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Zelda Wind Waker Was Set To Include A Gamecube Island


Concept art from the recently released Hyrule Historia shows that Nintendo originally planned to include a Gamecube island in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, but they withdrew it for an unspecified reason. Joining Gamecube island was Stovepipe Island, which was an island of steam and smoke. You can see sketches of them inside Hyrule Historia, the Legend Of Zelda book.

76 thoughts on “Zelda Wind Waker Was Set To Include A Gamecube Island”

        1. Didn’t Super Mario 64 DS find a way to make the shitty controls of the original game even shittier?

  1. The stovepipe isle kinda looks like the one island that’s reallllllly tall and you have to use a seagull to go all the way up to hit a switch. I was always convinced the receding waters within the ring around the tall part were hiding something lol

      1. I did control F to see if anybody already mentioned it :p
        Yeah, that’s pretty much the first thing that came to my mind too.

        1. Dee ess club for life bro :) You know I took my spade to DS island and got me some Rupaaaaaaaaay mother fucker!!!!!

  2. That looks really awesome actually, I wonder why they never did it.. I hope there’s a chance they’ll do something like that in the remake. Pretty excited for the remake, I loved Wind Waker to death :)

    1. LOLZ man, ya heard? can’t wait for WW remake! its going to be so damn dope! WW is da bomb! man, ya heard? ’til you break your motherfuck*n head for me! da real street shit! I hope they include not only this, but others coolz feaures! man, ya heard? When I bounce back and you know I done caught my breath!

      1. We don’t really know. I don’t see it as too unlikely though, seeing the way Nintendo does remakes. A year also seems like a lot of time to redo graphics. Hopes up, though.

  3. Thats interesting because for those who haven’t played Phantom Hourglass, there is actually an island based on the DS. (I believe its called Dee Ess Island)

  4. I doubt they will add more islands on wii u even though it would be great since the game does feel rather short.

  5. I’m still hoping for (not only the remake, but) a brand NEW Zelda game for Wii U starring Toon Link. It sucks that there was 2 on the DS and only Wind Waker on the Gamecube. I hate when Nintendo releases sequels of major console games to the handhelds. Same thing they’re doing with Luigi’s Mansion 2 (although I’m looking forward to that).

    Wind Waker was SO awesome. I loved trying to figure out how to get on (or in) all of the islands. I also loved using that crane on the Lion boat to pull out treasure. Although the rupees really started feeling like repetitive treasure after a while. I loved searching for the Triforce shards. Heck, I even liked that fish that kept calling Link a small fry.

      1. Meh, they’re pretty good. PH has the annoying Phantom Temple, so does ST but its less annoying.

        But overall they’re great.

        1. I actually liked those temples. I like writing all the notes down so you could basically skip through all the shit and back to the fresh bit of the temple.

          The spirit tower where you had to use Zelda was really awesome.

          1. I didnt mind them…the first couple of times, but constantly going back there was a pain in ass, because you had to go through any floor before the one you needed to get to. It wouldve been better if each floor was individual, id actually like that in a Zelda game, almost like a mini dungeon between the main ones.

            1. Indeed , it was a great concept , but not executed perfectly by any means. The spirit tower in Spirit tracks was awesome.

              1. I’ve actually owned Spirit Tracks ever since it first came out, but I never played it because of having too many other games and stuff.

  6. Well, Ice Isles and Fire Mountain were initially planned to be full dungeons, so I could see how Stovepipe Island was the Fire Mountain dungeon in its early stages.

    As for the GameCube Island… well, that idea was obviously fleshed out in Phantom Hourglass.

  7. Neat.

    I have a question for an admin though, it’s not completely related to the topic but I would appreciate an answer.

    How come you refuse to clean up these threads? delete the spam, ban the obvious destructive trolls etc.

      1. Does no good?
        Bro, even trolls have limits to how much they’ll put up with.
        Somewhere down the line, they’ll stop creating fake emails just to post irrelevant stuff here.
        All we need is a mod willing to fight as hard as the trolls do.
        Nothing changes if no effort is made. It’s because of people who say that effort won’t change anything, that the USA is in such bad shape right now.

  8. Wow, there sure was a lot of content they planned to add to The Wind Waker but cut out for various reasons! And some of these islands may have held cut dungeons!

    Here’s hoping some of this stuff makes it back into the Wii U version.

  9. I think the GC Island would be cool as an Easter Egg in a far corner of the map or something. Maybe for the Wii U remake?

  10. I miss the Rito… so much.
    Anyway, the Gamecube island would have been cheesey, but a cool find. Oh, and can you throw in some more dungeons and items in the Reborn edition? :D

  11. First, I’m really confused by all of the nut shot videos I went past on the way down here to comment. But I digress.

    Second, hopefully this is the kind of thing that they consider adding to the Wii U version.

    And third, I hope I’m not the only one who’s hoping that Nintendo sticks with the “Reborn” that they only sort of half meant to add to the title during the Wii U Direct. I think “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Reborn” sounds pretty cool.

    1. Well actually they didn’t even put reborn in the title. It was more like a Get ready to see ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’ reborn on the Wii U.

  12. Hm. I can see that there’s a chance they’re gonna not only add GC and Stovepipe Island but possibly a few others like on that’s based off of the Wii U and the gamepad. I’d love to see a retro island that’s based off of the NES/SNES or N64.

  13. Maybe in a Loz game for wii u you could go to a wii u based island and when you beat a boss there and you get the stylus a weapon with Miyamoto’s signature on it.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      It’d be hilarious if they made a LoZ with Pictochat/Scribblenauts ideas in it. Link gets a GamePad in the beginning and you create your own weapons for him. You draw him a Master Sword and he uses it in the fight xD! The game would suck and would ruin the franchise, but it’d be pretty funny

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