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Yarn Yoshi Confirmed For Wii U


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced that they are busy developing a brand new Yoshi game for the Wii U. Iwata didn’t show off any video footage, but instead he showed a couple of screenshots that revealed a game with a similar style to Kirby’s Epic Yarn on Wii U. Iwata didn’t announce when we can expect the game, but it’s thought to be this year.

Gameplay footage

44 thoughts on “Yarn Yoshi Confirmed For Wii U”

    1. thought epic yarn took things from yoshis island, like the transformations some of them were the same thing, when i was playing it i was like fuck, why didnt they just make a yoshis island game, i knew good feel was going to make a yoshi game sorta like this because of that,im not suprised

  1. I love Kirby’s Epic Yarn, so this game looks great, plus it’s by the guy who made Yoshi’s Island. Nuff said.

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      Now you’re playing with power!! yeah I was OBSESSED with Yoshi growing up. Ihad this Mario party 1 yoshi plushie from japan and I would take it everywhere with me! And I would play Yoshi’s story nonstop every day after school. I even had a Beagle and a parakeet both named Yoshi! So yeah, I’m really excited for this!!! It’s not another Yoshi’s island; its just yoshi again! And its soooo cute!!! This game was a really pleasant surprise!

  2. it may not act’ly be like Epic Yarn or yarn-based. Coz looking at the vid again, it would appear that the “yarn” Yoshi’s were just part of the tests they made to see how it will look. they also showed a couple of images where you have CG Yoshi in a 3D environment like, and in HD.

    of course, Epic Yarn was good, so wouldn’t mind if Yoshi goes the “yarn” way.

    1. In the beginning, it should be pointed out that he had to eat an enemy before he would become non-yard. it could be some kind of thing similar to mario’s normal and super form.

  3. Damn it whyyy?? It looks so childish, I was so excited for this and now I find out the art style is yarn >.> I don’t think I’ll be able to play this…..

    1. Dude, dont be embarrassed! Who cares what other people think of you? Don’t let popular opinion decide what you can and can’t play.

      1. Oh I’m not embarrassed at all, infact I play games like pokemon and stuff haha. It’s just that personally I don’t think I could enjoy a game like this. I’m not writing it off yet but if it’s anything like kirbys epic yarn then I won’t get it. You couldn’t even die from enemies in that game. I was really hoping for it look more like yoshis story

          1. I just meant the graphics from yoshis story, and also yoshis island is great too, I loved the hand drawn style it had, yarn however……….

        1. ahh i got you. Never played Kirby’s epic yard. Yeah and tbh, I’ll probably get this if it turns into a nintendo classic. It looks like a good game, but it’s not my style. Not going to pay $60 for a game that idk if im going to enjoy. Maybe i’ll try playing kirby and see if i enjoy it

          1. Amaya-Chan (

            Gamefly really comes in handy for games I’m on the fence about :) especially with how much games can cost. They Give pretty good discounts if you decide to keep the game too :D

            Oh, and I really enjoyed Kirby’s epic yarn myself :D I only expected to get a few hours out of it, but its realllly fun and a little addicting lol

        2. Amaya-Chan (

          It’s Yoshi though! XD what where you expecting? Yoshi Emblem? Legend of Yoshi? Sin and Yoshi?

          Lol, I’m kidding! XD but, in my humble opinion, I kinda like the uniqueness and the fact that it’s not another Yoshi’s island like game. I also like that its just for yoshi and no Mario or baby Mario lol. But that’s besides the point ^^; perhaps a gameplay video may change your mind? Sometimes I totally hate a game, but I change my opinion once I see some substantial footage :D

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        1. Amaya-Chan (

          Yeah, there’ll probable be a cute title like… Umm…. Yoshi’s Cross Stitch? Super Yoshi Knitting Land? Lol, I suck at titles ^^;

  5. This gains my massive indifference.
    I found Kirby’s Epic Yarn to be a disappointment and I don’t expect much of Yarn Yoshi either (despite how much I love Yoshi)

  6. Looks interesting. But if it’s too much like Yoshi’s Story was, I doubt I’d like it. I don’t recall liking Yoshi’s Story too much.

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