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Disney Infinity Revealed, Coming To All Platforms (Trailer)

Disney Interactive have finally unveiled Disney Infinity which is due for release this summer. The game is best described as Skylanders meets LittleBigPlanet combined with Minecraft and is in development by Avalanche Software. Disney Infinity will integrate collectible physical toys into a sandbox game that can include the best of Disney and Pixar titles. The game is due for release sometime in June for all platforms.

91 thoughts on “Disney Infinity Revealed, Coming To All Platforms (Trailer)”

        1. I think he was expressing disappointment over the fact that the game isn’t coming to Vita rather than taunting the handheld.

    1. while the skylandish-part of the game was expected from disney (as well as from pokemon, who don’t seem to deliver…), the sandbox-part of this reveal was pretty unexpected. sounds interesting enough…

  1. Skylanders clone? Gawd Sickr, you’ve either lost all of that journalistic flair or you really haven’t read into this. Have you even seen the game? I would say it differs greatly in terms of gameplay. It’s an entirely different genre for christ’s sake! Just because it follows the same business model, that does not mean it is a clone.

      1. Also, I noticed that the game isn’t actually available on the PS Vita if the advert is to be believed. poor Vita, if only it sold much better…

        1. So basically you’re an asshole. Not hard to be, not uncommon, but still, nobody likes assholes. :) just a tip.

  2. This game looks so gay. I’m sure you retarded little Nintendo fans will eat it up just like you eat up every half-assed Mario game.
    ~THE REAL Bill~

    1. why the fuck are you stealing my name. And hey, Mario is a good game. Its not half assed. So FUCK YOU AND SUCK YOUR CoD KDR.

      ~ THE REAL BILL~

  3. Watching the trailer… it actually looks wicked good. This game looks like it has potential. Can’t wait to see where they go with it and I hope it is a success!!!

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    1. Im not talking to the person above, Im talking to Bill, the most retarded gamer in the world. I dont even think he plays ”manly” games.

    1. I think more than likely the reason for that is that it needs the base to be played and so far Sony doesn’t seem to be allowing accessories and peripherals to be used on the system other than what’s already out and necessary (like the charger).

      1. That’s why i’m trying to say, just destorys all my hope for a classic Spyro, charging around burning sheep and gettjng those gems for Money Bags

        1. Oh man, those were the days, I’d sit down and hours on end just play & play & play spyro xD How I miss it, thank christ they finally put it on PSN. Reliving my old memories xD

    1. Also, not that i’d actually buy ot for Vita, but come on Sony, it’s like you don’t even care.
      I mean Pokemon gets announced and you just sit and do nothing.

  5. Never have been a fan of Skylanders… Biggest money grub I have ever seen in video games… Kind of bummed that Disney is following the model. I would be much more interested in this game if I didn’t have to invest so much into it… I’ll check it out though, I am a huge disney fan. And if there is a “TRON” world like their was in Kingdom Hearts I will have to buy it.

  6. I honestly don’t know what to think about this news because I’ve never played Skylanders and I have no clue what it’s all about. All I know is that I always see those little Skylanders figures in stores when I go places.

  7. It’s cool to see Wreck It Ralph in more games. Now he is in his own game Wreck-It-Ralph, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and now Disney Infinity.

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  9. So will the figures unlock extra stages or anything ? Cuz if it’s just the chance to play as the character then I don’t see the point of playing after u beat the game

    1. if its really a sandbox game, there is no “beating the game”. also: there is no real motivation to buy other characters, aside from collecting.

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