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Project X Zone Western Editions Will Feature Original Japanese Voice Track


Namco Bandai has confirmed that the long-awaited Project X Zone which is coming to the West this summer will feature the game’s original Japanese voice track with English subtitles. Namco Bandai also confirmed that Project X Zone will feature the same characters as the Japanese version. The content of the game will apparently be the same as the Japanese version. Project X Zone features over 50 selectable characters from across 29 different video game series.

21 thoughts on “Project X Zone Western Editions Will Feature Original Japanese Voice Track”

  1. lol never knew Ulala was a character XD looks cool, but i’ll probably pass it. Something dosent ‘jump’ out at me.

  2. I am totally OK with this.
    If having the original Japanese with English subtitles means we get more games localized, I’ll on board with this strategy.

    -Jaded Drybones

  3. I want all games like this. I hope the next Xenoblade is the same. It’s how the game was meant to be played by the people who created it. Us north americans need to be exposed to more languages and learn to appreciate different ways of doing things more!

    1. Stop being just a japanophile, us north americans DONT need to be exposed to more languages, this is a really bad choice by namco, is going to alienate US gamers….

  4. So now I need to focus on reading subtitles rather than playing the game. Yeah, no. If it’s not dubbed, I’m not buying it.

  5. Well, that’s a dealbreaker. Guess this game is off the wish list now. Where’s the fun in playing a game where I can’t understand what they’re saying.

    Oh well, at least there’s Fire Emblem and all the other 3DS games coming out.

  6. Amaya-Chan (

    I don’t mind since I watch raw anime all the time…. But then again, I do understand it ^^;

    I like this idea because it keeps the games original Japanese feel though :3

  7. I’m confused. In the last post you said that there are 200 characters. And now you say that there are 50…

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