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These Are The Wii U Virtual Console Games That Will Be Discounted For A Limited Time

f-zero_screenshotThe first Virtual Console title to launch on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U is NES title Balloon Fight, which currently costs 30 cents to download. After one month of being in the Nintendo eShop, the NES game will then cost $5. This is part of a discounted program offered by Nintendo to celebrate the Famicom’s 30th anniversary in Japan. Upon their initial releases on the online marketplace, for 30 days, the NES and Super NES games listed below will cost 30 cents each. Which discounted title(s) do you plan on grabbing?

  • January – Balloon Fight
  • February – F-Zero
  • March – Punch Out! Featuring Mr. Dream
  • April – Kirby’s Adventure
  • May – Super Metroid
  • June – Yoshi
  • July – Donkey Kong

117 thoughts on “These Are The Wii U Virtual Console Games That Will Be Discounted For A Limited Time”

      1. Amaya-Chan -

        Really?? That’s actually pretty cool! How does save states work though? I diddn’t really understand it in the Nintendo Direct lol

        1. Probably like the 3ds virtual console for some games/ambassador games. You can create a save state in game and go back to it at any time. Ex. Playing zelda and get low health so I use a save state so I can go back to it if I die or something etc.

        2. It allows you to save the game at ANY point in the game. So if beat a really hard level and have to wait to save it officially, you can create a restore point. You can only have 1 restore point (per game) and can be constantly overwritten. That’s what helped me beat Legend of Zelda on 3DS without the white/magical sword and no Blue Ring, and only 4 heart containers. I was able to reload to a room where I took too much damage, or even died in.

      2. And then in another sense they are DOWNgraded, visually. Nintendo has implied a terrible interpolation filter over their Wii U VC games that make them look extremely blurry and fuzzy. They’re much more clear on the Wii VC and on the 3DS.

    1. I guess but its only £1/$1, and with that you get gamepad support, save states, miiverse, its really more of a personal option that anything, the game you originally bought is still on your Wii/WiiU

    2. You don’t even get a discount when buying on the 3DS.
      Lets say I bought Metroid for 3DS for $5, then I wanted Metroid on Wii U. Same price.
      Also $5 NES Games are pretty pricey in the first place.

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              1. Amy has done nothing but trolled here and talk shit to everyone, and this once again is most likely another trolling.

                1. Amaya-Chan -

                  I used to be a top answerer on yahoo answers back in like… 2007 ^^; so when I see someone who needs advice, its hard for me to ignore it O_o; even if she HAs trolled the hell out of this site ._.

    1. It depends how the other parent or parents in this case feel about it. And if there is a mother figure in the childs life. If its important to you, make time for both kids. :)

    1. Amaya-Chan -

      Same here. I was prepared to wait until fall, but now that all this epicness is revealed, I want one so bad that it hurts!!! XD I tried one out at Best Buy earlier today too… which made waiting even harder!

  1. So I’m confused. what system is this sale starting on? Can I download balloon fight on my WiiU right now? Sorry, just confused by the news of the VC coming in spring and this VC sale occurring now… :P

        1. Lol! You save that 30cents homie! That might be the “poorest” comment ever made on the internet. Your wallet is a virgin I take it. I can’t stop laughing, thanks.

  2. Ok… So why is there so much hate on gaming news sites/forums/message boards? It’s every single one! The consumers have gotten so wrapped up in all their little quests for ‘internet superiority’ or seemingly wanting their e-penis to seem larger! Gone are the days when the video game communities were friendly and civil. It’s sad how it’s all gone to shit. It’s ridiculous how somebody gets shot down only for expressing their own views and opinions. Wow…just wow.

    Alright, now I’m fairly certain someone is about to prove my point and start a flame war about my post. Let me just make it clear that I won’t be biting at any trolls. I’m just gonna leave it here and wait for the internet to explode.

    1. Dudel/gal, when you said e-penis I couldnt help but chuckle at 1:53 am lol. I got attacked for suggesting that nintendo remake some ds titles from the ground up like castlevania dawn of sorrow or mega man zx or dragonball z supersonic warriorz for the Wii -uin since the Wii-U is a super powered DS. Dude named scott walters on the fb version of this page called me a spamming twat. Look here!/photo.php?fbid=10151429554995320&id=729150319&set=o.134882609870387&ref=stream&__user=0 now tell me that wasnt evil and idiotic >_<

      1. Thing about facebook is you aren’t anonymous so Scott Walters can call pepole a spamming twat while at the same time allowing them to find out personal information

          1. While I don’t like people being attacked for expressing their opinions, I have to say your idea is definitely not legit and quite illogical really.

            1. Whats wrong with dawn of sorrow being remade? The boss battles had you using the bottom screen to trace a seal to seal the monster within a limited time otherwise the boss would revive and re attack you. Why not implement this in the wii u? I keep reading. developers are not sure what to do with the wii u, konami had a good idea, why not use it with better technologies? ?

              1. Why would Nintendo spend time and resources developing a game that would generate minimal interest and sales (not to mention a game they don’t own the publishing rights for)? I’ve heard some pretty terrible game ideas but this ranks among the worst.

              2. Amaya-Chan -

                I think its a pretty good idea! However, its not the kind of title that would be top priority, and there would need to be serious consideration with how many people would really want that if they went and developed it. It would be a good idea and the fans would probably love it!

      2. Amaya-Chan (

        Ooooh, but ya know what would be cool down the road???? Remember the gameboy player for the SNES and the GBA player for the GCN???? Imagine a DS player for Wii I mean there could be an adapter you could somehow attach with a DS game and you already have the two screens!!! It done pretty cool to me ;D

        1. I was thinking about that too actually. It could just be a little drive that plugs into the USB port. Hopefully it would play 3DS games too, just in non 3D mode.

          1. Amaya-Chan (

            Or it could be comparable with 3d televisions as well? I don’t know anyone who owns one, but the option could be there as well to keep the 3D format :D

    2. Because the Internet brings out the stupid in normally resnoble people.
      I’m sure when in real life people won’t make fun of school shooting victims, or wish cancer rape and death on everyone ant their mothers. What you say on the Internet is anonymous and has no consequences.

    3. Amaya-Chan (

      Welcome to my Nintendo news! Actually it was a lot worse on here a.few days ago. The whole comment section was nothing but trolls. It’s actually bee pretty civil for the most part today :) I was gonna leave this site comepletely just because of the trolling, but I noticed there where a lot of nice people that shared my opinions and excitement towards good games so I decided to stay on here and just ignore the trollsfr the sake if supporting the mature people on here :)

  3. I already own the original games on the NES and SNES (except F-Zero and Super Metroid). Why would I waste money downloading them?

    1. quite thinking about yourself, and realize there are many others that haven’t played these classics, the option is there and that matters.

  4. For 30p I’m more than happy to get each and every one of these. Would love to see the offer extended afterwards too.

    Some are pretty vague tho. Yoshi….Yoshi’s Island? Yoshi’s Cookie?

  5. I’m getting all of them, except for Yoshi (not my kind of game). I got a bonus code because of the Nintendo Network Premium thing when I bought Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed from the eShop, so that will pay for these titles. Super Metroid on the Gamepad! Awesome! Funny how they said they’re prepping the games, wouldn’t it be great if (they probably won’t) they added som Gamepad functionality to some of these games. In the case of Metroid they could throw the map and inventory down on the pad. But I guess it’s too much to hope for after yesterdays news.

  6. Amaya-Chan -

    Super off-topic, but once I found an N64 with Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Stadium 2 at a garage sale for $6 XD

    but, back on topic, I reallllllllly hope I get a WiiU soon! Come on wallet! You can do it! I believe in you *insert Rocky Training Montage with my wallet*

    lol, what did I just type?? I dont even…

  7. Too bad theres no Super Mario Bros. I mean, i know its been released tones, but i want it with original graphics, on my gamepad.

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      It’ll be in the VC for the spring update, I’m positive of it. I think that they diddint make it 30 cents because most people probably already have Mario Bros downloaded.

  8. The One Who Wrote This

    Heard from another website that Japan’s getting Fire Emblem 3 and Earthbound instead of F-Zero and Punch-Out.

      1. That is SO not fair. I would very much like Earth found for $.30. Maybe eventually, I’m hoping this will be a regular thing. My brother sure seems to get a lot of free games from Playstation Plus, maybe this is Nintendo’s answer to that. Keep ’em coming.

        1. Amaya-Chan (

          OMG they have Earthbound on the vc in Japan???????? Why does Japan keep all the good stuff to themselves??? Wait, is it Mother 1 or 2? The NES title is alright, but if its the SNES one then they’re freaking lucky!! D: Same with Fire Emblem! Have any of you seen the Thracia 776 Limited Edition box? Soooo cool!

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    1. oh, thea, these are exquisite. inatirspion to get to know my camera intimately. i can’t figure out if elizabeth’s place was already a cottage on santorini or if that’s your doing the space! the light! those blues!

  10. Wait so, if you bought it for 30 cents, before the month has passed, you have to re-buy it for the discounted price of $1 like they said, or do you keep it?

  11. I HATE how my purchases on BOTH Wii and 3DS aren’t counted towards the Wii U eShop…. its so whack. And why wasn’t GBA brought to 3DS as it was said they would? merhhhhhhhhhh Nintendo… -.-

  12. 1. Have it on 3DS
    2. Don’t like F-Zero
    3. Not my type of game
    4. Have it on 3DS
    5. I suck at Metroid and can’t be bothered to get better
    6. Have it on 3DS
    7. Have it on 3DS

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