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Etrian Odyssey IV Demo Coming to Nintendo 3DS Next Month


Altus has confirmed that it will be releasing a playable demo for Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan before it arrives on store shelves and the Nintendo 3DS eShop on February 26th. The demo will be released on the Nintendo eShop on February 7th. The best news of all is that all progress in the demo transfers over to the full game. There’s apparently a lot of content in the demo, so it certainly sounds like something you should check out.

31 thoughts on “Etrian Odyssey IV Demo Coming to Nintendo 3DS Next Month”

    1. Obviously you haven’t seen the Vita’s line up for this year! :D

      If they release the games they have planned before pokemon, Vita will be fine! :D

        1. Games are amazing, the handheld game of the year awards mainly went to what was on the Vita. Gravity Rush and Sound shapes are just simply amazing! :D

    2. Hey! The vita will kick you nintenyearold consoles ass. The 3ds doesent have a single game coming out for it this year of any worth. At least the vita gets good games like persona 4.

        1. “Please, die, like Vita is about to do”

          You’re telling someone to go die? That’s not very mature :( That’s appalling.

            1. No I didn’t. I have never said such a thing and never will say such a thing. In fact, mind showing me where I said it?

            2. I’m still waiting for the proof that I said it?

              Something tells me you’re just throwing blind accusations around without any evidence.

        2. Also, saying Luigi’s Mansion is better is just an opinion, it’s basically the same as me saying Gravity Rush annihilates the entire 3DS Library, it’s just an opinion, not a fact.

  1. 3DS gets a lot of weird swordfighting games with generic manga characters… Just by looking at the cover I can already tell I am not interested. Reminds me of Unchained Blades. Also not interested.

  2. Euro release, PLEASE.
    I imported Part 2-3, it’s my favorite DS series. Atlus & Europe & region lock is a HORRID combination.

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