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Activision To Reveal Next-Gen Rendering At GDC


Jorge Jimenez, who specialises in real-time graphics R&D at Activision Blizzard has announced that he will be doing a sixty minute presentation at this years GDC event in March. The sixty minute presentation which is titled ‘Photorealistic Eyes Rendering and Deformation’ will see Jimenez sharing his advanced techniques for “creating photo-realistic characters for next-generation games and hardware”. The official schedule says that he will “show high-quality next-generation shading driven with a plausible game rig”. You can see his work here.


48 thoughts on “Activision To Reveal Next-Gen Rendering At GDC”

      1. Nope, think again =3

        He actually works for other developers such as Crytek and Lionhead so he could be able to help Activision…. or he could just open up his own company which would work better

  1. Can’t wait to see what he has in store ^^

    From his profile he has worked with a lot of awesome developers ^^ If this is the kinds of graphics we can expect from new PC hardware or the PS4 and next Xbox, then I can’t wait ^^

    Sadly I don’t see the Wii U running these kinds of graphics but it probably wouldn’t be too far off from creating graphics like that ^^

    Next gen isn’t exciting? I beg to differ >:) *Skyrim theme plays in the background*

    1. Chris do some research before commenting. The Wii U runs unreal engine 4, frostbite 1,2 and the future 3. CryEngine 3, Infinity Engine 4. If push came to shove, with a smart developer like Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s EAD, RETRO studios, even square Enix could render the above on a gamecube ( challenge my statement ).

    2. i agree, people always say that gameplay is the only thing to concentrate on when an upcoming game/systems is coming, but the most excited part a bout it is seeing it get pushed to its limits, tho i do think wii u can maybe pull of these graphics i mean it can run frostbite, unreal engine 4 and cry enngine 3 but who knows…

    1. Amy if you had the solace of patience and grace you would not utter lies as you have. I told a dude Aeolus once that the 3DS would recover from a marketing error and dominate in getting beautiful software and sales this eight generation; the wonder that is the 3DS is getting games from everywhere and is selling rather beautifully on the whole planet. The Wii U runs unreal engine 4, and CryEngine 3. Those two are but some of the more commonly known competition to the Engine the above rendering was created with. Hope I didn’t break your ego, cause the Wii U is sitting majestically just like the 3DS.

      1. Your diluted yes the wiiu can run uneal engine 4 but a severely scaled down version like the iphone can. The 3ds is still having problems in the us! It only gets half hearted thirst party support like a side scrolling CASTLEVANIA, and a bunch of kiddie games. No call or duty no assassins creed no need for speed most wanted. Why because it’s kids under 10 buying the 3ds not adults. So you guys get croods prehistoric party and Disney infinity and the vita got need for speed and assassins creed yiu tell me who has better third party support.

        1. You would be a diluted fan boy of you still think the 3ds has better third party support than the vita the 3ds may have more but the vita has quality third party games.

        2. As 20 yr old dude. I vastly prefer my 3DS to my other handhelds. I don’t have a Vita simply because it doesn’t have any games (Asides from P4G but thats a port) interests me and it’s price is too high for a handheld It’s the same price as a Ps3 and that has a larger library than the vita.. I have a Ps3, 360, Wii U, Ps2, Wii, GC, N64, and Dreamcast but none of them really grabbed my attention like a Nintendo platform. Call me a fanboy but I won’t blind myself to the companies flaws as every company has them. Odds of me getting the next Sony or Microsoft console solely depends on price. I don’t care for tech as that isn’t necessarily needed to make great games; games on the Ps1 and Ps2 are proof enough for that as they weren’t super powerful machines but still had great games. Just like how my Wii gave me the most enjoyment out of the Seventh generation.

          1. “I don’t have a Vita simply because it doesn’t have any games”

            All around false and pretty much confirms you’re a fanboy likely bullshitting. But that’s not new.

            1. Aeolus, while it is true that the Vita has quite a few great games, the problem is that there isn’t any epic platform seller like pokemon or mario for the 3ds…..Lets hope Sony can turn things in their favour this year….

            2. “Vita simply because it doesn’t have any games (Asides from P4G but thats a port) interests me” Oh? Trying to pick what you want to make your point valid? It has no games that Interest me.

              1. You are probably a 20 year old virgin too. What game is your favorite croods prehistoric party or scribblenauts.

                Quantity isn’t the same as quality. 3ds may have more games but almost all are shovelware. The vita has awesome games like call of duty assassins creed need for speed silent hill and metal gear. I think the 3ds has one metal gear game and one of the worse resident evil games. Don’t be a fan boy trade in your wii ufor some ps3 gamesand maybe just mmaybe the Nintendo aura will go away from you and you can finally get laid.

                1. Actually I’m rather happy with who I am and my choices in gaming. besides. Better to enjoy things you like than to play games you don’t. I’ve plenty of quality games on every platform. It’s just a matter of looking hard enough. And to the first part of your reply. So? What’s it to you.Must be pretty insecure about yourself to call out somebody you don’t even know ;)

        3. lol, Call of Duty? For adults? Yeah, try harder, kid.

          Anyway, back to replying to this post, Gran Turismo 5’s loading times broke the entire experience for me I spent more time browsing the menus than racing because of the terrible menu design. Wish designers were trying to improve performance instead of graphics nowadays, only kids care about realistic graphics over gameplay (you know, the main aspect of a “game”).

          1. You must be to stupid to know ow how to work a ps3 yiu can have both great graphics and great game play.

            The wiiu has neither.

            1. Dude, now you are just being a troll….give credit where its due….Nintendo has great gameplay and you can’t deny that…..Graphics, though important generally, isn’t important for Nintendo’s first party exclusives.

  2. QUOTE : “Jorge Jimenez, who specialises in real-time graphics R&D at Activision Blizzard.”

    R&D research at Activision is easily translated to how many more cuss words, lobbed grenades and CODS can we pump out in one year.

  3. PRINCE OF PERSIA ‘SANDS OF TIME’ is heads and shoulders above all the assassins creed and prince of Persia games that came after it. I shall even go on to say it is a better game in totality than Crysis 1,2 and 3. Definitely better than all Call of duty games, better than super Mario bros Wii, even Metroid other M. I am a nintendo Stewart and I admit to great games such as ‘SANDS OF TIME’ the othe greats are, super Mario bros 1,2 and 3. All legend of Zeldas, beyond good and evil, 13, monster hunter freedom unite, monster hunter tri, monster hunter 3 Ultimate, res4, NES ninja turtles, Mickey mania, Icicle works ( commodore ), treasure island ( commodore ), blood money ( Atari ), redsteel 2 ( too short ), Lego starwars, pokemon platinum and silver. Contra, bomberman, Pacman, megaman 2 etc.

  4. Hmm, I doubt the Wii U would be as capable to run this engine as the next Xbox and PS4, but with some smart optimization, it could look close. Just because wii U can run certain engines, doesn’t mean they will be as good looking as the PC or the more powerful consoles versions. But they will still look pretty.

    1. “Hmm, I doubt the Wii U would be as capable to run this engine as the next Xbox and PS4”

      It would be unwise to assume as much.
      The engine would have to be scaled down from the PC version, but it will hold it’s own against Sony’s and Microsoft’s console offerings.

  5. “.. a plausible game rig.”

    Sounds like a PC. I can see this on a console if it’s watered down a little, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. It looks great however and am looking forward to official results.

  6. I wish they (or some company) would make it possible to add our own faces to the characters in the games. I’ve been wanting this since I was a little kid. To see MYSELF (and others) in the games I play (no, Mii’s don’t count). But if it’s Activision that does it, then there probably won’t be any good games that I care about anyways. I haven’t cared much about Activision since the Atari 2600 (Pitfall) days.

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