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Awesome New Castlevania Mirror of Fate Trailer

Konami has just released a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS exclusive Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. In Castlevania 3DSyou take on the roles of multiple characters from the Belmont family across different eras, each of whom has unique abilities and skills. Featuring a deep strategic combat system and a huge array of combos, you will explore immensely detailed levels and encounter enormous boss fights.

71 thoughts on “Awesome New Castlevania Mirror of Fate Trailer”

  1. If this game doesn’t have some remixes of classic NES Castlevania tracks, somebody’s getting holy water in their face.

  2. With so many great games coming out on the 3DS, my wallet is f**ked.

    The concept, playing as varying family members over time, is reminiscent of Eternal Darkness, although is obviously not the same gameplay.

    I’m sold. Yet another game I will be adding to my collection.
    Fire Emblem, New Leaf, Castlevania, – I’m still playing Unchained Blades and Sticker Star. Plus the bite-sized eshop titles… D: I need self control, but can’t resist! Nintendo is enabling my Gaming addiction! ;)

    1. Oh man, it does remind me of Eternal Darkness >.<

      The whole going back and forth between different stories and past/present is something i always wanted for Metroid.
      Maybe just as an excuse to go all Zero Suit on some pirate bitches xD

      1. Hell yeah!
        I don’t know how Nintendo can top the Prime trilogy, but I’d like to see them try. The whole scanning mechanic can be revolutionized using the gamepad.

        I’m 80% finished with Metroid 4 (fusion). When I’m done, I’ll be needing another Metroid Fix. Might replay Prime 2 until Nintendo get’s Samus’ HD ass on the U!

        1. Oh man i love Fusion >.< was my first Metroid game.

          I think they can top Prime, its just since 3 they've only had Other M, which was alright, but not close to as good as Prime 3, but a third person Metroid with Prime gameplay with a story, more engaging gameplay and combat, and some fat trimmed, like pointless scanning could easily do better

    2. My wallet is ready!!!! By the way Jaded, I remember you saying you only play Nintendo consoles. So if You haven’t bought Darksiders 2 for your wiiu yet , go buy it!!!!! I just finished the game and it’s really awesome.

      It’s like Zelda on crack. I wouldn’t put it on the same level of zelda , but some of the dungeon design is excellent , the combat is awesome and so forth. Awesome game…

        1. The game suffers from technical issues on all platforms , wiiu included. There is some annoying screen tearing and the framerate although runs at a nice 30FPS consistently for 95% of the game , tends to get a bit nast in a couple of areas.

          Still those issues do not stop this game from being amazing. And with wiiu gamepad you have a big map on the gamepad and touchscreen inventory , and this game is all about loot and inventory so it’s really helpfull. And of course the legendary off screen play.

          If I had to review it , I want to give it a 9 , but it gets 8.5 due to a couple of technical issues. But that’s because THQ were in the process of going bankrupt when developing this game…. ;(

        2. It’s pretty good, there’s alot to do as well, took me about 30 something hours to complete, but story is good, dungeons and other areas are well designed, lots of variety, its got a weapon loot system similar to Diablo or Borderlands, so theres a lot there too.

          Only faults i had is once or twice it glitched on me to the point i had to reset the game but it autosaves so it’s not a big punishment, although i dont know if thats been fixed with an update since. Framerate for me (ps3 version), did get choppy every now an then, but didnt ruin it, sort of thing you can shrug off.

          Other problems are to do with collectables that dont appear on the map -.- and other things related to the map, although on the WiiU version, going back and forth in your inventory which you do, alot, is solved because its all on the gamepad, so its like “oh what this i picked up. Ok, well i dont need that/thats better than this armour piece” and you carry on so yeah.

          Id recommend it anyway, the reviews werent fair on it in my opinion.

            1. A good soundtrack will make or break a game (or movie.)

              Having a great soundtrack is probably what will push me towards purchasing.

              Thanks guys! I’ll check it out!

          1. How was the screen tearing on the ps3 version ? It was pretty severe on Wiiu although doesn’t really affect anything apart from leaving you feeling that you wish there wasn’t any screen tearing.

            Also , yeah a couple of glitches forced me to quit game and start game. Like I fell down an elevator shaft whilst climbing across but the camera stayed at the top of the shaft leaving Death at the bottom lol…

            THQ’s financial situation is to blame , they probably couldn’t afford to get it up to the level they wanted to , so they could release it before they went broke.

            I also feel Potions are a bit few and far between in the game and you are permanently qiuck traveling to various shops to get 5 health and wrath potions.
            A final complaint is that level where you’re on modern earth shooting everything. Kinda feels like THQ just shoe horned that in , and is a bit tedious.

            Overall though you have some dungeon design that Miyamoto would be proud of and some combat that would make him envious. It’s an awesome game.

            1. I cant remember, although i think it had screen tear issues…
              Again, being on the ps3, and just in this generation in general, stuff like screen tear ect didnt really bother me that much, so i didnt notice it as much as other people.

              I thought there were enough potions, but i also played the original Darksiders on Apocalyptic difficulty, so jumping into this game was pretty simple. Also, i had like uber soul eater Scythes, that had like silly high damage, 50% crit hit chances and frost elements xD
              But yeah, i remember going back to the “store” for potions a couple of times, but it saves the point you left the dungeon so you can return in the exact same spot, which is just amazing.

              And yeah, that bit of Earth really pissed me off :|
              I understand why they put it in, to mix up the gameplay, but the gameplay up till that point wasnt boring anyway, so it didnt need to be mixed up

              1. I’m replaying on a apocalyptic now , it’s a better level of difficulty and makes for more ”edge of seat” gameplay…

                All you need is more dodging , More combo’s and of course a big Mace or glaive..

                Another thing , have you downloaded the Arguls tomb DLC ? what is it ? is it an extra dungeon/s ? where is it ?

                1. I actually never played the DLC so i dont know.
                  But yeah, Darksiders/God of War ect are the types of games where harder difficulties are good, because theyre designed to be completely possible an fair, not like other games, in particular shooters, where enemies have pin point accuracy

                  1. Agreed.Some shooters on hardest difficulty are a joke. You stick your head up from cover and BAAAMM!!!! you is dead…

                    Darksiders 2 is funner on a apocalyptic and is incentive to play the game again , especially because you can just take all your weapons and skill tree over with you.

                    Although I won’t be playing it as frequently on my apocalyptic play through , it’s nice to have it there to pick up and do a dungeon once a week …

    3. I still need to get a hard-drive for my Wii U. Along with that, monster hunter ultimate (wii U) lego city, need for speed, pikmin (whenever it comes out), and rayman. plus the eshop games like toki tori. Thats over $200 right there. O_O

          1. The slow OS doesn’t bother me at all… Sure it would be better if it was faster , but its not even THAT slow. And yes the wiiu is a fantastic console with great features and unlimited potential.

            1. The Os isn’t terribly slow, but it could still have been better. Theres so many Wii U games coming in march, i don’t think my Wii U can handle. I think i may need a new Wii U Gamepad battery soon. I play off-tv play way too much.

              1. I got into a habbit of JUST playing off screen , But then it’s a really nice change to play games in HD on your TV every once in a while. Right now i’m 50/50 Off TV and on TV play.

                And yeh , I’m excited for about 8 wiiu games in the coming months!

          2. It is amazing.
            Gamepad play for most of the Titles… Funny how Nintendo gives me an HD console, and I end up just using the gamepad half the time. :p

            Miiverse is extraordinary as well. I only come to this forum when I’m multi-tasking at work. Otherwise, I have great swapnote friends, and with Miiverse, there’s little point for me to use any other social network.

            1. Nice to have friends who like the Wii U as much as me. :) If you’d like, you can tell me your friend id and i can add you. i got trine 2, and sonic and all stars racing transformed. (only 2 games that have online multiplayer) besides that i got NSMBU, nintendo land, mighty switch force HD, nano assault neo, and chasing aurora. Man i love that wii u eshop so much.

                1. Add me Jake! My ID is – xNintedwardx .

                  Just beware I’m not online much because my wiiu won’t reach my wireless router signal from my apartment :( . I’m in the process of getting new broadband though so soon I will be on all the time.

    4. I second that 100% Jaded. My wallet is doomed and is crying out for mercy but no luck since I am a gaming addict thanks to Nintendo and need to get rehabilitated.

    1. You got a strong will i just reserved fire emblem and im looking forward to march,havent reserved march games cause i dont know wich 1 to buy first but i think is monster hunter for the 3ds.

    1. I will wait for reviews for this eshop game, but it looks like a nice game. I just need a few more dollars so i can get it -_-

      1. Is that your best come back? I rely facts and you put up a dumb video, and I should be surprised that a nintendo fan would behave this way

    1. ANOTHER GAME TO SAVE UP FOR!?!?!? Now this is starting to sound like work -_- Too many games >_< (Just kidding) Keep bringing the games Nintendo.

      1. I sadly sold my copy of the 3DS version =( But I’m most likely am going to buy the Wii U version =3 I can’t wait, America gets it first and than we here in the UK and Europe get it a few days later

    2. No Vita? Interesting.

      Gives an indication to how Capcom regard the thing and how funny it is that some out there still believe there is going to be a day 1 Vita MH4 port.

      1. I’m confused as to why it wouldn’t come out on Vita.
        If it’s going to be a multi-platform title, and it’s obviously not an issue with horsepower…
        Makes no sense.
        Maybe the announcement was just for home consoles, and they just didn’t mention handhelds?

    3. Ok, while im glad that more people get to play it, and i’ll probably end up getting it on the WiiU, and i might be annoying that the 3DS has basically lost an exclusive …..
      For fuck sake Capcom, stop being lazy pricks!
      Seriously, what NEW games have they even brought out?
      RE6 which was shit, TWO MVC3 games which were inferior to MVC2, and Azuras Wrath which was pretty decent.

      Fuck off Capcom -__-

      1. And they have the audacity to release the following statement ”we’re looking forward with wiiu not thinking about old games” – WTF is Monster Hunter Ultimate and Resident evil revelations then ? lol… I will be buying both but they need to pull their finger out and give us some new games…

        1. They need to just fuck off being pricks. Where are the games we actually want?
          I mean, they’re re-releasing Darkstalkers….ITS A FUCKING SEGA SATURN AND PS1 GAME!
          But they’re re packedging it as “Darkstalkers Resurection”, and most likely expect us to pay a ludicroius amount for 2 games that are 18 years old…

          1. Indeed. They need to pull their finger out. Resident evil revelations on 3DS was the best thing I’ve seen from them since Monster Hunter tri and the original Lost planet on 360…

  3. I don’t care for the Lord of Shadow storyline at all but the gameplay of this game has convinced me to purchase it.

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