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Monster Hunter 4 No Longer Exclusive To The Nintendo 3DS?


A Japanese news publication is reporting that the delay that struck Monster Hunter 4 was due to the fact that Capcom wanted a simultaneous release of the long-awaited game for the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita. The reason why the game could be coming to PlayStation Vita is simply to boost sales of the device which has failed to catch on with consumers. Here’s what the publication had to say regarding the matter.

“Whilst originally it was said that the delay of MH4 was due to wanting to make a better quality game and graphics, the real reason appears to be that it may be released on the PS Vita to increase sales.”

194 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 No Longer Exclusive To The Nintendo 3DS?”

    1. There´s something wrong there…. we don´t have the name of the Magazine neither the name of the person who did that statement. Besides, the statement talk about sales but don´t say clearly if they´re related to GAME sales of SYSTEM sales. I´d say that if Campom launches it for Vita, it will be just to sell more software. They wouldn´t care about the system, as much as they keep selling games, that´s what really matters

      1. If it is ported just so if can sell more Vitas I find it hilarious that a 3DS game has to ported to save it.

        Watch out people all the Vita fanboys will now claim that the game is going to a better device when the truth is that it needs a 3DS game so bad so that the handheld can be saved.

        1. well that’s not it, Monster Hunter sold the PSP in Japan, they’re probably hoping of replicating that, though it not being exclusive to the Vita and the gigantic difference in sales probably won’t change much

    2. AHHHH!!!!!!

      I want the vita to continue to be crushed in terms of sales. Now MH will pump up its sales.

      Oh well. I’ll wait for MH4 to go to the Wii U…if it ever comes.

          1. Fucking moron. Sony doesn’t do something to you so you want them to be crush? They respect Nintendo, you know that, right?

          2. Fanboys completely undermine whatever they’re fanatical about. If you truly like Nintendo, stop making them and their fanbase look bad.

        1. I’m not a Nintendo fanboy but, I do want the Vita to stay crushed. Just because simply, it is good for the industry. If Sony learns that people won’t grovel at their feet for something just because is says Sony on it, then they have to learn to make a quality product that isn’t made up of 10-15 gimmics thrown together to make money. I have thought about getting a Vita several times but, everytime I do I change my mind based on lack of content (that or how the games have been changed to work with touchscreens.) Every company needs a failed project to teach them a lesson. The Vita just happens to be Sony’s.

            1. It might not be good for the industry itself, but Vita’s flop would certainly knock back some sense to Sony. They need to learn from their mistakes at least once, they’ve been operating at a loss for years.

                1. If I thought it deserved success I would wish for it. But, when you design a gaming system based on short term gimmics and ideas that have been done by other companies just to make money does not mean it will be a good product. This goes for any company, Nintendo is being scrutinized for the wiiU gamepad in this way. People say they were hopping on the tablet bandwagon or stole the idea from Sony and the Vita but, the system has still been successful. Maybe not to the numbers they were hoping for but still in the realm of success. Nintendo had to learn a lesson about pricing with the 3ds, if nothing else Sony should learn that from them and their own pricing mistakes including the Vita and ps3’s outrageous launch prices. No, it is not good for the industry short term especially for Sony but, long term if they learn from it this could help them in the future and therefore the industry. On the other hand, Sony could ignore what has happened and continue down the same path and the only people they harm would be themselves. It would take much much much more than the failure of the Vita but, if Sony is out then another company would come around and replace them.
                  These are mearly my opinions but, it is how I feel.

                    1. Because I don’t want to see people waste money on what I see as an inferior product? We aren’t talking about a small business that it would destroy. These are huge companies that have all had serveral products that were investments of incredible sums of money that failed. It isn’t good for anybody but, these things can’t be helped. Mistakes happen, it is a part of progress and to me the Vita was a mistake of glorious proportions.

                  1. “But, when you design a gaming system based on short term gimmics and ideas that have been done by other companies just to make money does not mean it will be a good product.”

                    Nintendo basically did that with the 3DS, putting so much emphasis on the 3D feature.

                  2. just a monster hunter fan

                    say what you want about the vita but when it come down to it; the reason why the vita is doing so bad right now is becasue they have no games for the damn thing. It is not a stretch saying that the vita is the most “powerful” portable gamming device in the market. if you want to look at gimmicky the 3ds 3d effect add no “depth” to the game but also limit the game to 30fps and eye strain, while the vita has game like tearaway (it good you should check it out) which shown that the back touch pad is more than a gimmick. Since the vita is consider much more powerful than the 3ds/ps2 (A FUCKING PORTABLE CONSOLE GAMING DEVICE THAT MORE POWERFUL THAN PS2 COME ON!!) i dont mind that it is more expensive than the 3ds i just wish that it have more games for the damn thing, oh and the whole monster hunter delay for vita is a slap to fans who stick with it from the beggining.

              1. agreed, their desire to pump in as much power into everything they make, not caring if raises the price of their products so much. It happens with their TVs, the PS3, and Vita, and to a lesser extent the PSP.

          1. isnt because says sony in the device, its because its a better Hardware Nintendo fanboy dont you get that?, 2 Analog Sticks, Amoled Screen, better color, better Resolution, Better control, more Graphic power, quad core procesor, better memory, so the games will look better but i think, you dont care this things because you are a Fanboy of nintendo, you only dont want MH4 in a vita because you dont have a Vita you have a 3DS and if MH4 comes out on Vita you will look like a stupid and will feell bad because you will have a shitty version of the game

        2. @Simple G I don’t think it’s nothing against the vita, it’s the stupid ass fanboys that would make me agree with that dude!


      “The series did start out on Sony platforms, but it’s just realistic to think that it can’t continue on one platform forever,” Tsujimoto continued. “With Monster Hunter 4, it actually just came down to timing – we were developing a new Monster Hunter and the 3DS hardware had just come out, so we figured it was probably the best platform for us to develop it on. You have two screens, with action on top and menus on the bottom, and there’s the 3D view as well. It just made sense to put it onto 3DS.”

      1. That or the fact that maybe they have a contract with Nintendo? Most best sellers that are third party are contracted to one of the big three. Monster Hunter is an enigma of sorts. 1-portable 3rd were Sony, 3-4 are Nintendo and Frontier is Pc/Microsoft. You never know when they might decide to contract to one company for a franchise.

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    1. They always break thier deals with nintendo. Remember the 5 exclusive titles for the gamecube? Only P.N.5 stayed exclusive. Resident evil 4 became a system whore

    1. They betrayed a company again (and their fans, see MegaMan). Crapcom is a backstabbing, moneygrabbing corporation.

      1. In what way is this betrayal?
        We’re still getting the game. It affects you and anyone else who has a 3DS in a very marginal degree IF at all.

        And their a business. They’re in it to make money. If the projected sales were too low, the US might not even GET the game. This increases the odds.

        Stop being so biased.

        1. I wouldn’t be biased if this was the first time. Crapcom is doing to much crap these days. Just like Square Enix.

            1. They had a “handshake deal” and broke it. Maybe “betray” is too strong a term, but their word is worthless.

            1. Still is the treu reason may have to do that they wamted the monster hunter ultimate to sale and having monster hunter 4 so close would damage the sales.

      2. Greedy fanboy bastard, haven’t you learned how to share? Why are people owning a vita less deserving of a game then you? I will personally be enjoying this game on 3dS, but if I get a vita I will get it on there too.

      1. mmmhmmm , But even so The 3DS version would DESTROY the vita version in sales because the installed base is ten times as big in japan and getting bigger than that by the day.

        I HOPE it does come for the vita then they will finally have a good time consuming / system seller. But I will believe it when I see it , and capcom have already stated it’s a 3DS exclusive.

        Soul sacrifice and PSO 2 also look like time consuming games, But Monster Hunter games litteraly merit 500 hours + of solid gameplay.

        1. People in japan are using scare tactics to sell vitas, is logic if a rumor like this comes out it will sale a few consoles even if the game nevera comes out like the ps3 kingdom hearts thing.

            1. There was no kingdom hearts 3 confirmation coming to ps3 but people bought 1 asuming it was (i hope it made sence and you could understand what i mean)

          1. Please tell me how, and be prepared to form a sound argument to prove it.

            I don’t think you know what “life support” is when it comes to gaming.

      1. It seems like a non-profit sort of thing for Capcom to do, to drive sales for the Vita as the main reason. From what I can tell they really don’t care about anything but profit and releasing on multiple systems at once would drive up development costs for a grab at a very small user base.

        I do believe they have considered it at my points in the development process. But this seems like a shaky rumor at best? A delay for more time to improve quality or iron out bugs on a large game seems more possible.

        I do see the screen shot, where it comes from now.

      1. Wow, you guys are extremely fucking stupid.

        Sad thing is, I know you’re serious. Making you even more fucking stupid.

        Just WOW.

    1. I ain’t. I’m not a HUGE fan of the series, I’m just happy Vita will get a game that is 100% sure to sell systems.

  1. I don’t understand why, from all the games out there, Ca$hcom is more interested to make a Monster Hunter port for the Vita. I thought PS Vita was doing okay (not great, but okay) at the East. Launching a port of a game that pleases more the Eastern part of the globe is kinda dumb.
    Nevertheless, it’s good for the Vita to have one more good JRPG on its library besides Persona 4 Golden. But its price and the aditional memory card not included will keep me away of this portable for a couple of years. At least I’m happy with my 3DS and my future Fire Emblem (has anyone played the demo? Freaking loved it! <3)

            1. PSO 2 is coming to the U.S. on PC but I just don’t know if the Vita version is.

              It would be awesome if it does. I keep watching videos online for it, it looks great on the Vita.

  2. if it will ever come to vita, ill just buy a vita and get it for that system instead of the 3ds version. im a bit tempted to get a vita for persona 4 anyway so ill have an excuse to have both systems :D

  3. I think the article mean to increase sales of MH4, not the Vita. Capcom probably don’t care about how well the Vita sells.

  4. While being a fan of Nintendo, I hate to hear this. However, from a business perspective, I understand. More money that a company makes, the better games that they can create. This is why I feel other publishers should release their games on Wii U, such as, Dark Souls 2, and Bioshock Infinite. More money to be made. 3rd Party games should be released on ALL consoles. Only 1st party titles should be exclusive!

  5. You guys are acting like the Ps fandboys when final fantasy came to the xbox. Are you scared that the Vita version could be better despite the common knowledge that it will look miles better than on the 3DS. Idon’t play that stuff anyway…

    1. it’s understandable that they are scared. there’s really not much the 3ds is better at from it’s competition except its games. but if a same game is on 3ds and vita then we would almost guarantee which one will be better.

      1. Actually, Capcom has a tendency to not really make their monster hunter games too flashy. So the textures are pretty much going to look just the same but in HD on the Vita. And yes that’s awesome but if they don’t redo it from the ground up, it’s gonna look block because of all the detail that you can see off the HD screen. Of course I don’t care what system MH4 is out for. Once it’s out I know I’ll get the game. If capcom reworks the visuals from the ground up for a Vita release then I will get a Vita and the MH4 for it. I’d actually just get both versions.

  6. I don’t understand why people care whether it’s an exclusive or not. All I want to do is play the game. I don’t need to have bragging rights. The more people buy the game, the more likely it gets Western Localization. Calm down, folks.

    1. I only brag when it comes to playing the game. xD MHFU I solo dual Tigrex with gunlance because my friends didn’t think I could solo it.

  7. I am a nintendo fan to the core. Destroyed Aeolus, I have numerous on numerous occasions. This is actually good for the handheld market. The Japanese are a culturally humble people; on some individual basis they too have dodgy characters, but you get my point. Japan won’t let a mega company like Sony sink, even Shigeru Miyamoto praised the vita, for healthy competition helps nintendo deliver gems. Monster hunter 4 for the overpriced vita I too vote for. Cut the price sony now!

    1. Hey imbecile, you have not destroyed anyone. Aeolus owned your dumb ass on numerous occasions. Give up kid and learn to accept defeat gracefully.

  8. The only people I see this bothering are the ones that want to have console arguments about which handheld is better or the ones that just bought a 3ds just to play this game when they could have bought a vita instead as there main handheld.


    Sony Fanboys: LOL Nintendo can’t even hold on to exclusives now. Now you’re eating your words about the Vita!

    Gamers: AWESOME! More people get to play the game.

    1. Dude If there was a thumbs up system, I would you the equivalent of Goku’s power level.

      C’mon let just get to gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This would be a really great thing for the Vita. I don’t own one myself, but it looks like a solid product and I’d really like for it to catch on and get more devs interested in it.

  11. Well there just went the 3DS’ 3rd party killer app. I don’t know why Crapcom doesn’t use this logic for the Wii U because it could use some more good games like Dragon’s Dogma.

    1. Well the options are more varied now, which is good for us, but I see what you mean. However, MH was never really a seller for Nintendo consoles in Japan as much as the Nintendo games themselves. Keep in mind Nintendo was, and still is, one of the most popular companies in Japan, even before they got MH.

      1. Yeah I’m not complaining about MH4 because I’m glad that fans of Monster Hunter that don’t have a 3DS have a new option to play it on if the rumor is true. I just worry that in the future the 3DS will lose some major 3rd party support. I know the selection for the 2013 year is healthy but I fear that the only “good” games to appear on the system in the future will be from Nintendo themselves thus no reason for non-Nintendo fans to buy the system.

  12. This actually is a very big hope for the Vita. If this turns out to be true, the Vita will finally be able to pick up steam in Japan by a large margin, as well as a smaller margin in the US. Fantastic news for the Vita. The only drawback is that the game will now be a handheld console multi plat, so this isn’t going to boost sales as much as the series did for the PSP, as there will still be many who will prefer the game on 3DS for a variety of reasons. Some might like Nintendo games with their MH, so they’ll keep their 3DS. Some may want the game in a better resolution opposed to using 3D, so they may buy a Vita. So the options are more varied, which is great news for us, but not as good for Sony or Nintendo, as it will affect sales on both platforms. Still, if this turns out true, both Sony and Nintendo will still have great selling japanese titles on their handhelds, and Sony will finally get the boost the Vita needed to get it out of limbo. I actually hope this is true, because I don’t want to see Sony die out, neither do I wish to see any of the companies die out. Competition is healthy for the industry, and great of us too because we get a ton of great games out of it. If one of these company dies, it affects the whole industry, as there will be less competition, and the other companies won’t try as hard anymore, and they will also use it to their advantage to milk more cash out of us. This is why the Vita needs to be successful, and hope this is true, and if it is, I hope it helps them as much as it used to.

  13. Well, seeing as the PS Vita’s sales still are very poor internationally and the 3DS’s already have picked up quite well in Japan, it would be wasted effort for Capcom.

    1. How would it be “wasted effort”, when the majority of Vita gamers are core gamers and this is a core title?


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  15. Sounds like a fake rumor. I doubt they would release the same MH game for different console. If Vita was to get a MH game it would be in the Portable series

      1. Well i’d have no issue with buying a Vita if it had better games.
        I dont want a game thats on the ps3, or is basically a subpar version of a ps3 series, i want AAA Vita exclusive IP’s, ones that separate the system amongst other handhelds

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  17. I hope this is true the vita does need more games plus maybe they can improve the graphics and game play on the vita since the 3ds makes game in less than standard resolution.

      1. Okay. That’s stupid talking dude. Even I a loyal nintendo fan knows the ps3 has hips exclispves. Mainly japan ported ones liketales of xillia n 3d dot game heroes. Now the 360 has no games worth mentioning besides halo. It only has multiplatfptmed games

  18. Well if this article is true I have to say Bravo to Sonyfor finally convincing someone to put a good game on the Vita

  19. Which would sale more. A system that has tons if games. And appeals to everyone. Or a system that appeals to a core audienze the a small batch of games that are considered worth recommending. At least I can add another Vita game to my small small list of games I want that’s on the Vita.

  20. I have a 3DS and im gonna buy a vita tomorrow because of a discount coupon that i can buy a vita for 150$. if MH4 comes for vita and 3ds im going buy it to the handheld who have the smoothest gameplay.

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  22. FUCK YOU VITA, piece of Shit die already if this Does Come to That Big Ass Smug mark thing then Capcom Better give usSomething Better ughhh i Fucking Hate Vita and there Fans well Sum Not all But Vita hate it.

  23. By the way this is already confirmed false by Sven. the rumor came from a magazine that said DQ9 would be on PSP.
    Looks like Vitards are THAT desparate for a single game on that piece of shit

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  27. Everybody shut up I don’t CARE if you hate Sony, Nintendo, or the other one, because that’s all opinion, and not fact, (Just because YOU do/don’t like something doesn’t mean WE will), and about the actual topic, I kinda figured something like this would happen. MH was always between Nintendo and Sony.They only had one for X-Box, and that apparently sucked.

    1. Frontier is actually really good. Probably better for PC. xD But still I wouldn’t say sucked. It is way more difficult than the console or handheld versions. More monsters, more questions, tame monsters. All in all I think Frontier is probably the superior of the other ones.

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