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Fire Emblem Awakening Features Dual Audio Voice Tracks


Gaming publication Siliconera has confirmed that the eagerly anticipated Fire Emblem: Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS will feature dual audio voice tracks — one in English and one in Japanese. Fire Emblem: Awakening is due to be released in North America on February 4th and sometime in April for Europe. Nintendo of America has already confirmed that there will be a demo for the game this Thursday on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

40 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening Features Dual Audio Voice Tracks”

      1. ^you don’t HAVE to listen to it in Japanese you know. Also, I might point out that the 3DS is AWESOME! and Fire Emblem is AWESOME! Its too bad Bill isn’t AWESOME enough to play on the AWESOME handheld known as te 3DS…

      2. The game’s definitely not a sidescroller at all. Also, the quality of these games are amazing AND have some very manly moments. I wouldn’t knock the game if I were you.

      3. Pathetic weakling. How many times do I have to tell ya? We can see through your wannabe manliness and tell you are a fat Nintendo lover!

    1. It will be my first F.E game too! I’m excited because I REALLY liked Pokemon Conquest and the two are similar I think.

  1. So who’s getting the 3DS cobalt blue bundle? Or maybe you’re just getting the game (maybe the artbook pre-order)? Just curious.

    I’m going for the bundle; I’ve been hoping for that bundle to come over to the States.

    1. I’d consider getting it if it came with a physical copy of the game and not a digital copy.

      Speaking of digital copies: While I’ll be buying it physically, the Japanese audio track should be treated as free DLC for the download version. It’s just another couple hundred megabytes wasted if you want to play the game in a language you actually speak.

  2. looking forward to seeing the new FPS renegade kid is working on rather than this bullshit. i have played only two fire emblem games and they were like jrpg version of chess wtf the characters dont walk on there own u command them to walk to a square like grid fuck this game give me my FPS i been waiting damn near two years for.

    1. I’m also waiting for that FPS, Renegade Kid is a good developer. As for your Fire Emblem comment, don’t knock something that isn’t your cup of tea. Move on and get over it.

  3. That’s pretty cool. Though I’ll be playing it with english voices, though I might end up picking japanese audio after a few playthroughs. From what little we’ve heard the voice acting is actually pretty decent, and playing a game in a language you actually don’t understand kinda ruins the immersion factor.
    I can assume NOA got their act together, so at least it’s gonna sound much better than the Tellius games. Note: these are my favorites of the series…but the voice acting was horrendous. I think Kid Icarus Uprising showed that they can get good voice actors if they try.

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