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Nintendo President Says “Once Miiverse Hits The 3DS, It Will Be Huge”


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told Japanese news publication The Nikkei that once the Miiverse arrives on the Nintendo 3DS, it will ultimately be huge. Iwata used Animal Crossing: New Leaf as an example of the possibilities the social network could bring to the system. Nintendo has yet to announce just when we can expect Miiverse to appear on the Nintendo 3DS.

“Once the Miiverse hits the 3DS, it will be huge. Just imagine the possibilities of playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf while sharing your experiences on the Miiverse. Now that’s something!”

73 thoughts on “Nintendo President Says “Once Miiverse Hits The 3DS, It Will Be Huge””

  1. Woah Miiverse on 3DS?? Cool, didn’t expect it to come on 3DS. If this plus a new flipnote 3DS comes out this year then I’d be one happy 3DS owner ^_^

  2. Man, a brand new tweet I just noticed and I’m still not first. Oh well.

    Until I discover what the heck Miiverse is and what it’s like, this news doesn’t excite me. In fact, the 3DS doesn’t excite me. At least not until I get a 3DS XL.

    1. Miiverse is fantastic i wouldnt be suprised if xbox and Sony copy it Its like facebook, twitter and forums smashed into one this its fantastic No trolling on it just Gamers talking about \Games how it should be :D

    2. It is more like twitter. We have charcter limits which can be frustrating, but gives the impression of the moment rather than a profile website. You can post small messages or pictures that you draw yourself and are quite fun in my opinion.

      Posts range from questions about a point in your game that you’re struggling with (from which you can post pictures by pausing your game), “like” a post (no dislikes), ask opinions on games you don’t own; express joy, frustration, empathy, etc.; your own drawings from the gamepad.

      Other than extremely frustrating character limit, there is something that may irritate some people. You have a profile which you cannot post personal information in, or ever for that matter, and for those that care, a friends limit. Having a profile becomes rather pointless due to this.

      I understand their reasoning however. There are minors who use the Miiverse afterall so it is only logical to protect them from harm. You’ll be pleased to know that posts are heavily moderated so trolls, vulgarity, profanity, whatever is gone very quickly to provide a fun experience. I love going on there and not finding the likes of many you might recognize on this website e.g. People are polite and very helpful.

      You’ll enjoy it.

      1. The admins are assholes. I got a 2 week ban from being able to post or even message my friends on Miiverse. All because I said shut up to a troll who was impersonating Miyamoto…

  3. I’m still not sure what is so great or new or interesting in Miiverse, even with game integration. its just a feed of posts from random people giving meaningless thoughts about the game or certain passages of the game, and its far too many of them to really read them and comment them, let alone read the comments others might have made, so theres no real social interaction either.. didn’t find it useful in/for any of the games i own (mario, sonic racing, zombieu, nintendoland) – can somebody enlighten me?

    1. Sure. As many Nintendo fans likes to draw/paint, as shown by Miiverse it is the perfect medium for communication. I have drawn Nintendo characters for as for long as I can remember and now I can do it with fellow Nintendo fans, I love it and draw like at least 1-2 hours a day on Miiverse! It is something very different and might be difficult to understand but it sure is awesome to many, that I know!

    2. The “point” is not to try to read all of the posts, but to go through them once in a while. Perhaps someone needs help in an area you already beat, you could help them. Perhaps you need help somewhere, you can post about it. Perhaps you have a witty comment to make about your completion of something. The way it’s organized now it’s impossible to read every post, but it only takes a few minutes to scroll through the most recent ones (except Nintendo Land, NSMB U where new posts are added very often.

      If you like someone’s comment you can also friend that user or even follow them.

    3. Miiverse is a helpful, fun, clean gaming social network, that allows gamers to share tips, pictures, screenshots or whatever they want withing gaming communities they find relevant to them.

      It’s fucking amazing.

      1. More entertaining than Facebook? I’m sorry, I don’t believe you, watching people troll pages full of swagfags is a lot more entertaining.

  4. yeah its on wikipedia date is listed as jan 26th i new this agers ago as i constantly use wikipedia for all my daily use :)

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  5. Uh huh. That’s what you said about the Wii U when it debuted. And sales (especially software sales) speak to the contrary.

    Maybe it will be big in Japan, but it’s failing epically everywhere else mate.

    Nintendo needs to grow up it’s thinking.

  6. “Just imagine the possibilities of playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf while sharing your experiences on the Miiverse. Now that’s something!”

    WTF are they smoking? Seriously? They think THIS is some revolutionary thing? A half-assed Facebook for posting useless comments about crap games?


    God… it’s like the heartrate monitor all over again…

    1. No one is forcing you to buy Nintendo, so stop bitching like it’s your only choice. Go buy a fucking xBox or PS3. Just pick a system and stop complaining.

      I love everything Nintendo is providing for gaming entertainment.

    2. Dude, seriously everyone on here has expressed their love for Miiverse. I love Miiverse like a ton! It doesn’t seem revolutionary in the slightest, no. If you’ve never tried it or look on from the sidelines, it seems like a facebook or Twitter rip-off. But actually using it and exploring it is seriously really fun and something completely unexpected. You can dis it all you want (whether you’ve actually tried it or not), and I’m not trying to change your opinion or anything, but your opinion won’t change any of ours either. It also sounds like you don’t know anything about what your talking about, so again, how viable is your opinion even?

    3. 3rd party games on a Nintendo console? Who gives a fuck? Nintendo consoles are bought cause the people want Nintendos games.

  7. Miiverse is already a huge hit on the Wii U. It’s truly a great way to communicate with Nintendo and Wii U gamers from around the world. It would be even cooler to see Miiverse come to the Nintendo 3DS as well as PC and smartphones.

  8. more like “imagine the possibilities of playing Pokemon X and Y while sharing your experences with others on miiverse”

  9. I wonder if It will get rid of friend codes and if it can connect with the wii u as well. Talking to Nintendo fans any time of the day is so cool

  10. Yes,There We Go Nintendo.imagine 3DS on miiverse With MonsterHunter, ResidentEvil, MarioKart7, Castlevaina, Fire Emblem, and So much more WiiU/3DS+MiiVerse killz All XD

  11. kirbyBrawl. i did hear a rumor that 3DS is Getting rid of FC because the Direction Nintendo’s headed now, You know! with NN and NNID which we will be getting and now Miiverse,man! i tell yall psvita Fans Before judgeing Take a look inside! :D

    1. I’m a fan of both Vita and 3DS. Getting rid of FC would be the smartest move by Nintendo and creating accounts like PSN.

  12. Considering how many 3DSWare is available on the eShop, wouldn’t there be a ton of communities as soon as Miiverse comes to 3DS?

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