Official Nintendo Magazine Lists Top Ten GBA Games


The official Nintendo magazine has listed their ten favourite Gameboy Advance games ahead of the Virtual Console release on Wii U. The Virtual Console officially arrives on Wii U sometime in the Spring and will initially include Nintendo Entertainment System games, and a variety of games from the Super Nintendo. Gameboy Advance games will hopefully follow shortly after release.

10. Mario Kart Super Circuit
9. Golden Sun : The lost Age
8: Wario Ware inc
7: LOZ : Minish Cap
6: Mario And Luigi : Superstar Saga
5: Pokemon Emerald
4: Metroid Fusion
3: Super Mario Advance 2
2: LOZ: A Link To The Past
1: Advance Wars

Thanks, Nintedward



    1. Advance wars is arguably the best GBA game . I put it up there with Minish Cap and Fusion , but Minish cap is my personal favorite. The most beautiful sprite work ever in a game.

      This list gets me excited for some GBA games on Wiiu , as I sold a lot of mine when I was a kid and only have 6 left….


      1. LOLZ, man, ya heard? Superstar Saga was da bomb! man,ya heard? the real street sh*t.
        That bomb shit, y’all nigg*s gone all day! to ride in yo’ sh*t with! man, ya heard?


      1. My list
        1.onimusha tactics fantasy tactics advance
        3.rebel star tactical command.
        4.metroid(both versions)
        5.megaman zero series.
        6.castlevania series
        7.ogre battle. fantasy 3(6)
        9.river city ramson
        10.wario land 4
        And a honorable mention to those above which will make my list my top 20.


      2. Yeah , Nice list . A more Niche less mainstream list but an awesome one none the less!

        Final fantasy tactics was da bomb!


    1. I honestly agree. When I think back. There aren’t as many original games on the system. Mainly ports and remakes. Only sonic advance series Mario n Luigi n megaman zero n battle network comes to mind.


    1. I doubt they will bring Pokemon to the gba vc. They haven’t even brought any to the 3ds. Maybe they just don’t feel the need to bring them since you can’t battle online or they just want us to play the ds versions and x and y in the future.


    1. Pokemon games are probably the best thing that comes out on Nintendo handhelds, In fact I only buy nintendo handhelds for pokemon. That’s all I need, same deal with Halo for xbox lol. And yes R/S/E were the best GBA games in my opinion too.


  1. Glad to see Advance Wars get some recognition. It’s starting to look like one of those franchises that gets a handful of games and then forgotten about.


  2. NONONONONO!!!!!
    We do NOT want GBA games on the Wii U, they belong on the 3DS
    WHY OH WHY is Nintendo so stupid!!!

    I think that every virtual console game should be available on both consoles, not just on one, that’s stupid.
    Meh, another reason not to buy the Wii U


    1. I kind of feel the way you do, old handheld games SHOULD beome back around to handhelds, 3DS deserves GBA games and you are right, the virtual console should be unified so games can be bought on both, maybe up to N64 on 3DS though as gamecube would be to much to emulate. Andlikely your sd card would be full fast. But wouldn’t gba games on Wii U make you WANT one? If pokemon emerald came to wii U, I might consider getting one, because that just sounds so awesome to me! But you are right those GBA virtual console games HAVE to come to 3DS, its more than capable.


  3. I don’t like this list. 2 ports of games (that have probably made the top 10 of the list of their other console) in the top 3? No thanks. In my honest opinion ports don’t deserve to be on a top 10 list of best games for X console. If I were to alter only that, I would have replaced those 2 with boktai and MMBN3.


    1. suprised, im not, fuck you nintendo, gamestop made a deal with nintendo do bring over xenoblade, thats sad, if nintendo did what they pulled in the wii generation there better off dead, and i like nintendo


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