Nintendo Land And New Super Mario Bros U Both Sell Over 2 Million Worldwide


Nintendo has announced that both Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide since launch last year. By the end of December, Nintendo Land sales reached 2 million while New Super Mario Bros U sales were over 2.3 million. Nintendo also revealed that they expect to sell four million Wii U consoles by the end of March.


  1. Thumbs up to Nintendo for having 2 million copies sold apiece for both Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U. I hope they’ll more millions when they release more U titles starting with Rayman Legends in late February.

    1. Rayman is unmanly bullshit, like everything Nintendo puts out. The only thing manly enough to satisfy me is Iwata’s luscious cock!

      -THE REAL Bill-

    1. First the Unity Engine… and now the GameBryo engine. The developers (either top names or independent) need to get on the Wii U bandwagon and take full advantage of the hardware’s graphics processor.

  2. Hopefully they’re counting only the copies of NintendoLand that sold separately, and not the ones that came with the Wii U Deluxe sets. Because it always annoyed the HELL out of me when Nintendo used to claim that Wii Sports was the best selling game on the Wii. When it CAME with the Wii, so that doesn’t even count. I don’t think that anybody would have even bought Wii Sports if it sold separately.

    1. But you have to keep in mind it didn’t come with it in all regions, and it also didn’t come with it for about a third of it’s life. In 2008 or 2009, it was swapped out for Mariokart and only more recently was added back in with Wii Sports resort.

      Also, you don’t understand is people bought the Wii to PLAY this game, and this game ONLY. There are hundreds of Wiis out there where it’s the only title because people just wanted a bowling sim in their living room. So it should most definitely count. After all it is typically a piece of software that drives the purchase of the console. See what happens when Pokemon X/Y launches, Super Smash Brothers launches, Mariokart U launches and if you drift away from Nintendo; how Halo sells consoles (well probably more so in the past).

      1. Well, I feel sorry for anyone who bought the Wii just for Wii Sports. I sure didn’t. I only played Wii Sports a few times and then never touched it again. I’ve been so traumatized by it’s mediocre casual-ness that I’ve been skeptical of Nintendo Land. Even though I heard it’s a deeper game than Wii Sports was (not to mention, different type).

      2. I do as well, but it’s a casual game, and that primarily appeals to casual gamers. The majority of the people on this site do not fit that stereotype. I was the same as you, it had lasting power of a month or so, then only played it for random multiplayer matches for a year or so, then hasn’t been loaded up in forever.

      3. But it sounds like you played it a lot more than I did. I probably only played Wii Sports maybe 6 or 7 times. Maybe more, but hard to say.

      4. Not that much more, I say it was about a month, but I wasn’t playing it everyday, as I was in college at the time and finals came approaching not long after the Wii came out. I got Twilight Princess, Red Steel and Excite Truck for Christmas and that basically ended my play of Wii Sports.

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