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Official Nintendo Magazine Teases New Game, Possibly Resident Evil Revelations Wii U


The official Nintendo magazine is teasing a new game which will be revealed in the next edition of the publication. The game that’s being teased is widely rumoured to be an HD port of Resident Evil: Revelations for the Wii U. The image that is shown alongside the text depicts both pipework and engineering. Yesterday, an Xbox 360 achievements list revealed that the game is ‘Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition.

“Are you scared? You should be…. World Exclusive! The first look at a stunning new game.”


55 thoughts on “Official Nintendo Magazine Teases New Game, Possibly Resident Evil Revelations Wii U”

      1. LOL 10 fps? for a 3ds port? good god, if there was ANY game that only ran at 10 fps i wouldnt be able to play it. i mean 30 fps is fine,since most people are used to it because thats the same frame rate as most movies, but anything lower than that would bug the shit out of me

    1. I hope they add more to the game – the original was great, utilising small areas so the 3DS had to render less and could look better.

      With a console port, I hope they make this thing look as pretty a Project C.A.R.S.

      Here’s hopin’

        1. I actually liked RE5. Yeah, dumb AI, but i played it with my brother, yeah it wasnt survival horror, yeah story was kinda dumb, but it was still fun.
          The big difference between RE5 and 6 for me where the controls. RE5 controls like a better version of 4, the camera stays still, aiming is easy, moving around is simple.
          RE6? Nope :| camera is just unacceptable, the controls are just asinine, and aiming is like having your dog jump all over you and the right thumb stick when you’re trying to aim.

          1. Yeah, though if they game had the graphics of RE6 that would be cool, just the gameplay should remain the same since it is a port after all

              1. A fan IS a fanboy in my own opinion. And I always considered it an honor when people call ME a fanboy. People says it like it’s an insult.

            1. The piping is a lot more constrained and more like something you would see in a Submarine than a ship. But who knows

            2. So they’re re-releasing a 3DS game on all consoles, rather than new content?
              Capcom, this isn’t like you at all…
              *cough* Darkstalkers Resurrection, MvC Origins, there’s too many games to actually remember….

                1. Capcom – ”Were not putting old ports on wiiu – We’re looking forward” *releases Monster Hunter tri and Resident evil revelations*

                  I’m gunna wait for the announcement. A super graphics version of Revelations with a load of exclusive features would be great. The game is beautifull for 3DS but to merit a Wiiu release it would certainly need a lot of work graphically , not just a monster Hunter Ultimate style Lick of paint.

                2. It doesnt seem like it based on how they say it.
                  “The first look at a stunning new game.”
                  Revelations is not new. To the system, yeah, I guess it’s new. But I doubt it’s that.
                  Thats not to say that it’s not coming to the system anyway.

                  1. I thought that.
                    Honestly, i want to see the teaser they showed, the way they describe it, it sound more like Silent Hill or a new RE game

                3. I would think the success of Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS/XL Would indicate a want for more of these types of games for 3DS. I would hope that capcom remakes thier Resident evil library for 3DS.

                4. Funny, cause I thought they were the ones who said they were going to bring only NEW hardware to the Wii U not ports??? Or am I mistaken?

                5. I’d re-buy the game if it’s got extra guns, modes, miiverse functionality, more chars to play (i.e. jake wesker), more alternate costumes, and 1or 2 new stories.

                  Keep the original game, take out what was bad, use that as the foundation, add to it and improve what’s already there

                6. Sounds awesome, its getting ported to the Xbox 360 so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be ported to the Wii U, plus, Revelations was awesome and should have the graphics of RE6…. just not the gameplay of RE6.

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                    1. If the game started out on a shitty gaming platform, then I’d rather it get ported to a better one, with better controls.

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                      2. I would love.a port very much on my Xbox 360, the 3DS game was awesome! But the controls weren’t so good because nintendo dumbly decided to not add a second analog stick. But I survived and it was a great game. If it is coming to 360 I will most likely get it. Only if there is a MAJOR update to the visuals and more weopons. And a stabler online play. Or maybe another mode or too wouldn’t hurt?

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