Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced that they are busy developing a brand new Yoshi game for the Wii U. Iwata didn’t show off any video footage, but instead he showed a couple of screenshots that revealed a game with a similar style to Kirby’s Epic Yarn on Wii U. Iwata didn’t announce when we can expect the game, but it’s thought to be this year.

Gameplay footage



    • thought epic yarn took things from yoshis island, like the transformations some of them were the same thing, when i was playing it i was like fuck, why didnt they just make a yoshis island game, i knew good feel was going to make a yoshi game sorta like this because of that,im not suprised


    • Now you’re playing with power!!

      Lol.it yeah I was OBSESSED with Yoshi growing up. Ihad this Mario party 1 yoshi plushie from japan and I would take it everywhere with me! And I would play Yoshi’s story nonstop every day after school. I even had a Beagle and a parakeet both named Yoshi! So yeah, I’m really excited for this!!! It’s not another Yoshi’s island; its just yoshi again! And its soooo cute!!! This game was a really pleasant surprise!


  1. it may not act’ly be like Epic Yarn or yarn-based. Coz looking at the vid again, it would appear that the “yarn” Yoshi’s were just part of the tests they made to see how it will look. they also showed a couple of images where you have CG Yoshi in a 3D environment like, and in HD.

    of course, Epic Yarn was good, so wouldn’t mind if Yoshi goes the “yarn” way.


  2. Damn it whyyy?? It looks so childish, I was so excited for this and now I find out the art style is yarn >.> I don’t think I’ll be able to play this…..


      • Oh I’m not embarrassed at all, infact I play games like pokemon and stuff haha. It’s just that personally I don’t think I could enjoy a game like this. I’m not writing it off yet but if it’s anything like kirbys epic yarn then I won’t get it. You couldn’t even die from enemies in that game. I was really hoping for it look more like yoshis story


        • ahh i got you. Never played Kirby’s epic yard. Yeah and tbh, I’ll probably get this if it turns into a nintendo classic. It looks like a good game, but it’s not my style. Not going to pay $60 for a game that idk if im going to enjoy. Maybe i’ll try playing kirby and see if i enjoy it


          • Gamefly really comes in handy for games I’m on the fence about :) especially with how much games can cost. They Give pretty good discounts if you decide to keep the game too :D

            Oh, and I really enjoyed Kirby’s epic yarn myself :D I only expected to get a few hours out of it, but its realllly fun and a little addicting lol


        • It’s Yoshi though! XD what where you expecting? Yoshi Emblem? Legend of Yoshi? Sin and Yoshi?

          Lol, I’m kidding! XD but, in my humble opinion, I kinda like the uniqueness and the fact that it’s not another Yoshi’s island like game. I also like that its just for yoshi and no Mario or baby Mario lol. But that’s besides the point ^^; perhaps a gameplay video may change your mind? Sometimes I totally hate a game, but I change my opinion once I see some substantial footage :D


  3. This gains my massive indifference.
    I found Kirby’s Epic Yarn to be a disappointment and I don’t expect much of Yarn Yoshi either (despite how much I love Yoshi)


  4. Looks interesting. But if it’s too much like Yoshi’s Story was, I doubt I’d like it. I don’t recall liking Yoshi’s Story too much.


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