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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 3DS Coming To North America On March 24th


On March 24th, fans of the original Luigi’s Mansion have reason to celebrate with the release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. In this game, a timid Luigi travels through more mansions and captures more ghosts using his upgraded Poltergust 5000. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has yet to announce a European release date for the game.



    1. This statement has truth. With the Wii U releasing I am not in the best situation to buy games. Too bad Fire Emblem and Luigi’s Mansion are must buys.


  1. Here comes the animal crossing release date comments :( I want new leaf so bad but tis game looks beautiful to pass up ;) I will get this day one


    1. Animal Crossing New Leaf is going to be so amazing. With the sales so strong in Japan and they WILL be strong in the US (I just know) then something amazing could happen. One of the best Nintendo fanchises will finally have a rep in Smash Bros. Tom Nook could totally take Mario, Pikachu and Link anyday. When he gets through with ’em they will have NO money left! Mwahahaha


  2. I might buy Luigi’s Mansion even though I have no 3DS XL yet. I’ll just save it for when I do. Not gonna ruin playing it on my regular baby 3DS.


    1. Animal Crossing is the reason I bought the 3DS on launch day. I can’t believe I had to wait so much longer for it. That’s the last time I buy a system on launch day unless it has a MUST HAVE launch title.


  3. Finally! Now how about that Animal Crossing release date? I just have a feeling they are going to wait until around E3 to announce it. Such a shame.


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