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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Coming To Wii U


Activision has confirmed that its forthcoming first person shooter The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will be coming to Wii U on March 29th in the UK. The game will launch alongside the previously announced Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions. Walking Dead: Survival Instinct producer Glenn Gamble had a few things to say about the Wii U version of the game.

“We didn’t want to change the game, because the game had already been established, so we tried to say, ‘What can we augment with the Wii U version?’

“That’s where it’s basically a more elegant inventory management system. With the Wii U you have access to your backpack at all times, so you can tap what weapons you want, you can drop stuff. It’s a lot more streamlined.”

51 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Coming To Wii U”

    1. But is activision Nintendo may try but is up to third parties. Also i think Nintendo abandoned the crisis 3 deal for a deal whit rockstar gta 5.

        1. are you crazy GTA 5 is just over rating and not beatter than CRISIS 3 dont get me wrong i will get GTA 5 if they make a wii u version just to supported so they bring more 3rd parties games to the console but Crisis have beatter graphic, beatter story line and beatter online than GTA the only reason GTA is so big is cuse have drog, sex and violence and for today kids that is awsome and thats the truth

      1. I meant from a busines stand point, is better to give early low budget risk than wait for a console to have millions units then release a big budget game and then it dosnt sell.

  1. Well, there’s another zombie game ruined because of being a first-person shooter. The biggest reason why I had no interest in Zombi-U. Good thing I don’t really care either way.

    1. ZombiU is so not a shooter. Very old school Resident Evil, barely got guns or ammo. Cricket bats snd sneaking all the way.

    2. What the fuck is wrong with first person games? You are excluding yourself from great games just because its played from a certain perspective! That’s like never reading any books that are written in first person lol

    1. I agree the trailer plomes realy bad but on the other hand it also means that mostly all of activision games are coming to so we are going to see the good games too.

    1. Actually I’d say the Wii U would make that game a lot better than the Xbox and PS3 versions because of the touch screen on the GamePad

  2. Good news, I love zombie shooters! I can never get enough. Sega, please make House of the Dead Overkill II for Wii U.

  3. I don’t care about this game, but Activision just said the smartest thing ive ever heard them say.
    “We didn’t want to change the game, because the game had already been established, so we tried to say, “What can we do to augment the WiiU version?”


    No developer NEEDS to utilise, or make crazy additions, or change the game. At the end of the day, you need to reach out to more consumers, especially these days with the amount of money it takes to make a game.
    But no, people like EA and FUCKING CAPCOM’s lazy ass, just pull the “mhhm, cant think of anything…”. No, just fucking lazy.

      1. They said it about Remember Me.

        Capcom are still shit bags anyway.
        Bullshit releases of fighters like Ultimate MvC3 and Super SF4, making Resident Evil just plain shite, everything related or not related being the case to Mega Man, on disk DLC because it’s “easier” (aww poor Capcom), re-releases of fucking SNES games rather than giving us a new Darkstalkers game, they can go fuck off -__-

          1. No -__-
            I just want a video game company to not be complete arseholes. I mean really, can you imagine if Nintendo just said, “Nah, we’re not making our exclusives anymore, Zelda is now a scifi shooter and the only other game we’re making is NSMB”. Can you imagine how fucked up that would be?
            Capcom were the tits, man, they had the best games, but now they’re just a money grabbing pile of shit, with an infamous fuckface called Svensson at the helm.

            Fuck Capcom.

  4. Sounds interesting though I’d much rather have the DayZ stand-alone on the Wii U and other console rather than this game because from what I’ve seen of the game…. it just looks like a crappy mod of Nazi Zombies.

  5. And the Multiplats commeth. Whether great, good or mediocre, Multiplats are coming to the Wii U. Did I not tell you guys to read this space the last two days? Let the trolls complain, Nintendo fans just play all or whatever games are released for the Wii U, stop complaining and acting like you were not raised better than drones and bots.

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  7. Finally a 3rd party game outside the launch window. Nice to see Activision and Ubisoft showing some support. Also interesting how the Wii consoles have carved out a bit of a niche for zombie games.

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