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IGN Introduces Nintendo Nation

ignIGN yesterday launched Nintendo Nation, a video series providing news and opinions regarding Nintendo. According to IGN Executive Editor Rich George, the Nintendo Nation news videos do not replace the entertainment website’s Nintendo Voice Chat podcasts. Go here to watch the first episode of Nintendo Nation, in which two hosts – George and Sam Claiborn – discuss Nintendo’s alleged development changes, and then let George know what you thought of the video via Twitter.



      1. The thing is, several Nintendo games received high scores on IGN from various reviewers. But whatevs, I don’t like IGN too much either.

        I got there once in a blue moon.


  1. Good, make them review the games as well, Rich especially isn’t bias, he’s pretty honest when it comes to software.
    Seriously, when you get Greg fucking Miller to do WiiU reviews, you’re just asking to look stupid.


  2. Ah IGN…. it used to be one of my favorites sites, but now, most the users there (and editors) are PS or Xbox fanboys… I don’t hate those consoles, but it’s annoying to see bad and bad articles about Nintendo. I miss matt casamassina, that guy was one of the best.


  3. Gayolus, your right. I forgot about Matt. He was wonderful. Also, I’ve listened to Greg Miller for sometime, and I do believe that he has a certain bias against Nintendo. He is strictly a Playstation fan.


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