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Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon To Feature Local Multiplayer Mode


Nintendo of America has put up a product page for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon which states that the game will include a local multiplayer mode. Details regarding the multiplayer mode have yet to be formally announced by Nintendo. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get all the details. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS on March 24th in North America.

With so many new places to explore, all new ways to capture ghosts, and a brand new local multiplayer mode, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is another star turn for Mario’s heroic brother—and it’s only on Nintendo 3DS.

73 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon To Feature Local Multiplayer Mode”

  1. yay..but I hope it wasn’t a mistake like they made on the New Super Mario Bros U website…

    also, saying first doesn’t count for me because I posted my thoughts about the topic also…


    1. It’s too funny b/c Aelous, Bliiy, and Nuetron and a few others..go on these Nintendo sites every damn day… I believe that they actually love Nintendo, but they don’t have a life..they go on here acting like a tough guy but in reality they’re a bunch of bum’s…..I aslo believe that their father’s beat them and their uncles raped them….so they need to act like something special and better, to better themselves…

      WHO else would go on webpage every damn day and act like a child…I don’t have the time in day to go on PS/XBOX websites and bash their fans….It’s so funny how Billy acts manly..he needs to ACT…..

      .Billy your either a child or a man child who needs to grow the fuck up..your not manly

      Aelous— You’ve got potential to be the biggest online scrub EVER… You more of a joke than Billy….

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      1. Nintendo needs to stop their obsession with only using local multiplayer in most of their games. I only have one person that lives with me willing to play Nintendo Land, it would have been great if I could play it online. I’m sorry Nintendo, but not every person in a house would want to play video games.

        1. Nintendo thinks that everyone has a family that games or doesnt think that people eventually move on there own. Same mistake made in nsmb2 nsmbu and Nintendoland

          1. I really hate it when other companies only put online in games, and ignore people who do have people around.

            There never seems to be games with both.

  2. yeah… I think it was a mistake because where it says “Pre-order coming soon” it says that the game is 1 player…but who knows?

  3. I have nobody to play games with, so I don’t care about multi-player modes. Actually, even when I DID have someone to play with in the past, I still hated most multi-player modes in games. Don’t even get me started on Donkey Kong 64 Battle Mode. *shudders* I HATED THAT!!!!!!!!!

    1. no no no…. this is completly different from the nintendo land mini game, this is a sequal to luigi’s mansion for the gamecube.

  4. Damn it Nintendo! Take the dick out of your head! Local Multiplayer is a great addition but, online multiplayer is an amazing addition. I have no one to play with honestly, neither do most people.

    1. What happens if the 3 other players are toads and the other character is luigi, everyone would be raging saying that they wanted to be luigi and not a stupid green toad, that would be nightmare… im kinda glad theres no online multiplayer…

  5. Seeing as the multiplayer probably wont go as far as being as good as the Super Mario 64 DS, or NSMB DS multiplayer, no online is fine by me.

    Just dont make the main campaign 3 hours long

    1. Have to agree honestly.
      Too many developers getting on the multiplayer train, we don’t need it for every game.

      1. True not every game fits the part, but if they’re going to get things right they need to provide online multiplayer. It’s kind of lame given only local on some of those games when you have no one to play with in person and yet there’s thousands, if not more, of people out there online ready to play.

        If Nintendo truly wants to welcome themselves to the 21st century they should get out of their stubborn way of thinking and realize that local multiplayer doesn’t happen as much as it did in 1996.

        1. I believe that if a game has local Co-Op, It should be online. Sure, Some games don’t need Online Co-Op like Mario Chase but if it has a bit of Competition AND equal teams (like 2V2 or 4V4.) I think it should be online.

  6. why not online? Not everyone near me has a 3DS, let alone luigi’s mansion. For me, this’ll be a useless feature.

      1. i mean whats the point of having 4 controller port if nobody is using it, so i have to have another console just to play the same game? it bullshit.

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  8. There’s really no sense to have online for such a miniscule multiplayer mode. IF it were a competitive, 2-10 player multiplayer mode it might be better suited for online, but it’s probably just a small-scale co-op. I just hope it has a download play option, cos my boyfriend wants to play it too and I don’t wanna get two copies to play together. We generally share titles like this.

  9. Local multiplayer? That is horrible missed oppurtunity at online play… if something can do local MP, then it should be able to play online…

  10. in japan so many people have a 3ds you can play this offline mp anywhere home, work, parks and subways someone will always be close by with a 3ds…… ive never seen anybody with a psp2

    1. Yes because japans population is less than 10million /sarcam

      You dipshit, the 3DS sales arent even 10 million, and japans Population is over 128 million, stop passing off bullshit as if its true.

      1. He said many, I was in Japan not too long ago and on the trains/subways I would always see a few people with their 3ds out and I would get over 20 street passes each day. But I didn’t really ask anyone if they wanted to play multiplayer…

  11. Dark Moon ia being made by none other than Mr. Tradition-Miyamoto. He doesn’t enjoy online experiences too much, hence why he won’t put one in Pikmin 3. If it had an online option, both games would be incredible!

    I have a brother and we both have a 3DS, so maybe I could play this together with him. We need more information about this multiplayer mode. I just hope it’s not just a bunch of silly minigames, but rather the full experience in co-op. Maybe that’s the purpose of the little ghost doggie?

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  13. I think the reason why Nintendo focus so much on local multiplayer is to due Japan. I think in Japan, you have more families living together, so the need for online isn’t viewed as too important. However, Nintendo needs to remember that outside of Japan, online play is very important. Hopefully, they’ll get the message!

    1. “Nintendo needs to remember that outside of Japan, online play is very important. Hopefully, they’ll get the message!”
      that right that America not Japan, they are not going to listen to America just because you want multi online, keep dreaming

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  15. I honestly dont care for the MP on most games, specially on a handheld like nintendos.

    Of course its a missed opportunity for nintendo, but did anyone in here even played the original LM? It was a single player campaign, bonus mini games should not change youre mind about this purchase.

  16. Luigi mansion multi-player? I do not want to share a mansion with 3 other luigis. Unless its completely different like battling or something like that.

  17. The box cover has the “Nintendo Network” on it, and we clearly don’t have all the details yet, so online may still be an option. Calm. yo. shit.

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      1. Of course not just for multi but games Nintendo made like star fox is a very single player heavy game but the lack of online multiplayer was just stupid

  19. Well, folks, here’s the thing: CURRENTLY the game will have Local Multiplayer features. Who’s to say Nintendo won’t come out with some DLC or an update which might end up providing us with an Online Player option for the game. After all, they did update NSMB 2 with better features and DLC packs, it wouldn’t surprise me by the time the game is released, LM:DM will have some type of Online game where players can hone their skills in different mansions, or help one another out in difficult levels.

    Currently, I myself can’t wait for the game to come out, the only two things I’m miffed with the Big ‘N’ is this: (1) the game was pushed back to Mar. 24th due to the coming of Fire Emblem; and (2) they STILL won’t offer some playable demo for Luigi’s Mansion, but they WILL offer some Third Party game which nobody’s interested in, or if they are, let the Third Party set severe limits on the demo playability.

    Ah, well, one can hope for a playable demo, can’t one?

  20. thats true i have been waiting two years for this game. at LEAST put a demo of ONE mission on the e shop…nintendo just likes to torture their fans

  21. Honestly who in their right mind would play as a toad of course its a good idea but i dont know about you guys, but i’ll probably only use this to show off to my littler cousin

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