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SEGA To Announce New Sonic Game For Wii U And 3DS Next Month?


Sources close to SEGA have contacted Sonic Stadium and has informed them that the company will be announcing a new Sonic title next month. Speculation points towards SEGA announcing the new Sonic game on February 2nd, which is known as Hedgehog Day, when the publisher usually teases Sonic fans about upcoming games. The game is reportedly in development for Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, PC, and next gen consoles. The game will be sticking with the recent formula seen in Sonic Unleashed (Daytime), Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations. You can read more about this rumour here.

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229 thoughts on “SEGA To Announce New Sonic Game For Wii U And 3DS Next Month?”

    1. Please play something manly. Play a Crysis game or a Civilization game or something. Do not but something this shitty.
      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. Civilization? Really…? Crysis I can understand, but there isn’t really such thing as a “manly” game. Is there?

      2. Crisis is a game for teens-who-wants-to-pretend-they-are-adults.. Real adults don´t need to play M rated games all the time to feel like adults

  1. Another new Sonic game?SEGA’s financial situation must be worse than we thought. I’m sick of them spamming crappy Sonic games for a quick cash grab.

    1. *Another new Sonic game? SEGA’s financial situation must be worse than we thought. I’m sick of them spamming crappy Sonic games for a quick cash grab.

      1. I know right? If they don’t revive another one of their older titles (Billy Hatcher, Skies of Arcadia, ect., they might as well let NIntendo buy them.

            1. I think that was just a reference to the old Sega vs Nintendo wars, not the quality of the games. I agree, they’d probably be better under Nintendo, but…it’s probably never going to happen anyway

      2. Another new sonic game? we havent had a sonic game in 2012 minus a downloadable one and a kart racing one. meanwhile Nintendo has Mario all over. compared to mario Sonic has not been a quick cash. besides Sonic 4

      3. not really. I would be agreeing with you if the games were bad. but sonic colours, unleashed, generations and all star racing are all pretty good games.

    2. Yeah, SEGA’s financial situation is so “bad”…

      Meanwhile they just purchased Relic Entertainment today for 26 million dollars.

      Gee, they’re going to go bankrupt!

      1. Yeah. Lol, a lot of people don’t realise SEGA is practically loaded right now. They could possibly go back into the console game right now if they wanted, but it wouldn’t be wise seeing how well the Dreamcast went along it’s voyage. But, there were some ideas and concept art for a Dreamcast 2 that sounded pretty cool.

          1. You’re implying that’s impossible, and it actually isn’t.

            It however, wouldn’t be a wise decision by any stretch.

      2. yeah but they still had to shutdown their heaquarters over at europe. but buying relic could make their appearance feel less pitiful. but i still wouldnt mind having nintendo buy sega mainly just to aid them in game making. so they could focus on worthwhile franchises like Nights and the awesome super monkey ball gamecube games

        1. Big fucking deal, companies close shit down all the time.

          Their appearance was never truly pitiful, it’s just Sammy stopped letting them dick around with their money as much before. SEGA is going nowhere anytime soon kids.

    1. What do you mean by the recent successful one I hope you don’t mean he sonic only formula if so then no not ever again. let us play as tails and k again no more of this sonic only bs

      1. No… NO… DAMN IT YOU MORON!!! They are talking about the Modern Sonic gameplay from Unleashed, Colors and Generations. They weren’t talking about anything pertaining to the other characters!!! The characters even being playable has no bearings on the formula!!!

        1. I hate how just sonic is playable and not tails and knuckles come Sega let us play as Tails And Knuckles plz

            1. You do realize you aren’t fooling anyone, commenting to yourself right? Your spamming is getting really annoying.
              And by the way, his name is Miles “Tails” Prower, not Tails the Fox. You can’t even get your favorite character’s name right.

              1. You do realize you aren’t fooling anyone commenting to yourself right? Your spamming is getting really annoying and by the way his name is miles “tails prower not tails the fox You can’t even get your favorite character’s name right

      1. Read the rumor. The playable 10 characters WOULD give someone a vibe from the adventure games…..don’t blame him. :)

        1. I did read it. But the Sonic Adventure game’s had much more to them to than just having a lot of playable characters. And to be frank, the SA3 thing is getting really old and really annoying.

          1. I love Sonic. But the whole Sonic Adventure 3 thing is seriously overrated. I’m getting really sick of people always talking about it. They ran out of ideas. Sonic Adventure 2 with Shadow’s story was the best. Nothing can’t top that. I don’t want to see a new hedgehog and his end of the world predictions. It was unpredictable in SA and SA2. But doing the whole “Beat Rival/Boss” then Last Story “end of the world boss” like we seen a billion of times.

      2. When exactly did i say it was Sonic adventure 3? I said i would like it. I said ‘Please be it’. i didnt say ‘omg it must be sonic adventure 3’

        1. Did I at all say that you said it *was* Sonic Adventure 3? Nope. Let me repeat:
          “So, out of all of that you just read, you get “Sonic Adventure 3″ from that…? Wow… just, wow…”
          This meaning,”How in the world does Sonic Adventure 3 at all come to mind from reading this article?”

          1. I will like to have a sonic game like sonic adventure but better more game play and Let us play as tails and k at freewill and more this sonic only is just lame

  2. Sonic Generations 2 please! More playable characters(not too many though like atleast 6 playable both modern and classic versions), stages, and co-op online and offline!

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      They should make it like SA where each character has a storyline. I’m getting tired of just being Sonic -_- they need to at least make tails, knuckles, and Amy playable :D

      1. Go me! lol but I do agree, surprised the Chaotix and even Cream haven’t gotten their own individual stories yet. But I agree they need to return to the SA formula for once, and please make tails be on foot this time, he’s more fun that way! And a special request hopefully Sega will listen, bring back some of the characters that hasn’t been in a game in years like Mighty and Fang(Nack).

        1. This rumor (assuming you guys have read it) says that there will be 10 playable characters.

          This is just me, but the ones that will DEFINITELY get in will be:

          1. Sonic
          2. Tails
          3. Knuckles
          4. Amy
          5. Shadow
          6. Silver.

          The other 4 are anyone’s guesses….

          1. 1. Sonic – Boost, Homing Attack
            2. Tails – Fly/Swim for a while
            3. Knuckles – Climb Walls and Glide
            4. Amy – Sonic Advance style
            5. Shadow – Boost and teleport(air dash)
            6. Silver – Hover and boost
            7. Blaze – Boost and hover
            8. Rouge – fly fast and climb walls
            9. Metal Sonic – Fly and hover
            10. Omega – Hover

        2. Amaya-Chan (

          I agree! I really miss open world like SA1. Anddd I wanna see what Fang and that green duck would look like with remodels! And yes! Omg I hated controlling tails in that stupid walking machine thing! And Sega, if you’re listening, PLEASEEE bring back the Chao Garden!!!! T_T

        3. For a new Sonic Adventure game. They would probably have to get us an original story. I’m getting really tired of the “End of the World” boss battle for last stories. It was unpredictable back in SA and SA2.

          In SA, you beaten all the characters and saw their stories. Wow… I guess I did it. Oh wait… there’s super sonic. Cool, I guess I can play him in stages? But wait… it’s a new story? What the hell… didn’t see that coming .What Chaos is alive? Woah… SS vs. Perfect Chaos… the same chaos from the intro of the game. Holy shit! :D See, that was awesome and unpredictable last story. Especially the whole anicent Maya echidna story to go with it.

          In SA 2, this one got me the best. See, SEGA made it look like there’s only one true story for the game. Either you save the world or conquer it. At the end of the Hero side, Sonic blows up the eclipse cannon and saves the world. But in the Dark side, “Shadow supposedly defeated Sonic” allowing Eggman to use the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the world. I literally the thought the warning messages at the end meant the world is going to be destroyed. But wait… there’s a last stage? Woah… I did defiantly did not see that coming. Then everyone works together and Sonic and Shadow went Super. That was freakin awesome. No one didn’t predict the Heroes and Dark team working together to save the world. That was just plain amazing.

          But now… we see the whole “Last story” thing too much that it got predictable. I’m getting really tired of it. They try to do it in Sonic Heroes which we knew there will be a last, Sonic going super and fighting Metal Sonic. Then there’s Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 2006, and etc. Always some kind of end of the world boss. And a mystery behind ancient civilization. 06 was something new even though I figured they all will go super at the end. But I wanted to see something different.

          SA had ancient civilization, SA2 had government conspiracy and alien projects, then… 06 had a time traveling plot. To me, they could have got rid of the whole project solaris thing because it was a fail attempt of mixing SA and SA2’s story together. Should have stick to time traveling space theme.

          I know I’m ranting… but SEGA just needs to make a really decent story this time. It cannot be predictable. Hell… it would get me if Tails and Knuckles went super or all his friends went super and everyone fought the last boss.

        4. I would like to see Cream at least do… well SOMETHING. She’s been a bystander for far too long. Especialy in Sonic X. She used to be so cool back in Sonic Advance 2 and Heroes but later on became just an useless companion. No offense if you like her or not.

          Haha, I remember messing around making a Sonic Adventure 3 game idea, So I started out and created three characters. One character was a GUN agent who has a shooting type action stages. But his stages plays like a first person shooter, shooting robots and such and using jet packs. A more modern version of shooters from the SA days.

          I made one girl who reminded Shadow of Maria, because she looked exactly like her. She had a chaos emerald and a true special powers that the antagonist are after.

          And there was another character but I forgot. lol

          But I wouldn’t mind SEGA bringing back very old characters. No point in showing them in Sonic Generations on walls if you won’t bring them back.

  3. I would really like to see Sonic Heroes 2, although it’s probably not going to happen. I used to play Sonic Heroes all the time back when I had my gamecube. It was, and still is, such a fun game.

  4. Amaya-Chan (

    OMG YES!!! I hope its good! I’d like SA3… If they seriously revealed that, I would cry XD

    This day keeps getting better and better with announcements huh? :D

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  5. Alrighty…for anyone who didn’t read the rumor…here’s a quick brief on it:

    Stages: There will be 20 stages (acts?) and once you start a stage you will have multiple paths to take to a different level, but you will still end up in the same final level in the end. Refer to Shadow the Hedgehog’s level advancements (how you could choose which route to take, taking you to a different level, but still resulting in a same final level/Boss Battle).

    Characters: There will be NO new characters in this installment. Characters will be unlocked gradually as you zoom through stages. There will be up to 10 characters, each with their own ability. For example, Sonic and Shadow may not be able to reach a pathway due to it’s height, but Tails can with his flying, and Knuckles can with his climbing. The exclusive pathways will be small and will not break the flow of gameplay. Refer to the secret paths in Sonic 3&K.

    Gameplay: The game play will continue it’s same formula as used with previous Sonic games a.k.a switching seamlessly from 2D to 3D and vice versa. It is unknown whether the Boost formula will continue or not. The 3DS version will play as how all handheld Sonic games have played, similar to the Sonic Rush style games. The 3DS version will also be a smaller version from the console counterparts, including all 10 characters, but fewer stages.

    ….That’s all I could really squeeze from the rumor! :) This Sonic rumor really sounds like a Sonic Adventure 3, but without having characters do certain tasks! Just running action gameplay!

            1. How do you know if that’s the troll or not oh btw the new sonic game looks cool very cool I can’t wait for it to come out

            1. Cum down plz I don’t think he means to bother you he is just asking if SA1 and SA2 is on the wii u so plz be nice ok

        1. the only thing thats a issue is how far apart the games i want are. for ex. Monster Hunter ultimate is near a payday but so is Luigi’s mansion 2 and pokemon mystery dungeon. other times were never that much of money grabbing

  6. it’s alleged to follow the same formula from generations, unleashed (day), and colors but with more diversity towards the stages.

    I’m hopin that they bring in hub worlds for these stages too

    1. Hopefully we get more open worlds this time like Sonic Adventure! :) I would like to have a Sonic that may once again move quickly 360 degrees. Unleashed, Colors, and Generations to an extent, were all linear. I would like more space in my Sonic games, even if it means sacrificing some speed :P

  7. More babyware a crap remake of a baby are zelda game, another mario, croods prehistoric party, and now sonic. You guys must be so proud, who needs sex when you can play these games, they isn’t that right Nintendo fans!

    1. Sonic games aren’t bad in my opinion. There’s nothing babyish about zelda, but I guess I have to agree with you about the graphics of let’s say wind waker. They do look “kiddie”. But it is a good game.

    2. feel like your a virgin or a desperate whore but cant be one because your to ugly, gross and smell, wouldn’t be surprised, real girls play more games like sims and not a bunch of shooters

  8. I want a Sonic Adventure game that’s truer to the original 2. :0 not fuggin Sonic ’06 or anything. :0 but in HD.

    1. Sonic 06 is the closest thing you will ever get to a Sonic Adventure 3. Get over it and let it die. The Adventure era was a cool, new thing back then, but now it’s not. So let’s move on to something new.

      1. I think the thing we need is a brand new vibe to Sonic. With an unpredictable story, only a few new characters but with lots of character development and new moves to add to the stages.. No end of the world type bosses where Sonic goes super for game. Something original.

        I know this sounds crazy. But imagine if they remake the Speed, Shooter and Hunting stages to fit the more modern era of newer video games. Example, Sega should pay attention to Assassin’s Creed on how the main character does tricks and parkour freerunning moves to get to areas. But… wait… didn’t Sonic demonstrate those moves back in the Sonic CD opening/ending? I think yes. Sonic stages should get rid of the whole boost to win and include more climbing, wall jumping, and free running. Like the panel jumping from SA1. That was cool. Reminded me of freerunning.

        As for shooter stages, we know how most people easily gets bored with those kind of stages. I thought of Halo and Call of Duty. A new invention of 1st person Shooters in the Shooter stages for example, The player is playing a Tails stage or something and he’s shooting robots in first person.

        As for hunting, it should include a more combat freeroaming type thing. Mixing a Sonic 3 running around type to opening doors, fighting enemies. For an example, Knuckles can have combat while hunting around. But his hunting is mixed with speed action stages.

        I know… but these are just ideas I’m throwing around to keep up with the modern days feel. Kids don’t like kiddie stuff. They like realistic teenage games.

  9. I read the rumor, if it’s true I would love to see not only characters that haven’t been seen in ages, but also maybe reintroduce the Sonic CD and maybe Sonic 3 and Knuckles Formula. Going through time and for some characters (Sonic,Tails,Amy,Knuckles) when they go to the past, they end up in their classic versions of themselves! And for the Sonic 3 and Knuckles, collecting chaos emeralds (and super emeralds???) the old fashion way instead of the game just giving it to you like the newer installments.

  10. I like the Modern Sonic formula (boosting) and hope they don’t add some gimmick like the Werehog in Unleashed, and if they do, at least try to make it decent like with Classic Sonic in Generations and the Wisps in Colors.

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  12. Awesome. This year is getting better by the minute. :)

    I hope they do something refreshing like Sonic Colors and have the fun of Generations in the next game. I do hope for a longer Sonic game, because Colors and Generations were too short.

  13. This can go one of three ways: 1) it can be false and we’ll all be upset, 2) it can be a new Sonic game and we’ll look forward to it, or 3) it can be the long-awaited Sonic Adventure 3 and we will be ecstatic about it. Either way, we know Sonic will be playable, but I’m hoping at least Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, and Blaze (honestly, those last two don’t get the respect they deserve) are also confirmed, and maybe one of the older characters that hasn’t been around for awhile (Mighty, Fang, or Ray the Flying Squirrel, anyone?). The gameplay and story also have to be good. Otherwise, I’m up for anything in the next Sonic.

    1. To be honest. I don’t care for Silver. But the gameplay is the one I care for the most. I just hope is something new to the series. No more… crappy… End of the World type boss… Sonic going super, some supernatural or ancient deity out to destroy the world. We’ve seen that in SA and SA2. Now it’s just getting plain annoying.

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  14. What!! How!! Have they just been keeping it a secret??!!!!! I’m shocked!!! 0_0 will it be on the eshop!!! 0-0 CRAZY!!! Well I guess this would be a good sign for sonic in ssb4 >w>

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  18. Klonoa_Dream_Traveler

    nintendo sucks dick. their fanbase are a bunch of pussy ass nerds that sucks on nintendo’s cock every time they release a horrible commercial gimmick console that has no real innovation at all. thats why nintendo’s gimmick console is a flop and getting a price cut with third parties backing out to make games for it. read up before you talk out your ass sega has more money than you think you stupid nintendroid fanboys. qweef on that while i get on topic.

    the only good thing about this game is that its not another crappy installment to the sonic 4 series that only pathetic horrible sonic fans that hang at sega forum and sonic stadium that dont know jack about the series or gameplay that would pretend to love that piece of shit game.

    i love sega but i hate the idiots that work there today that has made sonic a complete experimental joke to games that dont even make sense to the series and have no sense of real creativity. i hate idiots that un-estimate sega’s finance just complete weak fanboy move to run to that topic. honestly the majority of all the comments i read on this message board are morons. oh and who ever are the idiots that keep mentioning generations 2 there isnt gonna be a generations 2 asstards. if you seriously think they are gonna release a second installment to generations this soon then you missed the whole freaking point of what generations was about and the generations story line was cheezy lazy and short.

    1. Did little Johnny have a bad day? There there, let it out. Don’t talk as if you know anything when clearly you know nothing about Sega’s financial issues, nothing about how good Sonic is doing in recovering from his darker days, and nothing on grammar in general.

  19. Shadow the Hedgehog

    Dude, fuck the people who said Sega sucks. Does ANYBODY remember Bleach? shit, SEGA had those games made along with Sonic. And Sonic almost put fuckin Nintendo’s Mario out of buisness just from his first fucking game!

  20. Shadow the Hedgehog

    Plus Sonic is on every console and Mario isn’t. Meaning? Mario just plain sucks dingleberry ass nuggets. Sonic is better than he is, but in Sonic’s world Shadow is the best.

  21. Shadow the Hedgehog

    Between the two franchises Sega’s Games: Bleach’s Ichigo Kurosaki can kick Mario’s ass in two seconds flat.

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  23. For anyone concerned about the resolution differences, don’t be, the content still will be the same.

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