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This Is Life… This Is Death… This Is Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Epic TV Commercial

Nintendo of America today released a TV commercial for its upcoming tactical role-playing game. Exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, Fire Emblem: Awakening launches at retailers and in the Nintendo eShop on February 4th in North America. Also launching on that day is the Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS hardware bundle, which will retail for $199.99. To those who’ve played through the demo of the game, which is downloadable for free from the Nintendo eShop, share your impressions in the comments below.

131 thoughts on “This Is Life… This Is Death… This Is Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Epic TV Commercial”

        1. Might pick it simply because of that. Hahaha. Seriously, I try to do my best but in, Fire Emblem’s case when people die they don’t come back and you have a whole story in front of you, it’s hard to always keep making the right decisions. I see this “Casula Mode” as a practice mode so you can get the hang of it and, once you become good, you can tackle the real thing.

          1. I believe I will enjoy casual mode, not a fan of restarting chapters all the time. Seriously, this will just simplify things.

          2. Amaya-Chan (

            Same here! I hate when I loose a core character in the very begining of the game! This is a great way to get used to the games and it’s strategies before the deaths really count! :D

    1. Go buy Xcom enemy Unknown and play on Iron Man difficulty. You get emotionaly attached to certain characters only to have them anihilated.

      It’s the worst thing ever , but entertaining none the less.

          1. Shadow Dragon isn’t a very good example…about 95% of the units were flat characters who barely said anything (aside from a death quote) and in order to get the bonus chapters you had to keep your army to a certain number…meaning you’d have to purposely kill a LOT of characters.

    1. hahaha,NO.This isn’t a mario game,they will probably take it seriously on this one.Tried the demo and i gotta admit,the plot points is really interesting me now.

    2. This game will NOT disappoint. Everything about this game is amazing (assuming you are partial to SRPGS), and it is NOT a disappointment.

      1. Sticker Star didn’t actually just ”change the gameplay”, but rather removed everything that was good about Paper Mario.

    1. If you bought Mario Kart when it first launched then you’ve missed out on a LOAD of games.

      NSMBU , Mario Tennis Open , Paper Mario SS, Kingdom Hearts dream drop distance , Resident evil revelations , Snake eater 3D , Professor Layton , Virtues Last reward , Tales of the abyss , Kid icarus uprising , and more , and a load of Eshop games.

            1. There’s a lot of difference and NSMBU is excellent in my opinion. It’s an awesome launch title and Im still colecting star coins and doing challenge mode , coop etc to this day since I bought the wiiu and the game on 29th of November UK launch,

              1. I live in America and got my Wii u on Christmas. By the time you got you copy I had beaten the story mode of mine :)

        1. I know I bought my 3DS mainly to play Luigis Mansion and Animal Crossing. I Have been waiting for over a year. I mean I bought Icarus, MK And 3d land, but I finished those games…

  1. Nice trailer! I enjoyed the demo for the most part. The cutscenes are absolutely gorgeous and the voice acting is actually pretty good. The battlefield uses sprites for the characters still which surprised me but the battle system is rendered in 3D which is good. The new support system is awesome and adds a whole new layer of strategy to the already great formula that Fire Emblem has. I can tell that this game will be the best in the series.

  2. I don’t have the necessarily-high-capacity for micro-management and future planning to make myself successful when playing Tactical RPG’s like this, and I’m the kind of person that really feels like I’m just not having fun when I kill someone off that I liked a lot due to one single bad decision.
    Soooo, yeah, I’ll be skipping this one.
    Glad for those who like it, but it’s not my schtick.

    1. Same. I like strategy games, but I would find the permanent death of characters more frustrating than anything else. Good on those who like that style, but not for me.

      1. The main draw of perma-death in Fire Emblem is the Player Punch factor of it. Each character (earliest Fire Emblems nonwithstanding) has some semblance of an identity to you, the player, even some having full-blown personalities, such as a Yandere Dark Mage, or a Klutzy Pegasus Knight, or even a tomboy-ish Cavalier. And once you see their HP hit zero, they are gone. Barring a few special exceptions, they are never to come back, ever. And the game will remind you in events that would have included the dead character, even their ending at the end of the game, it flat-out says nothing came of them because they died. It’s mainly to generate a lot of care towards your units, and make sure they live to fight, talk, and enjoy life for another day.

        Even so, I can see why it’s annoying. Thing is, this game has a way to turn Perma-Death off, by choosing casual mode. It’s pretty much the same, except units retreat when they lose their HP, and will be available again as soon as the battle ends. As long as the main characters don’t die (which automatically generates a Game-Over) you can let as many characters fall as you please.

        Even so, it’s still your call.

    2. Same. I’m not big on turn based games of any kind, my only exception so far being Shining Force. It’s a shame, everything about the game looks amazing except for the gameplay which just isn’t my cup of tea.

      1. I kinda feel the same…never played shining force, but the only two I have ever been able to hold any interest in that are turn-based were Paper Mario:TTYD and Baten Kaitos.

  3. What crap ware. When will nintendo stop making stupid side scrollers. I know there consoles can’t handle 3d movement but come on release something somewhat modern

        1. Dude I love Fire Emblem but it’s a sidescroller and that’s a fact. Look at the battle sequences. SIDE SCROLLER hahaha!

    1. These retards insist on this game NOT being a side scroller, but it is. That is all Nintendo makes, besides crappy outdated and unmanly hardware.

      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. Just an advice: you should stop trying to troll people by going around and saying obvious false facts that can easily be proven wrong.
        What you’re doing it just…sad.

  4. Can’t wait. Hopefully I can speed through the game quick enough to get some supports for Serenes Forest Forums, but I will enjoy it nonetheless.

  5. Zombies?.. I catch that right?
    Path of Radiance was my first Fire Emblem; I replayed missions whenever I lost a character;)

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Honestly, that’s one of the things that turned me off when I played the demo. Is it really that hard to add feet?

      The cut-scenes seemed cool, but this gameplay doesn’t seem to fit my style :/

  6. Any don’t you all play a real game like halo instead of playing a fat plumber who likes underage girls and is gay with his brother.

              1. Real women don’t troll on a Nintendo site you skanky bitch. You must be the worlds worst woman. All the rest of the real woman have got better things to do with their life and are not fucking stupid enough to right the incoherent dog shit that you do on a video game site.

  7. Amy, people keep telling you this isn’t a side scroller! The demo was great! I am so getting this as soon as I get a 3DS. My first FE game. Hold me!

  8. People like Amy can’t force us to play games we don’t to play. Mario is the most beloved and praised video game mascot ever. Did you guys know i have a Mario emulator for my PS3 and Vita?

  9. So looking forward to this.

    This should make up for the crapfest Intelligent Systems gave us with Paper Mario: Sticker Star. As much as I like Mario, that game was just plain boring.

  10. In the DS game, Aliens, If you lost a marine, that was it. I love the finality of having to make decisions and live with the choices.

    I played the demo twice. Day one purchase for me. Maybe even commit and download it.

  11. I swear, Bill and Amy are obviously the same person. Bill probably just started to write post under a different name to convince himself that someone agrees with him and has the same uneducated opinion.
    Well, whether or not they’re the same guy, Just ignore him/them because he/they probably want to compensate for a lack of attention in the real world by getting (highly negative) attention on the internet.
    This almost makes me feel bad for him.

  12. I think it’s going to be the best game for the 3DS till date (maybe Animal Crossing or Pokemon will be better in the far future). The demo was addicting, the story is interesting and the characters are great. It seems it has a lot of posibilities. Definitely a must (:

  13. this yet another game nintendo has released upon america and its only gana sell if 300,000 copies if that. damn renegade kid cant waite for the new fps im gana be playing.

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