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Crytek Forms Studio With Former Darksiders Developers


Crytek has announced today that they have created a new studio in Austin, Texas, which will include a number of developers from the Darksiders franchise. Vigil Games, the development studio behind Darksiders, was closed last week when THQ failed to find a buyer for the developers and the series. Crytek has picked up a number of employees, and the CEO had this to say about the acquisition.

“Crytek has always enjoyed a special relationship with gamers and business partners in North America, so establishing a permanent presence in the US was a natural step,” Yerl saidi. “We are extremely excited about the work that we will be undertaking from our strategic new location in Austin, with David Adams and his team of 35 experienced developers. We believe our CryEngine technology will enable the team we assemble to create unparalleled new gaming experiences.”

– Crytek’s CEO, Cevat Yerli

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56 thoughts on “Crytek Forms Studio With Former Darksiders Developers”

    1. Vigil and darksiders are staying put ? Do they have rights to the Darksiders IP or have they just adopted jobless Vigil employees and shoved them in a new company ?

      1. I just thought it meant Vigil and Darksiders were staying :/
        This news could turn out to be sour if im honest….

        1. That sucks lol… They should make a new IP then called ”Sharksiders” using cry engine. It’s like Darksiders only the aquatic sections are much , much more exciting.

          This is bad news to me.

  1. Great, but this means nothing for Nintendo gamers unless they decide to utilize the Wii u in their future endeavors! Maybe EA will be more apt to put crysis 3 on the damn system if their heads weren’t planted squarely in their own ass!!

    1. Shit, i thought i said like a whole new studio, not like Crytek Austin or something :/

      Fucking Nintendo, why didnt you buy them? -.-

  2. Why is this article on a wiiu website? It’s not like this or any other third party will support the wiiu outside of old ports and party games

    1. Well, if you want to split hairs this story has nothing to do with nintendo. However, if you read the comments on a lot of articles here, many of them were very interested in what would become of vigil and its employees because they really liked the darksiders series. So, THUSLY, when news pops up about what is in store for vigil employees the authors of the website say to themselves “well got damn! this isnt strictly wii U related, but it is interesting and i see a lot of people wondering what will or will not happen with vigil, so fuck it, lets post post it because so many people have shown in comments that they have a marked interest in the fucking subject and i dont care if some small minority of whiney commenters may wanna bust our balls over posting a story or two that although are very interesting arent strictly related to nintendo”

      Is that good enough an answer for you? If it isnt, heres another: IT IS THIER WEBSITE AND THEYLL POST WHAT THEY ATE FOR BREAKFAST 3 YEARS AGO IF THEY WANT. you dont have to read it.

    2. This site isn’t strictly wii u related. Read the name of the website: myNINTENDOnews. Not mywiiunews. But it is their website and they can post what they want. If you aren’t happy amy, you make your own website called myamynews and you post news like ‘amy hates nintendo’. But no-one except you would go there so there would be no point.

      1. Wow two third party games you guys should be so proud. Enjoy those and I will enjoy dead space 3 and bioshock. I am playing need for speed most wanted on my ps3 now, can you playing on your wiiu. Nope because it’s still in Development being dumbed down for your wiiu

        1. Dead Space & Bioshock are boring games in my opinion. You can have that it. I own a Wii U & PS3 & I wouldn’t buy it. You can’t play X & Fire Emblem on the PS3 either so stfu.

      1. and ea doesnt publish great games? i think the stigma a lot of people have towards ea is kindof stupid. most games they have published have turned out great. sure they add a lot of dlc to the games, but they’re not making you buy the damn dlc. it’s there if you want it. what shocks me is how much hate ea gets, but no one really cares about activision, you know, the company that takes great franchises such as guitar hero, call of duty and tony hawk and just runs them into the ground with anual releases. yeah, no one bats an eye when activision gets a hold of a franchise, but everyone freaks the fuck out when ea does.

        1. Activision are shit too, but everyone knows it and nobody defends them.
          But EA are just takin the piss.
          There are micro transactions in Dead Space 3….


          Oh wait, its not horror anymore, because EA wants to market it to fucking idiot cunts and make it more “actiony” because that always turns out fucking well /s

          1. theres another pointless thing to complain about. microstransactions. YOU DONT HAVE TO FUCKING PAY FOR IT. everything you can buy with the microtransactions CAN BE UNLOCKED BY PLAYING THE GAME REGULARLY. adn also, have you even played the demo of the game? i played it in co-op, and it’s pretty damn scary. it’s not being turned into an action game, but a horror game that you can play with a friend. and seriously, deadspace 3 looks to be one of the best games comin out this year, yet, since it’s published by ea, you have to find things that either enhance the game or are optional to make you freak out and blame ea for messing up something that they didnt mess up.

            1. No, you dont understand, microtransaction in a game mean one thing, the game is designed to be a chore if you dont buy them.

              Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, its pretty fun but very repetative, but you can unlock new stuff like characters as weapons.

              To unlock new stuff you use credit tha you get after ever game. You know how many games it takes to buy a pack worth getting? 3 games. Know how long that take? ONE AND A HALF FUCKING HOURS. Why the fuck would they design a single match to be half an hour long?!
              You wana know why? Because getting credits becomes a fucking chore!
              So you look at the packs, and you see they only cost a little, so think, “why the fuck not”, you buy it. And you know what makes it worse? 70% of the time it contains shit you dont want or need, making that 1 and half hours fucking pointless.
              Its designed to fuck you over and benefit nobody but themselves, same with FTP games.

              1. because deadspace 3 and mass effect 3 are being made bye the same people right? i dont think YOU understnad what microtransactions are. you’re not buying packs of weapons or anything like that in deadspace three, you’re buying resources of which you can find IN THE GAME. and you could say unlocking anything in any game is a chore. just because mass effect 3’s multiplayer has a poorly designed progression system, doesnt’t mean that microtransactions are bad/force you to buy anything. and seriously re read what you said. you are litterally complaining about MASS EFFECT 3 when you’re supposed to be complaing about DEAD SPACE 3. two totally different games. plus mass effect 3 doesnt even technically have microtransacions, they’re dlc packs. think before you speak friend.

            2. actually I played the demo in co-op and wasn’t scared at all; played it over in solo and the horror had returned. Having a teammate really does get rid of a lot of the fear element of the game. Otherwise the game was great either way though so I’m not complaining.

              1. i mean yeah, it’s a litle less scary to play with a friend, but it’s still scary, and is still a blast to play. but oh well, gota love people who hate to hate.

  3. Dumb nintendo should have bought these guys since they have experience in HD graphics,and they Darksiders. series was influenced By zelda,non of Nintendos 1st party developers such as Retro,monolith soft and EAD have experience with HD graphics for graphically demanding games.


    1. It will be okay. Nintendo, Retro, Monolith Soft, and EAD will be fine on producing beautiful HD graphics. They do this shit for a living. Going by your grammar and sentence structure i can tell you aren’t very experienced in using the english language but i still got what you meant and im sure you dont even type whiney and shitty little comments onto blog sites for a living, yeah?

      Buck up, theres better things to be dissappointed about. :)

      1. I am form Germany and my main language is German.
        I am German. I am 17 And my English isn’t the best… There are a lot “non english speakers” that visit English sites.
        I understand what he means (so did you) and if we can understand him isn’t that good enough?
        You weren’t very aggressive but I think it was kinda rude.
        But I too am kinda disappointed…

      2. its the guy calling the other guys grammar who has ISSUES its been proven in studies that online spell checkers are usually INSANE FREAKS

        spelling a work correctly is just spelling correctly it dont imply GENIUS DOES IT

        i left school in 1988 with writing and spelling issues DID YOU OR ME MAKE 200 THOUSAND POUNDS IN CLEAR PROFIT WITH NINTENDO SHARES

        I REST MY CASE


        1. I wasnt merely criticising his spelling and grammar just to criticise his spelling and grammar. It was what is called an anology to point out that, although his grammar and spelling may prove he doesnt have experience using it properly i could understand him or her and they are not a proffessional writer against the fact that although the studios he mentioned (dubiously so) may or may not have experience with fucking HD graphics they will do fine, especially since creating graphics and great games is what they do for a living. what he was saying was akin to, OMG LOOK AT THAT POET CLAIMING HE WANTS TO WRITE A NOVEL!!!! OMGZZZ HE CANT DO THAT THAT HE DOESNT HAVE EXPERIENCE WRITING A NOVEL, HIS PUBLISHER SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT STEPHEN KING KING TO SHOW HIM HOW.

          So, you can rest your case, as it were, all you want to, and be butthurt because your from germany and could understand him, but i was not in the least being a grammar nazi, which you both would have understood if you had reading comprehension skills.

    2. Seriously, who gives a shit? Why winge about HD graphics, it’s not exactly rocket science is it, especially when EAD, Retro and Monolith have made graphics almost on par with HD on just the Wii. Rather than complain about absolutely nothing why not just not bother posting, eh?

  4. There os new system update for the Wii U… But I always get this error:
    But I know why… I think I will let you know…
    The emergency plan for monday.

    1. I thought they already did?
      I know they hired Naughty Dog devs but im sure they hired some level designers from Vigil

  5. cry guys make homefront everything cod isnt , put some effort into things

    wiiu gamepad and wii remote offer unmatched experiances

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  7. I like Vigil better than Crytek. I’m not impressed with Crysis, it’s just a tech demo. It sucks compared to Halo or Black Ops. Crytek can’t make fun games. Besides, they bought Timesplitters and they haven’t done anything with it. Also, this means Darksiders is over, by separating the IP from the creators, that kills the franchise normally, especially when that IP is still defining itself.


    Fun fact: Retro Studios, the developers of the Metroid Prime series, are located in Texas.

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