Nintendo today announced a new global edition of Nintendo Direct. The ‘Wii U Direct – Nintendo Games’ will be streamed from the Nintendo Direct website on 23rd January from 2pm GMT and sees Nintendo President Satoru Iwata take a look at future Wii U software and services from Nintendo.

Mr Iwata will reveal new games for #WiiU in a new #NintendoDirectEU at 2pm GMT on 23/01.

– Nintendo UK via Twitter



      • I personally think it’ll be the reveal of a 3d Mario game. Nintendo doesn’t have Those must own games yet and they haven’t announced any so far


      • We’ll see. Remember that this is a Nintendo EU conference. I’m 99% sure that we will see stuff NoA/NoJ already announced. We’ll probably see some MH3U footage and some other stuff. I hope to be proven wrong tho.


      • Agreed. I stopped getting my hopes up for Nintendo. I just don’t care anymore. If they release something good, great! I’ll just pick it up and be more than happy to play it, otherwise, I just don’t worry anymore.

        They have forgotten my favorite franchises thus far. But it’s okay I guess, I just buy what I think it’s awesome, I won’t wait for X game or X thing to come anymore. :p


    • It’s probably gonna be more in-depth information about things we already know are coming. Nintendo is in dire need to drop a bombshell like right now, but they won’t because I honestly think they feel everything is perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with their strategy. I would hope that things would be different for their sake, but I’ve grown to know better than that.


  1. Don’t get your hopes up yet people. They usually don’t announce anything new on these things. They may just talk about upcoming games we already know about like Rayman Legends, Lego City etc.


      • Hey, i’ve got a really good idea.

        You come on the internet, you go on a site, and you DON’T be an immature prat.
        I think i might cause a trend.


          • Ahh, i just thought it was a Other M related insult.

            But yeah, i dont know, i just remember it being worse, but its pretty good.

            The story isn’t half as bad as people make it out to be, the actually plot is actually pretty cool. yeah the scene with Ridley doesnt make sense after she killed him about 4-5 times, but other than that i think it was fine, her voice is meant to be monotone, she got raised by Chozo, she wouldnt act like a normal person.
            Plus her reaction to Adam sacrificing herself was right in my opinion, he was basically he father figure.

            Gameplay is a bit meh, id prefer to aim, and i spent to much time tap the dpad all the time to dodge so battles were easy, and those fucking parts where you’re fixed in first person are stupid

            And visually in its design, some things just look out of place, and the music isnt as memorable.

            In the end those, id say its a good game.


    • Cuz alcohol works in the same fashion. Eventually it starts to taste good, even though your body knows it’s still really bad for you. Stupidity always works in such an insidious fashion in order to mess you up.


  2. Alba, Sickr, Unation, Nintenlord, NinteWard and I are waiting for the OS update. If Iwata announces more game mechanics of Pikmin 3, Rayman legends and maybe the virtual console, then horray for that :). What we really want is the OS firmware update.


  3. Gamer on January 22, 2013 at 2:42 pm
    PRINCE OF PERSIA ‘SANDS OF TIME’ is heads and shoulders above all the assassins creed and prince of Persia games that came after it. I shall even go on to say it is a better game in totality than Crysis 1,2 and 3. Definitely better than all Call of duty games, better than super Mario bros Wii, even Metroid other M. I am a nintendo Stewart and I admit to great games such as ‘SANDS OF TIME’ the othe greats are, super Mario bros 1,2 and 3. All legend of Zeldas, beyond good and evil, 13, monster hunter freedom unite, monster hunter tri, monster hunter 3 Ultimate, res4, NES ninja turtles, Mickey mania, Icicle works ( commodore ), treasure island ( commodore ), blood money ( Atari ), redsteel 2 ( too short ), Lego starwars, pokemon platinum and silver. Contra, bomberman, Pacman, megaman 2 etc.


    • Sands of Time wasn’t even that good. Warrior Within was better, but even then the games weren’t that good.
      The reboot and Forgotten Sands were the best of that pretty decent series.


      • TheDragon234 PRINCE OF PERSIA SANDS OF TIME is a master piece. It had all the right amounts of game attributes. It also includes the original prince of Persia game hidden on level 40 if I remember correctly. Thanks for you reply. Remember without it Assains creed would never have existed :).


  4. One if those games will be Crysis 3, I believe because of what the Crytech developer said. they said they would love to do it but they need someone to sale it…..and possible GTA 5….or the Yoshi game leaked


    • If the announce Crysis3, Aeolus will be reborn. He shall be first inline on release day awaiting a copy lol. Great news that the PS4 shall be revealed after the xbox720. A better PS4 means gaming is thriving. Cause no one does greater software like nintendo; innovation is nintendo in a great lost Japanese dialect :).


      • Steambox will pretty much kill off Microsoft, it will cut them in two the only people who will have an XBox will be some casuals and people who play COD and Madden. Sony will have Japan to fall back on and will still have presence in the US community but Pc Gamers will be less reluctant. Only console to be had will be Wii U.

        Playstation will probably copy Nintendo but they rarely improve anything, Dual shock is lame and control sticks are always more accurate on Nintendo consoles. PS Move also pales in comparison to the Wii Mote case in point being the port of Goldeneye 007


  5. I bet half the games mentioned will be side scrollers. The rest will be games like croods prehistoric party. No way gta will be on the wiiu, because if it was it would be dumbed down. Maybe they will announce a sesame street rpg or a rainbow bright game! Then you can all cheer that more games are comming.


  6. My wallet… Nintendo is hitting on it so hard this year ;n;
    Just kidding! I think they won’t announce any super AAA title on this Nintendo Direct. Let those good games be announced at E3, where everyone of the videogame midia is watching! I hope Mr. Iwata says something about Bayonetta 2~


    • I think they have some big info to spare cause the Pokémon anouncement could have ben save for 3 and they shot the info earlier sugesting that they may be hidding bigger things.


  7. Acid Ghost!!!

    I want to believe…

    Realisically though, I’m hoping for Bayonetta 2 gameplay footage.

    No idea what new games might be mentioned. New franchises from Nintendo would be incredible, but quite possibly the least likely thing to happen.


  8. Good to hear. Keeping my expectations low for right now. However, announcing the release of the virtual market would be nice. In addition, an announcement of a game that we haven’t heard yet. Hopefully, they don’t waste our time by talking about games we already know. That would be truly disappointing. Fingers crossed!


  9. #1. System wide chat/party system
    #2. The achievment system they said would rival xbox/ps.
    #3. Better notification on invites/messages.
    #4. Aliens release date.
    #5. Pikmin release date.
    #6. Virtual Console.
    #7. Me3 DLC.
    #8. Crysis/Gta/Bioshock/Deadspace.
    #9. SimCity.
    #10. Civilization 5.
    #11. Nhl 2013.
    #12. Mario Kart.


  10. Nintendo website doesn’t say anything about new reveals, just “upcoming games” and “what the future holds for Wii U”.

    Nintendo would be stupid not to tease anything for the second half of 2013, but then again they often are.


  11. My Dream Nintendo E3 2013 (never gonna happen, these games are gonna come but not all in one e3)

    Pokémon X and Y
    Donkey Kong
    2D Metroid
    éshop and 3rd Parties

    Wii U:
    3D Mario
    Metroid/Starfox Crossover (if done well by Retro it could be awesome)
    Yoshi Land
    Mario Kart U
    Wii Sports U
    Mii Shooting
    Bayonetta 2
    éshop and 3rd Parties

    Both Coming to 3DS and Wii U:
    Myamoto’s New Game (underwater setting)
    Sequal to Xenoblade
    Super Smash Bros 4 Trailer

    BAMM Nintendo wins E3 2013

    Now that I think about it, they COULD announce all this at E3 if they split 3DS and Wii U into two events again, and every game only talked about for 5 minutes (that would make the 3DS conference exactly 30 minutes and Wii U 1 hour) then just say look foward to learning a lot more about the games in upcoming nintendo directs. I think that would work.

    Then again, I’m not going to get my hopes up :(


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