Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently spoke to Tatsuya Minami and Atshushi Inaba of Platinum Games to talk a little about game development and the company behind established games such as Bayonetta, Vanquish, and the forthcoming The Wonderful 101. Minami talks to Iwata about how the company is desperately trying to emulate the western relationship between the publisher and the developer, where the developer ultimately has more freedom to do what they want. Here’s a snippet from the latest Iwata Asks.

“If we fail, the company will break up, and if it goes well, we’ll be like, “Take that!” I think that kind of relationship is good. After all, the ones who think about the players the most and face them and strive to make something for them are the game makers.”



  1. Ok, can i just say, i fucking love that picture @_@

    But this is why i love Platinum Games, they demand full control, rather than allowing a publisher to say what goes when it comes to game development, so you get titles that are designed well, but also unique, seeing as no-one is telling them, “oh you need to put this in”, or “this needs to be like this”, which we see with EA publihed titles but seems to be the unfortunate case with Bioshock Infinite aswell, with the “lovely” preorder DLC -__- and in an interview about the shitty box art, show Booker in a COD pose and without Elizebeth on the cover either, they said 2K forced them to do it so it would sell more to the stupid demographic, despite it Elizebeth being the main focus of the game.


      • Guess we’ll find out at E3. We know they are working on a fan wanted project and that’s it. I’m assuming they’ll be helping out with Mariokart as well as they did an awesome job on MK7.


        • They did an awesome job on MK7 for how it happened. Progress wasn’t going fast enough so EAD had to leave development and leave it all to Retro to have it finished in time. They did a great job and the game was great.

          Just don’t force MK Wii U out on any specific date. It’s alright to have a delay of a few weeks.


  2. Huh? Let the developers do their own thing. First and foremost thing about creating games is having the most creative control. Freedom=Better Game. That’s what I believe. Weeee!!!!!


  3. I hope they work together well and collaborate well and I hope they are prolific and have a long relationship. Nintendo has a long history of working work outside developers. I really think Platinum Games and Nintendo are a match made in heaven.


  4. I hope Platinum Games makes more games for Nintendo. I don’t know if anyone will have as fruitful a relationship as Nintendo and Rare, that was the best.


  5. I’ve only played one of their games which is MadWorld and I think that is awesome, it shows that the Wii isn’t just for kids as that what a majority of people think.
    I’m hoping to soon pick up Bayonetta as that look’s awesome and if I like it and I sure I will I’ll be defiantly getting Bayonetta 2.
    Also doesn’t anyone else think that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance look’s totally awesome (which is another game being developed by Platinum Games and will of course be published by Konami as its Metal Gear.)


    • If your getting Bayonetta, I Reccomend the Xbox 360 version since the PS3 Port is Terrible with Bugs like Freezes & Many Framerate Drops. (; *Sigh* U gotta Hate Bad Ports. ^^


      • I don’t see why developers do this. I know it’s easier to develop for the 360, but if you develop for that first, you should at least put some time in to bring it up to scratch on the PS3.


  6. Anyone noticed the past few days there has been no trolls? I won’t call their names but A & J the two main ones, even the highly functional retards has been m.I.a. I’m guessing all the great news has them in disbelief….


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