Nintendo of America has revealed that there will be a Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS bundle coming to North America. There aren’t too many details about the bundle, but it should be made available when Fire Emblem: Awakening launches in North America on February 4th. Nintendo of America confirmed earlier today that there will be a playable demo of Fire Emblem: Awakening on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on January 17th.



    • Thats the pic for the Japanese Bundle. But lets hope its the same one coming here because then it could be that Cobalt Blue 3DS with the white Fire Emblem markings that was released over there instead of the blue 3DS XL they seem to bundle with any game just so it sells.


  1. A little disappointed it’s not an XL like previously rumored. I was going to get ready to enjoy Fire Emblem and an upgraded 3DS at the same time. :(


  2. WHY NOT XL. I was ready to throw my money toward nintendo if it was :( Oh well. I guess im just going to wait until the bring a limited edition xl over here :(


  3. Robson Jr. must be a fucking pussy if he thinks PS3 is better than 3DS! Reply to this comment, i win.

    Cry me a river, feral child.


  4. FIRST of All 3DS is the Shit we Got Resident Evil Mercnaries ResidentEvil Revelation SuperStreetFighter 4 MetalGear Solid kingdomHearts CastleVaina Lords of Shadows Mk7 KidIcarusUprising SpilnterCell Dead or Alive Tekken 3D hold up


  5. Boring ass Games on Vita thats why my Friend Sold that Shit in Yeah that guy is right most ps3 users Dont have Vita Dum ass Cuz they perfer HomeConsoles


    • Vita=Persona 4 Golden player.
      Which frustrates me because I’m sure Sony purposely doesn’t put Persona 4 on PSN because they want people to buy a Vita and play the remake/port instead.
      Anywho, handheld-wise, Nintendo is definitely doing way better than Sony.


  6. Not were i live in what great Games Cuz call of duty on there got like a 3 out of 10 or sum shit in Vita was one of the worst Products made of 2012 look it up for yourself!


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