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Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo 3DS Bundle Coming To North America


Nintendo of America has revealed that there will be a Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS bundle coming to North America. There aren’t too many details about the bundle, but it should be made available when Fire Emblem: Awakening launches in North America on February 4th. Nintendo of America confirmed earlier today that there will be a playable demo of Fire Emblem: Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on January 17th.


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    1. Thats the pic for the Japanese Bundle. But lets hope its the same one coming here because then it could be that Cobalt Blue 3DS with the white Fire Emblem markings that was released over there instead of the blue 3DS XL they seem to bundle with any game just so it sells.

      1. His math skills are amazing 10 days for fire emblem? There is still 20 days away.

  1. Looks nice. I saw a Pikachu XL in person today , they are really nice looking. We need more 3DS XL’s with Artwork on them.

      1. Nah. It’s not for me , I’m quite happy with my Silver/Black 3DS XL.

        Now fuck off you assdork.

      2. PS3 has a much stronger library of games than 3DS. If you can’t see that you have absolutely terrible taste in video games.

      3. The Ps3 is 7 years old , the 3DS 1.5. By default it should have a better library of games , But I played all the good ones years ago.

        The 3DS is the hot shit right now.

    1. I hope they bring a special one out with Pokemon X&Y art. I’d buy that no matter where it is released.

      1. You know they will. It’s a big occasion is that game. I expect Pokemon to be reinvigorated by it :) . Just think of a soundtrack in a Pokemon game that doesn’t sound like a Polyphonic Ring tone!!!

      2. I liked the commerative coins that came with B&W2, but I just hope they make a fairly big special edition this time.

      3. I see a special 3DSXL Bundle for both Pokemon X and Y. Probably with the legendary pokemon of each as the Artwork or something.

      4. Your wallet must be ready! A luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing Bundle is most likely too…

      5. Indeed. The 3DS has got off to a great start Already. but Pokemon X and Y will catapult it into being as sucessfull as the original DS IMO. I see an extremely bright future for 3DS with tons of amazing game anouncements and it turning out to be Nintendo’s best ever handheld…

      6. yep. Too many games coming out for 3DS this year. Those lucky B-stard in Japan are already playing games like Project X Zone , Bravely default , E.X troopers etc.

        Wish some of those would make it over here. E.X troopers is exactly the same game on 3DS it is on ps3 except it’s lower RES and 3D. I would love some of that action…

      7. Indeed. Right now my 3DS has me way more excited for 2013 than my WiiU does. Obviously I need to give wiiu a chance and some more game announcements as it just came out. 3DS was a piece of shit when it first launched for about 5 months with no games.

        And now look how far it has come.

      8. This is where I’ll have to disagree. Mario is waaaaaaay more milked than Pokemon will ever be. CoD, well it is milked, but not as much as people say it is, Modern Warfare series is what created that stereotype for it.

      9. At least the Mario series has some good games like SM64, Galaxy, and the original Super Mario Bros. trilogy. Pokemon has got nothing!

      10. With the way CoD is being released(annually) it’s on it’s way to be the most milked game franchise. Mario is milked but that’s because Mario games cover a wide range of genres and on different platforms. I like Modern Warfare series for it’s campaign though, I can’t get into Black Ops story though.

      11. The only thing that’s been milked more than those 3 franchises is your mumas titties that I was sucking on last night.

      12. If sucking on you momas Titteys is perverce then so be it. You win some You lose some….

      13. Pretending you did sexual acts on someone’s mother as an insult? How immature and unoriginal. Typical uncreative Nintendork.

      14. I’m the immature one ? You’re the Disease who keeps popping up on every article saying 3DS is shit , Mario is shit , Pokemon is shit etc etc etc.

        None of us want to read your shit. You’re opinion is both irrelivant and annoying here. Unless you have something constructive to say then you’re just wasting you’re time.

        Even Aeolus sometimes has Rational criticisms , not just mindless shit.

      15. Calling people Nintendork? How immature and unoriginal. Typical Dd Hominen from a wannabe troll.

      16. Actually there are usually 2-3 years on between the main titles. Would’nt considerate milked. I can kinda agree with Mario and Cod though.

      17. Mario is on its way to becoming like COD and I’m not liking this.
        Pokemon is excusable however, as every generation brings about 150 pokemons, showing more creativity and variety than that other cash cow franchise.

      18. Of course its milked. Where do you think all the moo moo milks come from? Mushroom kingdom?

  2. The bundle includes: – crappy, underpowered 3DS system
    – awful Fire Emblem rehash
    – charging cradle nobody uses

      1. yeh me too i get really good grdaes in my engelish class i am a goiwing ta be a profesinel writor

    1. Underpowered?(yet bestseller) Rehash? (this is the first new Fire Emblem game in a while) Charging Cradle NO ONE USES!?… wow you got your facts backwards.

      1. Why dont you guys just give up? If the vita is not giving you quality time just sell that shit and keep on living.

      1. So you’re admitting your mom sleeps with just about anyone?
        You gotta learn how to make a proper comeback, kid.

    1. Tactics RPG games is not my cup of tea but if it gets a good review then I might pick it up. Platform is fine, Vita will hopefully get its fill of RPG game with Final Fantasy Tactics.

      1. Actualy final fantasy tactics get new released on Nintendo consoles but sony equivalente is ogre battle.

      2. Ogre Battle 64 with awesome. I’ve seen some releases of FF tactics on psp so it’s possible it might come on Vita too.

      3. Yea a friendly trade 1 new ogre battle for us and 1 final fantasy táctica for you guys.

    1. Don’t you mean fight for fortune?

      Also … really? They have much better games they could be bundling :I

      1. I wonder why Sony hasn’t released Ico and SoC HD for the Vita, I’m sure it’s possible for it to run on Vita since MGS HD is on there.

      2. Wrong and sorta wrong, what company doesn’t? Nintendo has made some poor choices too and has admitted in doing so.

      3. Sure but sony hasnt admited wich make people who may want to get 1 early affraid that the vita will not change.

      4. They did :l sort of.

        Youre able to play the ICO and SoTC collection on the vita…. through remote play :l

        It defeats the purpose of playing it on a portable device when you cant leave home, thats why i tried it once and never again tried it (the remote play feature) pluus its laggy as hell.

      1. It’s actually Uncharted: Fight for Fortune. It was the card game released for Vita. Pretty fun too but weird at the same time xD.

      2. Nope , it’s a fucking dissapointing card game. It’s worse than about 70% of the 3DS library.

      3. That’s tough to believe when 95% of the 3DS library is shovelware and shitty JRPGs.

      4. If the two Resident Evil is the best third-party support 3DS has got, then it just proves the 3DS is an absolutely pathetic piece of hardware.

      5. LOL… I’m a lot older than you are, Aeolus wannabe. I’m a lot older and mature than your fucked up imaginations, dick in the ass Sonydrone. I’ve been a gamer since the Atari 2600 until Nintendo saves the video game industry from meeting its demise. You’re the immature who gives blowjobs to Kaz Hirai and Scott Rhode. Grow the fuck up and shut the fuck up!

      6. Ok dude, I know this guy definitely is a total tool and you have all right to call him out on his blatant lack of knowledge. But that cancer thing was going too far.

      7. How about you paint my vagina? It would be cool for because it would be the first vagina you will see (not including your mother’s)!

      8. Robson the dick in the ass who needs to shut the fuck up, Junior… Why the fuck are you doing here at a Nintendo themed blog causing trouble and creating bullshit? You don’t know fucking shit about video games… especially Nintendo games and third party publishers on Nintendo game systems. You’re a fucking joke, a Sony ass kisser and cock sucker. You’re running out of ideas. All you do is get blowjobs from Sony for every failed comments. Don’t get me wrong just because I like Sony AND Nintendo. What I don’t like about it is Sony Corporation getting a patent for anti-used games on their next game system… PlayStation 4.

      9. Highly doubt that but if it’s what you think then to each his own. You must really like card games then.

  3. Why can’t this be a 3DS XL? I don’t know why anyone would buy the regular 3DS when the awesome XL exists?

      1. Would be better to del it and use the money to get a new 1? And if you are waiting for it to break by it self you will wait a long time.

    1. Maybe because the XL only fits in purses :l

      Trying to get an XL in youre pocket is like trying to put a tower in youre back pocket.

      Its just not realistic :l im happy with my original 3DS.

  4. A little disappointed it’s not an XL like previously rumored. I was going to get ready to enjoy Fire Emblem and an upgraded 3DS at the same time. :(

  5. WHY NOT XL. I was ready to throw my money toward nintendo if it was :( Oh well. I guess im just going to wait until the bring a limited edition xl over here :(

  6. Robson Jr. must be a fucking pussy if he thinks PS3 is better than 3DS! Reply to this comment, i win.

    Cry me a river, feral child.

      1. Not taking side here because I deeply love both my 3DS and ps3.
        But saying
        – PS3 is better
        thens saying right after they shouldn’t be compared to handhelds seems a little bit ironic don’t it……

  7. FIRST of All 3DS is the Shit we Got Resident Evil Mercnaries ResidentEvil Revelation SuperStreetFighter 4 MetalGear Solid kingdomHearts CastleVaina Lords of Shadows Mk7 KidIcarusUprising SpilnterCell Dead or Alive Tekken 3D hold up

  8. Boring ass Games on Vita thats why my Friend Sold that Shit in Yeah that guy is right most ps3 users Dont have Vita Dum ass Cuz they perfer HomeConsoles

    1. Vita=Persona 4 Golden player.
      Which frustrates me because I’m sure Sony purposely doesn’t put Persona 4 on PSN because they want people to buy a Vita and play the remake/port instead.
      Anywho, handheld-wise, Nintendo is definitely doing way better than Sony.

  9. jellybean i no what they are But guess what im not in school in im Not here to be tested on my intelligence so Get off my tip

  10. Not were i live in what great Games Cuz call of duty on there got like a 3 out of 10 or sum shit in Vita was one of the worst Products made of 2012 look it up for yourself!

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