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Pikachu Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Coming To America?


Nintendo announced that they are bringing the ultra-cute limited edition Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL console to Chile in the near future. Nintendo systems sold in Chile are the same ones that go on sale in North America. This has prompted speculation online that we should hear something from Nintendo of America about the long-awaited Pikachu themed Nintendo 3DS console fairly soon.

Thanks again, Jake

56 thoughts on “Pikachu Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Coming To America?”

  1. If it dose i hope its a different time for release and long away from the fire emblem one because i want that one to lol so may console designs out at once :P

  2. Hi! I’m from Chile. A friend of my will buy this console. I don’t have money ;_ ;

    I have no idea that this console was exclusive. One month ago began the pre orders for this 3DS.

    Sure, this 3DS will come to USA, but I’m glad to know that in exclusive to Chile for now C:

    I feel special ;_ ;

  3. OMG! And I suspect that my girlfriend MIGHT have actually bought me the Pikachu 3DS XL in Europe. But I don’t know for sure? If she did, she’s gonna get disgusted about this.

  4. If things were to go my way, it probably won’t though, i’d have it come out in the summertime in the states when i have money or come bundled with a Pokemon Game and come later on.

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      I wouldint laugh! That Charizard 3DS XL was realllly cool! They weren’t sold normally though, it was like a lottery in Japan… Japan really does get all the cool hardware .-.

  5. I hope that it gets bundled with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. ^_^ That game looks great, and plus is that the Pikachu 3DS XL will be here sooner rather than later. Also, it seems that the game and the handheld fit more together, wouldn’t you think? ..Like the Pokemon Black and White version; they had art depicting their legendary-counterparts.

  6. Amaya-Chan (

    I realllllllly want one!!! Why do I always miss out on the cool looking consoles??? And I’m saving for a wiiu tooo! :(

  7. I NEED THIS. I’d go oh-so-nicely next to my pokemon GB Color and N64 :P I’ve been waiting for the US announcement since I heard about the event in Japan. I’m so excited, I hope it really does sell in the US!

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