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The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker Reborn Wii U High-Resolution Screenshots


Nintendo of America has provided a number of high-resolution screenshots for the forthcoming The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Reborn for Wii U. The remake is heading to the Wii U this Fall. The brand new Legend of Zelda title for Wii U is still early in development according to Zelda producer, Eiji Aonuma.

Thanks, Nintedward

206 thoughts on “The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker Reborn Wii U High-Resolution Screenshots”

      1. Noooooooooo!

        I HATE wind waker for so many reasons!
        1 sailing is awful and took forever. Sure there are warps later in the game, but they are few and far in between. after warping, I still have to spend 10 minutes sailing.
        2 finding the individual pieces of the triforce is so frustrating and monotonous.
        3 the equipment sucks! an over sized leaf as a weapon? A sail? A rope? A stick which is used as the wind waker? The ugliest mirror shield i’ve ever seen. Fish food? A camera? These weapons are all very disappointing and seem very ordinary. Sure they were used interestingly and implemented creatively, but it is hard to get excited about a rope or green waste. The hammer was great, but that’s the only thing I really liked.
        4 lack of temples. This was frustrating because this is one of the big reasons why I play Zelda.
        5 lack of difficulty. I have never had a game over because I only lose half to a quarter of a heart when I get attacked by many enemies.
        6 a story that doesn’t seem as epic as past installments.
        There are many other reasons I could list, but I think you get the idea.

        There are a few things that this game right.
        1 the game play and hand to hand combat
        2 the premise of placing the loz franchise a 1000 years into the future is interesting.
        3 the games graphics aged very well, unlike ocarina and other installments.

        1. How could I forget?

          The number one reason why I hate this game is the integral role that tingle plays. This is my most hated Zelda character and this guy cannot be avoided in the game. In majoras mask, he wasn’t too important. But in wind waker he is a very important secondary character. Awful flaw in the game.

          1. You actually think the Wind Waker Mirror Shield looks worse than the Majora’s Mask one? Come on, the WW Shield is the same from OoT, just blue.

          2. Then you must of played a mocked up version of Wind Waker because the only thing that was wrong with the actual game was the sailing.

          3. How dare you’d insult my favorite LOZ character (Tingle)! He’s funny, helpful, and unique unlike most of the generic supporting cast. Hell, he’s the only Nintendo character to have sex (look up the good ending of Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland on YouTube) and had a few of his own games that sadly didn’t have a western release because of butthurt Americans like you. You’d be surprised if he wound up as the Zelda newcomer in SSB4. :P

        2. Geez, calm down. It’s just a game and no one’s forcing you to play it. If you don’t like it, just be quiet and respectful and move on. No one really cares that you have the compulsive need to point out every single reason why you don’t like this game.

                1. It sounded like unnecessary trolling. They were just complaining about several things and totally bringing the mood down.

                  1. Trolling?

                    I voiced my opinion intelligently and used mostly correct grammar (i’m on a cell phone and scrolling in the text box to edit is difficult).

                    Everything I pointed out is a Legitimate grievance that I am sure someone shares with me.

                    Tingle? Sailing? Finding the tri force bits?

                    When you add those parts together, you get an awful unbearable game. Ugh! Especially because of Tingle!

                    1. The only part I can really agree with you on is the Tingle part. I personally dislike him, but in my opinion, Wind Waker is the finest Zelda game and my second favourite game ever. The sailing wasn’t too bad and only really got annoying when you were travelling quite a way, but was a nice break when you were just travelling maybe 2 or 3 islands away.

                      The triforce part could use some minor improvement, but is no worse than the fetch quests that are in a lot of games. The equipment was alright, some of it was interesting, and some not so much. While there aren’t many temples exactly, there are the tower of the gods, forest area, dragon roost island dungeon etc.

                      The difficulty was slightly low, yes, but a hero mode could fix that. The one thing I majorly disagree with you on is the storyline. Yes, you go out to save your sister and then Hyrule. Basic Zelda storyline with the rescuing Zelda replaced with rescuing Aryll, but Wind Waker goes to so much effort to emphasize certain parts and it’s a lot more in depth that Ocarina of time for instance.

                      Overall, The Wind Waker is one of the finest games to ever be made, and I’m generally excited for it.

      1. See, this is why nobody should listen to Nintendo fans when they run on with hyperbolic bullshit like Nintedward does.

        I’m curious how is this “7x better” than any of the current generation’s best as far as visuals go.

        I’m legitimately curious, or is it because you’re comparing it to Wii, which you guys also called current generation. In that case, yeah, I suppose it does look better than Wii games. Wii is basically Gamecube graphics, after all.

        1. I don’t see how this game looks that great. It’s amazing they would pick the most cartoony game, and upscale thatso it still looks like crapMaybe it is 720p but it still looks like an episode of dora the explorer

          1. It actually really does look like Nintendoland now that I look at the screens more, lol.

            Oh well, maybe the saving grace for this would be bringing back those unused dungeons and reworking those tedious fetch quests.

            1. What a butthurt dick head. Just by default of the art work on show it looks 10 times better than current gen , that’s the point I was making.

              Looks like Nintendo Land ? yeh , shut up….

              1. Nintward aleous is right it looks like Nintendo lands baby graphics. It’s a rip off! They won’t release the new zelda for 4 years sonit looks as out dated as skyward sword did when it was released.

                1. Because Nintendo rips off itself right?
                  Baby graphics? What are baby graphics? Describe them to me in detail please. Last I checked it was cell shaded or cartoony. Ultra realism is very overrated. I guess anything before PS2 is considered baby graphics right? Damn I never met so many retarded people on one website before.

              2. You never made any kind of point and no, it does not look “10x better” than anything this hardware generation.

                You’re an idiot who will bend over for Nintendo whenever they ask you to. :)

                Game looks shitty, basically Nintendoland style coated over Wind Waker’s original timeless visuals.

                1. As far as new game reveals go, the only Wii U game that looks interesting is monolith’s “X”. *(Possibly a Xenogears game?)

                  Yoshi is a fucking let down. Why not go with the visual style of the older games instead of Kirby’s Epic Pile of shit

                  1. A yoshi yarn game wow I can’t express how surprised I am at how Nintendo tries to fail. A yoshi land would have made more sense but now it’s a yarn game, they must be paid by Microsoft to fail.

                    1. Wow and Aeolus and Amy are saying anyone defending this are Nintendo fanboys but all I see them two doing is circle-jerking themselves.

                    2. I defend Nintendo when they need defending but i don’t get labelled a fanboy by them. You seriously look like an embarrassment coming onto this site and not knowing what’s going on.

                    3. And trolling Nintendo on a Nintendo website…You must be paid by Microsoft to fail at life. That or you are one of those butthurt Sony or Microsoft fans who hate that Nintendo is obviously the better company.

                2. I agree with you on the your last statement about “Wind Waker’s original timeless visuals”. They were timeless indeed but looking at these graphics just ruins it.

                  1. Please get some intelligence then comment Daniel. I remember you label anyone who doesn’t conform to pro Nintendo as an idiot.

                    1. I find it hilarious how you think I am an embarassment because I am arguing your points and easily shooting them down.
                      And I have no idea what is going on here?
                      People being happy about the new titles announced, people coming in and calling others fanboys because they are happy for these titles and making baseless assumptions and logical fallacies.

                      Nope I think I got this down just fine kid.

                    2. You’re defending people who tell others to go get cancer and die. Have fun being a disgrace to humanity! :Assuming I’m a kid? LMAO, you wouldn’t be shooting your mouth off in real life aye? (Note: I’d gladly say this to your face ;) ) Anywho, I’m out, bye!

              3. Windwaker Reborn and Monoliths game look far superior to Crysis 3 in my honest opinion lol. 7th gen cant compete with Wii U why would it? Gamecube couldnt compete with PS3 and 360? New system means better system simple as that.

                1. You’re a Nintendo fanboy. Saying 2 Nintendo games look better than Crysis 3 doesn’t mean much. If say Kairi or theorangefish said it, Then it would be believable, because they aren’t fanboy/girls.

                  1. You’re entire comment here makes no sense. So if someone else said what he said then it would make sense? Ever heard of an ad-hominem attack? It’s also called a logical fallacy. You entire point is moot based on that alone.

                    1. >Tells me to do my research
                      >Says American Market is crashing when it isn’t

                      MY SIDES! MY SIDES ARE GONE!

                  2. Umm Atari is Bankrupt, THQ is Bankrupt, 38 Studios Defunct, Pandemic Studios Defunct, Team Bondi Defunct, Black Rock Studio Defunct, Bizarre Creations Defunct, Realtime Worlds Defunct.

                    MY SIDES! MY SIDES ARE GONE! DOING RESEARCH? WHAT’S THAT?! Yeah now I am seriously done with you. Goodbye moron and keep living in your fantasy.

                2. “New Systems means better systems”
                  To you, sir, I present the following systems as arguments.
                  Atari 5200. Atari 7800. Atari Lynx. Atari Jaguar. Sega 32X. Sega CD. Virtual Boy.
                  To name a few new systems (at their time) that were meant to replace the older systems that died outr while the older systems lived on.

              4. Yeah, no it doesn’t. This remake they’re doing looks terrible. I’d rather focus my attention to Smash Bros and the new monolith game.

                1. In your opinion, but I guess Rey is a fanboy because he said “in his opinion” and you’re not?
                  Brain how do you work?!

                  1. I’m not a fanboy. I like all companies and respect all companies. Rey on the other hand ADMITTED to being a Nintendo loyalist (in other words fanboy) Fuck me stop kissing his ass for christ sake.

                    1. I’m not kissing anyones ass, I am here to refute the points that people make on the baseless hate they have for Nintendo. Again, that is a logical fallacy, just because he claims a “Nintendo Loyalist” doesn’t make his points any less valid.
                      I guess I shouldn’t take medical advice from a doctor because they specialize in medicine right?

                    2. This coming from a huge liar who has yet to refute anything I said.
                      I just find it really fun to mess with you. Since you have not a single brain cell in your head

            2. OH! So the graphics happen to be Cartoony so they MUST be similar to Nintendo Land.
              Also Nintendo Land had great graphics, so what is your point? They aren’t super realistic like Call of Duty or Halo? Oh by the way, how is the American game market doing? OH RIGHT! It’s crashing because they are too afraid to do anything out of FPS clones! THQ bankrupt, Atari bankrupt, and I guess the American Indie game market is pissed of at Microsoft because of how they screwed them over so they are gonna focus putting their games on the Wii U. But right, let’s focus on Graphics.
              The system just came out, the Wii U is no where near its limit.

                1. Awww what’s wrong, don’t like hearing the truth? Don’t like hearing how people think differently than you? Also pointing out FACTS does not make me a fanboy. Try again kid.
                  Oh and trust me I wouldn’t dare put anything in your mouth, anything that leaves it is already dead waste anyways so I wouldn’t be that cruel to put anything in your mouth,

                  1. That is hardly the truth, that is not facts. The American market is just fine. The only thing I’m hearing is “What I say is fact and everyone else is wrong!”. Lol what an idiot.

                    1. Atari is Bankrupt, THQ is Bankrupt, 38 Studios Defunct, Pandemic Studios Defunct, Team Bondi Defunct, Black Rock Studio Defunct, Bizarre Creations Defunct, Realtime Worlds Defunct.

                      Yep the market is doing just fine over here. Nothing being shut down her…OH wait.
                      You see, research and facts and logic? You can’t compete with that. Wow not only are you a complete moron but you are a liar on such a grand scale I might as well call you a “creationist”.

                      I hope to throw some logic in your logical fallacies and stupidity again soon enough.
                      Yeah logically you are not worth my time, but you know what? Just like you I am gonna say screw logic and say “I’m gonna troll you” with the truth. See you soon.

                2. Also please explain how I am a fanboy? Defending Nintendo with facts and showing that it’s not as bad as everyone is making it out to be…and this is coming from a SONY FAN at that, not a Nintendo fan. Maybe you’re the fanboy of whatever console you like because you refuse to see anything outside of your comfort zone.

                  1. ” how is the American game market doing? OH RIGHT! It’s crashing because they are too afraid to do anything out of FPS clones!”

                    That is hardly a fact. THQ and Atari were going down hill before it crashed. Fuck me you’re an idiot.

                  2. ++++
                    That’s whatsup! I like how childish people judge games based on graphics thinking it’s just for kids just because of their art direction. So The Simpsons and Family Guy are comedy for kids right? By the way, you’re right about American companies losing creativity. I live in NY where we approve of originality, but we’re just in another direction right now. Those kids dissing fanboys are just fanboys themselves that’s all….but with so much hate or maybe ignorant or just disapprove in others’ opinion.

        2. I think you misunderstand what justifies a game looking better than another.

          Id day a game like Okami looks better than Crysis, because its visually stunning but its unique, its a part of the experience and gameplay, rather than people just trying to show off each other lighting effects.

          1. Yeah, a lot of developers seem to focus on graphical power rather than visual creativity. To me, Games like Dear Esther(the standalone game), Xenoblade, and Zelda: Twilight Princess look so much better than games like Call of Duty(best example of lack of creativity in games).

              1. I do also find art style for most fps repetitive and lame. Also people, the many butthurt faces of Aelous will show/respond regardless how good Nintendo games be. I bet Nintendo’s success bring nightmares to him. Don’t be a small mind Aeolus, be creative.

                  1. Because anyone who defends Nintendo makes them a “Fanboy”
                    I’m a Sony fan but I defend Nintendo, does that make me a “fanboy”? No, It makes you narrowminded because you are living in your narrowminded naturalistic box and refuse to listen to anyone outside your box.

                  2. So what does me being new to this site have to do with anything? Even if I was a veteran I would still be speaking like this.

                    1. Then you’d look like a fucking idiot. You haven’t even seen the fanboys on this site. Just wait, they’ll say to anyone who isn’t pro Nintendo to get Cancer and go suck on bloody vagina’s.

        3. Oh shut up guy. You guys make the claim that Gen 7 Graphics are better than the Wii U and anyone else who speaks up and says otherwise are fanboys of Nintendo.
          Also the Wii was Gen 7 just like the 360 and PS3.

          May I remind you that graphical power doesn’t mean anything? Or should I remind you that the 360 had a failure rate of 33% for almost 5 years? HURRAY I CAN PLAY GAMEZ BUT MY SYSTEM MAY DIE LOL! DEN I GOTTA SEND IT BACK TO MICROSOFT AND GET IT REPAIREDEDED AND GET IT BACK AND IT MAY DIE AGAIN LOL!
          So please shut up with the Graphics over Gameplay argument. The PS2 was the WEAKEST in graphics in Gen 6 and it blew the competition out of the water.

          1. windwaker always looked pussy, remember how pissed of people were when was first shown, now your acting the same way now for the remake, it looks better and screenshots are not the same from playing the fucking game, its the same but in hd, by the way skyword sword looks like shit and everybody who is a sony fag, nintendo fag whatever will agree, but im not a nerd, so i played skyword sword with all its fuzz and lines on the screen, and it was over hyped and not as good as it could of been, and alot of people think that

    1. In the Nintendo Direct, Iwata talked about both Wind Waker in Wii U and the new Wii U Zelda. That’s what the “brand new” zelda was referring to.

    2. Nintendo direct also announced that a new game is in the works, but it’ll be a while till its finished. Plus, looking at the comments of the previous article, a good number of people never played wind waker, especially the people who never owned a gamecube. So techincally, its a “brand new” game for them

      1. And Me!!! I am excited to get my dirty little hands on Wind Waker. I was thinking recently that I might get it for my G.C on eBay, but this news just came out and now I’ll wait for it in HD!!!! :D

  1. If you haven’t played Wind Waker yet, all is forgiven! But you need this game. This was the best Zelda, imho. If they cut the sailing time between islands, it’ll pretty much be perfect. The music, graphics, gameplay- THE RITO TRIBE!
    Gushing officially over… :P

    1. I actually liked the sailing between places. Maybe the distance was slightly too much, but I enjoyed sailing out in the open sea just to see an island in the distance.

      1. Hard to say what took longer…Sailing in Windwaker or Flying in Skyward Sowrd lol. All though it takes time unlike fast travels this makes you feel like the Zelda wonrld is big.

      1. On youtube I’m donzaloog1400. I replied to someone named Metroidvania1981 this morning. Isn’t this the best feeling in the world. When Nintendo delivers there’s nothing like it.

          1. Oh yeah, now I remember. I’m having a hell of a time saving but it’s finally starting to pick up. I should have one by May.

  2. a lot of people haven’t even played this game wow can’t believe it well that was the time when ps2 was king and xbox had halo now is the time no excuses

  3. It already looks gorgeous and it’s still gonna be in development for around 7-9 months. I’m very interested in how this’ll turn out

  4. I didn’t realize this till now, but now I see where Valve’s TF2 got it’s art direction/inspiration from. I never finished wind waker either…do want.

  5. This is so awesome, I was just saying they should remake Windwaker in HD and make it so the ship traveling isn’t tedious. I am really looking forward to this, I hope it isn’t just a port. I hope they do the same thing with Super Mario Sunshine.

  6. I like Wind Waker and all, but it doesnt make me wanna buy a wii U at this moment.

    A New zelda will however make me get one, but ill wait till see what comes first, Zelda HD, SMASH, or a price drop.

    1. Zelda HD not till 2014 at best. Smash Bros for Wii U again 2014. 3DS version may be Holiday season this year. Price Drop….dont fucking cheap out on the company. Its still cheaper then the PS3 and Xbox 360 were at their launch yet its better. Wii went 3 years without a price drop. Reggie said people who are waiting for a price drop will be waiting quite along time. Meaning 3-4 years again.

          1. Also, if you’re defending him for calling someone cheap basically because they just want a price drop, you can join him in being a tool :)

    1. I’m glad their doing more than just putting it in HD, the visuals have clearly been updated, and with more detail, but they’re mixing up the gameplay, layouts, adding miiverse, i love it ^.^

  7. I think they should have a Master Quest/Hero’s Mode in this game for those gamers who like a good challenge. Also they should add a few new bonus dungeon like they did in Link’s Awakening DX for the GBC.

    1. ↑ YES, that’s exactly what they should do! And let’s not forget the awesome touch screen inventory/map system that Ocarina of Time 3D had! oooooh, I can’t wait for this game!

  8. I heard there was missing content in the original game because it was rushed. I hope they put that content in the remake.

    1. That would be good. My only problem with Wind Waker is i thought it needed 1-2 more dungeons, some new ones would he awesome.

  9. Even if it’s a mostly-unimproved HD port with little more than gamepad support for the Tingle Tuner, I’ll still pick this up.
    I made it a personal mission to own every state-side Zelda[sans CD-I fuck-ups], so this is going right into my collection.
    Gladly so.

    1. From the images it looks to be more than just a port. The graphics look completely overhauled with added lighting effects.

      1. Oh, I know that. I was just saying that I’d get it regardless, since I’m a collector of all things Zelda.
        On another note, though, it says that it’ll also be adding “new elements”.
        I’m hoping that will come in the form of new dungeons or something.

  10. News of the year. I wanted them to release this for Wii but I am happy they held off for the Wii U. Looks gorgeous.

  11. The Only Pokemon Champ

    This game isnt called Wind Waker Reborn
    If you go back and watch the Nintendo Direct and read Aonuma’s subtitle he really said
    “….. The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker, reborn on Wii U..”

  12. That looks horrible. If that’s what the finished product is gonna look like the I have no interest in buying it. Unlike the majority of people I liked the cartoon style. It had color…”this” looks like a downgraded version of those beautiful cel-shaded graphics.

    1. I have to agree! The original windwaker in hd on dolphin emulator look way better than this. Lets hope this isn’t how it will look when its done!

  13. What is this…feeling?! I am finally starting to have faith in the Wii U ?!
    To me, this will be what OoT was to the 3DS: a pretty good remake/port that’s gonna influence people to buy the system, then will leave the customers waiting for other good games.
    Seriously, nice going Nintendo, I genuinely mean it.

  14. I am just gonna post this here.
    Hello , I am a Sony fan. One could almost say “fanboy”. I preferred Sony consoles since the PS1 and I know the PS3 had a really bad start and “599 US DOLLARZ” but that is not why I am commenting.

    Everytime I see Nintendo go in to right direction there has to be people from the other two sides getting on Nintendo fan’s cases about how they are fanboys and they cannot think critically when it comes to their systems. Well, it’s time to lay down some real life here.

    The Xbox 360, a system with Superior graphics yet had a 33% failure rate for 5 years because of terrible system design with one of it’s launch games being “Peter Jackson’s King Kong” and everyone mostly still played Halo 2 on it.
    The PS3, a huge fridge thing that cost $600 and the only game for it for like a year was Resistance Fall of Man.

    Everyone tried to justify why these systems were good DESPITE THESE TERRIBLE FLAWS AT THEIR RELEASE.
    The Wii U comes out and has a PLETHRA of games compared to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 release windows and these morons are calling Nintendo fans “fanboys” because……they have TRUTH to their arguments. The graphics for Black Ops 2 for WII U are SUPERIOR to the graphics for the other two Gen 7 Systems so the whole “realisim” argument is tired. 360/PS3 Fanboys still do side by side comparisons to this day.

    Also when did this “graphics over gameplay” thing all the sudden hit? Last I checked the PS2 was the WEAKEST in graphical power compared to the Gamecube and Xbox but it destroyed them in sales and in games. So this is one of the weakest and lamest arguments to date. Also considering that the power of the Wii U is superior to current gen (Just look up specs and see for yourself, do RESEARCH), this argument fails on every level when brought up and it’s not the Nintendo fans that have the rose colored glasses on, it’s the 360 and PS3 fans.

    Also I see every time when someone bashes the Wii U it’s because of how the Wii did.
    Well I am gonna use that argument too. The PS3 was amazing from the start because of the PS2. SO THERE! And the Xbox 360 sucked ass because of how bad the Xbox was with its 5 playable games in total.
    See how this doesn’t work? They are two different systems. Deal with it.

    Oh and let’s not forget that Microsoft and Sony copied off of the system you so hate the most. The Kinect and the Playstation Move. Try to ignore that one.

    Let’s get one thing straight, Gen 7 was one of the WORST in gaming history. American Game Market is plummeting because of over saturation of FPS’s and at first Rhythm games, anyone who tries something different does not sell as well because it’s not an FPS. and so on and so on. Also Gen 7 was “Pick your poision” for 4 years.
    It was either have the Wii – A decent family console (Usually just had this with a PS3 or 360)
    Have a 360 – A system that died 33% of the time and being charged an unjustified subscription to have the “privilege” of playing games online with adds thrown in your face.
    Or Have a PS3 – a very strong system with a very lackluster online store and you were allowed to play online games for free with maybe the 4 or 5 that even meant anything.

    I think it’s time everyone put away their torches and pitchforks about the Wii U because sadly we are gonna see the same shit when THE Xbox or 720 comes out and when the PS4 comes out. But it’s not gonna happen because there will always be people that continue this pointless cycle of hate.

    1. Wow thank you, that was pretty great and accurate. I agree with a lot of what you said. Originally I wasn’t gunna read it cos it was too long but I’m glad I did. It’s refreshing to hear a fan of Sony saying nice things about the Wii U.

    1. Oh be careful good sir, you maybe labeled a fanboy for being happy for this! You should conform and get on the Nintendo hate bandwagon! LOL

      1. Once again you must be new to this site. The ones who I labelled fanboys ARE fanboys if you have read there previous posts. You just look like an embarrassment. cmmadden is only going to be labelled a fanboy by trolls, I agree with what cmmadden is saying.

        1. Wait, you think your the only one here that can label anyone a fanboy,I’m sorry to say but you must be new to the site if you think your the only one that can label anyone a fanboy.

            1. No,it just the fact that i found your statement to be a bit “egotism” as might one say.Should’ve reworded a little but dammit there is no edit button.The “embarrassment” was kinda pushing it a little,since ya know,he/she is new to the site,so they wouldn’t know who is bad(fanboys,trolls etc.).

              1. Shooting your mouth off when being new to the site and defending people who for one have told me to get cancer and die and many other disgusting insults because I wasn’t pro Nintendo is why I said embarrassment.

                1. geezus man,what do you expect.It is the internet.It is not gonna do any good if you fight fire with fire.Just know that you are better than this jackass and you wouldn’t want to be reduce to his/her level.And i admit that i been wrong on this one.

                  1. I admit, I have gone over the top in the little argument myself (If RandomDrifter is reading this, I’m sorry I got angry and called you twat and swore and all that) But I still stand by the fanboy statements.

  15. “Hi I’m TheRandomDrifter, I defend people who tells anyone who isn’t Pro Nintendo to get cancer and die because I believe they get wrongly labelled because I’m new to this site and have no idea how bad the fanboys and trolls are”

    1. Chill out. Just because someone supports a product doesn’t make them a fanboy. Furthermore, supporting a poster’s opinion in a thread doesn’t make him/her a troll or in support of a troll’s past posting history and consequently, ill will toward others.

      As much as I may generally dislike posters like Aeolus (sp?) and OriginalWiiUNation (sp?) for trolling, they still have something to say on occasion that isn’t a blatant troll. There’s nothing wrong with supporting either Nintendo, a poster’s opinion in a thread or God forbid, one of Nintendo’s many competitors.

      1. Right, so what about when I voice my opinion, I get told to get cancer and die, and that my girlfriend is a faggot, that I should go suck bleeding vagina’s, I’m a sonydrone, graphics whore, buyt when I call someone a fanboy even though its fucking obvious, I’m at fault? In fact fuck this, this site has become the scum and the joke of the gaming community, I will not be coming back at all. I’m out, bye!.

        1. I didn’t see TheRandomDrifter saying any of those things. I just think you need to take a breather. You’re also correct, it’s not OK for that stuff to go on around here. I find it easier to keep out when people go ape around here. At least a few of us can keep our sanity that way. If you’re looking for another website that has some nice in-depth articles, really cool interviews, etc. with a clean atmosphere, try out NintendoLife. I tend to go there or youtube when things are crazy here.

          1. RandomDrifter didn’t say them no, but the people who I label fanboys did. Now I’m getting the third degree for labelling them fanboys.

          2. But you’re right, I do need a breather, I think I’ll just go do some fishing down the river with some mates from work.

              1. I’ve never been fly fishing before :P lol I think I’ll just stop commenting in all blogs. I bairly have time these days with work, volunteering, University and socializing. I may pop in, now and then, but to the decent people I’ve met on here, It was nice meeting you! And to RandomDrifter I’m sorry about the argument, I went overboard and I feel like a child at the moment but I still standby the fanboy labelling I did (Mainly because of past instances, yes I know it’s immature but aw well).

  16. everybody just chill the fuck out
    god why can’t you just be happy Nintendo released a Zelda game. be it old or new, it’s still a fucking zelda game. be grateful
    you like? it buy it. say awesome stuff about it.
    don’t like? shut the fuck up and get the fuck out, you’re obviously on a site where this news is going to get good feedback so no one wants to hear your bitching

    it’s just that simple

  17. Nintendo, I’ve played this game more times than I can remember. But you know what? It’s one of my favorite games of all time, and good gravy those graphics are fucking GORGEOUS so I will buy this day one!

  18. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I really hope the new Zelda Wii U game uses the gamepad screen for item use and the right analog stick for controlling the camera. I always like the action adventure games that give you that kind of camera control via the right analog stick (C stick for gamecube games).

  19. Better listen to Nana Amy and Big Brother Aeolus, If you tell them something you are a Fanboy Fagit. If you talk to me saying im wrong, then you also are a fanboy Fagit. I dun care if you got facts, Our opinions overpower your facts, You all faggits.

      1. they are huge fanboys to sony/microsoft to come to a sight like this, on the sight they go on for sony/microsoft there the worst fanboys/girls on that sight, maybe even worse than the pathetic fanboys/girls on this sight

  20. Ok… So why is there so much hate on gaming news sites/forums/message boards? It’s every single one! The consumers have gotten so wrapped up in all their little quests for ‘internet superiority’ or seemingly wanting their e-penis to seem larger! Gone are the days when the video game communities were friendly and civil. It’s sad how it’s all gone to shit. It’s ridiculous how somebody gets shot down only for expressing their own views and opinions. Wow…just wow.

    Alright, now I’m fairly certain someone is about to prove my point and start a flame war about my post. Let me just make it clear that I won’t be biting at any trolls. I’m just gonna leave it here and wait for the internet to explode.

  21. This year’s E3 is looking much more promising than E3 2012 was. That one really bored me to tears. Nothing but NintendoLand the whole time almost. (- _ -)

    But man, I’m sick of hearing people complain about the sailing part of the Wind Waker. I totally LOVED sailing in that game. I always felt like I was an actual pirate exporing the open seas in search of treasure. It’s partly why I loved the game so much. Only thing I hated about the sailing part was having to constantly change the direction of the wind.

    No other Zelda game was as worthy of an HD version than the Wind Waker (except maybe A Link To The Past. Now THAT would be AWESOME!).

  22. Zelda Wind Waker was my first game, and I never had played a game that I really enjoyed, besides Zelda Wind Waker. So if people want to say that they don’t like it, do as you please but it doesn’t matter to me. This is the only game I really enjoyed. So i am going to buy a Wii U and I will not see any daylight for a week.

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