Nintendo has announced that Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be available across Europe during March 2013 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and will be available both at retail and as a digital download from Nintendo eShop. The game is simply called Luigi’s Mansion 2 in the United Kingdom, whereas it’s called Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in North America. The long-awaited game is due to be released on March 24th in North America.



  1. I hope Luigi’s Mansion remains a series and keeps on coming back. But I hope there’s also a Wii U version later as well. I’d hate to think that it’s forever stuck to just handhelds now.


    • Different places use different marketing strategies and this often results in different names. Animal Crossing: New Leaf/Jump Out for example.


  2. Luigi’s Mansion 2 >>>> Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon :P

    Can’t wait for this though , this is my joint most anticipated 3DS game this year with Pokemon X/Y


    • Eh, I prefer subtitles personally. They add more personality to the name, they can give you a better idea of the content. And you can keep them going forever, imagine if all the mario games had been labelled with numbers.


      • Well some of the Mario games have been labeled with Numbers. I see where you are coming from But I was upset they were calling it Darkmoon as if to say ”this is a spin off not the true second iteration” . I know this game will kick ass just because of the 2. :)

        3DS killer app incoming…


        • This game, however, is different in almost every way from Luigi’s Mansion.

          I think that, plus the marketing strategy, is the reason for the “Dark Moon”. Anyway, Dark Moon sounds better IMO, it gives it more depth.

          I would prefer there be a console Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3 for EU & JA).


          • I think they can achieve mostly what they would want to on console on 3DS in terms of gameplay , and the game is shaping up to be visualy stunning on 3DS.


  3. If I’m looking at both the NA and PAL boxart side by side, I can see why they might have updated the NTSC version with the neon green Luigi and lettering. The PAL version looks pretty washed out and dull, but I suppose that’s only after comparison.

    In terms of the title, either one works. I personally prefer 2.


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