Epic Mickey 2 US Sales Have Reached 529K


The NPD Group has announced that Epic Mickey: The Power of Two sold 529,000 copies during November and December in the United States. Nintendo 3DS exclusive Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion sales combined with Epic Mickey: The Power of Two reached 695,000 units sold in North America over the same period. We learned today that the studio behind the games, Junction Point, has closed down.


  1. Wow, it really did bad considering it’s on all 4 consoles (Not including 3DS version since it’s completely different), I just read the during Nov.-Dec. period, doesn’t sound as bad as I made it sound since I thought these were the latest numbers from last friday.


    1. im not surprise i seen this bullshit all the time. companies make an exclusive wii game and the later makes it for multi and guess what they gamble themselves 4X and got bankrupt.
      i seen these stupid companies think “if the wii ver sell this much, image if it was multiple device (trollface look)”. they expected way more that they should.


  2. Sad that it didn’t do well.

    Sure, it was a wierd game, but I had fun playing it. My brother plays through it over and over again like it’s his all-time favorite.


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