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Nintendo 3DS Save Data Transfer Tool Coming To Japan in March


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced during a special video update on Friday that the Nintendo 3DS save data transfer tool, which enables Nintendo 3DS owners to move saved data across from their cartridges to the digital versions, will be released in Japan in March. Iwata declined to give out any additional information about the data transfer tool, but hopefully we should hear something in due course.

32 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Save Data Transfer Tool Coming To Japan in March”

    1. There’s nothing wrong with digital. I personally dont like having case all around the house, i like that its just there, and i can delete it, redownload it whenever i can.
      Of course there’s games that id purposely buy on disk, be it because someone i know would want to play it on their system, or if i just like having the game in physical, but with the SD and an external HDD, i can do all that anyway.

      Also, if digital was the only form of buying games, game prices would be much cheaper and localisation more encouraged

      1. Well You have valid points , But Nintendo’s UK digital prices are more expensive than in the stores. 3DS digital £39:99 3DS in store £29:99 / £34:99 Wiiu Digital £39:99 – £54:99 Wiiu in store £39:99 – £44:99. They need to sort that shit out….

        I like buying games , but if I finish it and don’t ever want to play it again , I sell it to get money back. Like Batman for wiiu I didn’t want to keep or collect that , just finish it in 13 hours try out the wiiu features and get £20 of the £35 I payed for it back…

  1. Ok – But this is assuming that I want to buy the game a second time just to be able to get it in a digital format. What would be great is that we can take the game from a cartridge and transfer it to a digital format. But for that to work and prevent piracy a minimum, they would need to bind the cartridge to the console when this is done!

  2. Im not sure why this would be necessary to anyone…
    You either have the cartridge version, or the digital, and they havent done the thing were they said you could make a digital copy of the game on the 3DS if you have a cartridge version

    1. It’s not reported wrong… This is talking about your save files on cartridge itself. If you were to choose to purchase MK7 digital version, this tool would allow you to extract your save file off the cartridge and onto your console so your digital version would use that same save file. This is not talking about creating a digital copy of the game. It transfers the save file (progress within a game) to your console. This is for those that want to “double dip” on titles they have a physical copy of and buy the digital version.

      1. Ok, well done everyone, maybe you should all read what i wrote.
        I knw what this is, im just saying, whats the point of the feature? Who own the physical and digital copy of the game, which lead me to the copying physical games on the 3DS.

        1. Very little people, but there’s those that only want digital format so they did rebuy. There are a very few in the minority that would do this and perhaps this is why it’s only in Japan so far.

          The only title I would even consider would be MK7, but this is because I can easily boot it up and not have to swap out carts. This is a very low priority for me since there’s way too many other games I want first.

        2. I don’t think they’ll ever let you convert it from physical to digital, that’s where I got confused. Not sure where you heard that, but all references to this tool is for moving save files, and not converting to digital. It’s intention is for you to rebuy the game and move your save file over, which very few people would actually do (at least from what I would believe).

      1. So aparently you’re going to use it?

        Unless you’re a spoiled brat who has wealthy parents that don’t give a shit how you waste money, this feature does not apply to you, hell it applies to a small smaallll smaaaallllll percentage of the market. Why not spend the time and money giving us better features?

  3. Arrgh, I thought this was gonna be a tool that lets you save your game on the 3DS and then resume your save for the same game on the WiiU like if you saved your game for example the original Legend of Zelda on 3DS, you could go on your WiiU and download the save via maybe a cloud system and resume it on your TV.

    1. Patience, that feature is coming. When the other companies release their next generation consoles too. Nintendo has so much for the Wii U and 3DS only about 30% has been revealed. I always say this and it comes to pass, guess the big man has got my back as always.

  4. In other miscellaneous news related to nintendo. NeoGaf, IGN websites were ablaze with the nintendo direct of wednesday the 23rd. Doubters, drones and xbots alike now buying a Wii U. The energy is like the kind when Bayonetta 2 was announced, difference being they were all happy nintendo has delivered.

    P.S the 3DS is still seating pretty at the top.

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  6. i don’t think this will be that useful to me. I would only get 1 version, not both. If i get physical copy, i won’t get the digital and vice versa.

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  10. Um…can you move it to nothing? Like, just have floating file? It would be really helpful for me since my friend was willing to lend me her copy of Virtue’s Last Reward, but her bro didn’t want to erase their save data, and apparently, there are spoiler flashbacks now. It would be handy if they could put there save somewhere else first so I could borrow it, and maybe lend them some games, too. :P

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