solitaireGVN has uploaded a video tutorial that shows how you can play solitaire on the Wii U GamePad. According to the video, to play the game on the 6.2-inch touchscreen controller, turn on the Wii U console, open Wii U’s Internet Browser and insert this URL – – which will take you to a website that’s an HTML5-based solitaire game built on the Internet.



  1. Awesome. I wish that Nintendo would make a solitare app with a Nintendo theme. A changeable (even automatically) background of Nintendo titles and the cards being all Nintendo themed as well. Haha! Just an idea!


  2. Only Nintendo pussies would give a damn about solitare, since they are always alone since no girl would fuck an unmanly Nintendo gamer.
    ~THE REAL Bill~


  3. I was more impressed by that fooze ball app they showed on Nintendo Direct recently.
    Can you imagine how awesome that would be to bring to a sports game with the guys if they don’t have their own fooze ball table at their place?


  4. For those who plays with their computer monitors… Unless you REALLY want to use your gamepad, I don’t see why you would play that since you are in front of your PC which means… it comes with Solitaire (or free download if you have the shitty W8)


    • It’s just a different way to play, like if you don’t have a computer, or you just don’t feel like turning it on etc. The more games for a games console, the better,


  5. You don’t need to play “manly” games to be a gamer. I own every Sony and Nintendo platform to date. Even the Virtual Boy AND the Color TV Game.


    • Uh, no. I have a lot of consoles and tons of games on my PC, yet still play maybe 5 or 6 games of solitaire as something to calm me down before bed when I have to get up early.


  6. Ok, totally unrelated, but…
    I just realised that the “ba ding” sound when you turn on the old gameboys is the coin sound from Mario but at a higher pitch .__.

    Mind. Blown.


  7. Ok, I used to comment here alot. I don’t anymore. You know why? Because half of the people here are trolls, idiots, spammers or just plain mean. THis is the end of this site for me


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