series, metro). each to their own though.

      1. ^This guy doesn’t know what a “real” videogame is. He claims he is a “real” gamer but he’s not… he’s just an ass.

        1. I agree. I think we all know what happened to Bill. They made two films about it! A real gamer would know that Nintendo saved the Video Game crash thanks to Atari back in 1983-85, and the NES single handedly saved home video games. Everyone has their opinion but please keep them objective.

  1. Awesome! Whoever downloads the demo I’m sure will fall in love with the game. It is one of the best SURVIVAL-horror games I have ever played.

      1. I’ll say this Mike, it’s a nice game to hold me off until Aliens: Colonial Marines comes out. I think you may actually like ZombiU.

    1. You should play it. It’s an amazing game. Trust me you won’t be too scared to never play it again because the game is actually pretty fun.

  2. The game needs a patch. There are some game breaking glitches. However, I still LOVE Zombie U.

    One of the BEST survival horror games I have ever played.

    1. Game Breaking glitches? I’ve had none of those. I think the physics are weird at times… but that’s probably my only complaint.

  3. I love ZombiU and have played through the game 1.5 times so far and seen almost everything in it. However, comically, that screenshot (or the shown gamepad screen) never once appear in the game.

      1. if by that you mean atmospheric, creepy, slower paced and your quite vulnerable, then yes. left 4 dead, then no.

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  5. Okay I know I’m a little late here, none of you are in the wrong but first off, let me say Pokemon, and Animal Crossing are great games in the minds of “most people”, meaning the people who play mainly Nintendo games, although some do not. Nonetheless, you guys need to stop arguing, I’m black and I have AID’s, does that make you racist for laughing? no, because I’m actually not black. Have a good day, and to all of you who were making rude comments, you are on a Nintendo founded website, so plese do not use words like faggot, and shit, children might be watching.

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