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Luigi’s Mansion 2 Coming To Europe In March, Plus Box-Art


Nintendo has announced that Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be available across Europe during March 2013 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and will be available both at retail and as a digital download from Nintendo eShop. The game is simply called Luigi’s Mansion 2 in the United Kingdom, whereas it’s called Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in North America. The long-awaited game is due to be released on March 24th in North America.

19 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion 2 Coming To Europe In March, Plus Box-Art”

  1. I hope Luigi’s Mansion remains a series and keeps on coming back. But I hope there’s also a Wii U version later as well. I’d hate to think that it’s forever stuck to just handhelds now.

  2. Why the name change? Is there a misic group that patented the use of the name “Dark Moon” or somthing? Thats usually the case…

    1. Different places use different marketing strategies and this often results in different names. Animal Crossing: New Leaf/Jump Out for example.

    2. Was never officially called Dark Moon in Europe or Japan. Has always been Luigi’s Mansion 2. Only in North America was it ever called Dark Moon.

  3. Luigi’s Mansion 2 >>>> Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon :P

    Can’t wait for this though , this is my joint most anticipated 3DS game this year with Pokemon X/Y

    1. Eh, I prefer subtitles personally. They add more personality to the name, they can give you a better idea of the content. And you can keep them going forever, imagine if all the mario games had been labelled with numbers.

      1. Well some of the Mario games have been labeled with Numbers. I see where you are coming from But I was upset they were calling it Darkmoon as if to say ”this is a spin off not the true second iteration” . I know this game will kick ass just because of the 2. :)

        3DS killer app incoming…

        1. This game, however, is different in almost every way from Luigi’s Mansion.

          I think that, plus the marketing strategy, is the reason for the “Dark Moon”. Anyway, Dark Moon sounds better IMO, it gives it more depth.

          I would prefer there be a console Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3 for EU & JA).

          1. I think they can achieve mostly what they would want to on console on 3DS in terms of gameplay , and the game is shaping up to be visualy stunning on 3DS.

  4. If I’m looking at both the NA and PAL boxart side by side, I can see why they might have updated the NTSC version with the neon green Luigi and lettering. The PAL version looks pretty washed out and dull, but I suppose that’s only after comparison.

    In terms of the title, either one works. I personally prefer 2.

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