Ubisoft has released a demo for the well-received ZombiU on the Wii U eShop. The demo is available to download right now and takes roughly 30 minutes to download depending on your internet connection. ZombiU currently has a Metacritic score of 77 and a Metacritic user score of 7.5



  1. Awesome game. The ending of it is pissing me off though. Died so I have to trek all the way back there to get the pancea. And no manholes are avaliable


  2. The game needs a patch. There are some game breaking glitches. However, I still LOVE Zombie U.

    One of the BEST survival horror games I have ever played.


  3. I love ZombiU and have played through the game 1.5 times so far and seen almost everything in it. However, comically, that screenshot (or the shown gamepad screen) never once appear in the game.


  4. Okay I know I’m a little late here, none of you are in the wrong but first off, let me say Pokemon, and Animal Crossing are great games in the minds of “most people”, meaning the people who play mainly Nintendo games, although some do not. Nonetheless, you guys need to stop arguing, I’m black and I have AID’s, does that make you racist for laughing? no, because I’m actually not black. Have a good day, and to all of you who were making rude comments, you are on a Nintendo founded website, so plese do not use words like faggot, and shit, children might be watching.


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