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Nintendo Returns To Profit, But Slashes Wii U Forecast


Nintendo UK has sent out a press release stating that they’ve returned to operating profit, but they’ve cut their Wii U sales forecast. Nintendo today reported financial results for the first nine months of its current fiscal year (through Dec. 31, 2012), and revised full-year financial and unit shipment forecasts. While Nintendo saw year-on-year increases in the sales of Nintendo 3DS hardware (up 11 percent YOY) and software (up 41 percent YOY), those gains were not enough to offset decreased sales of Wii and Nintendo DS hardware and software. Furthermore, the strength of the yen averaged against the euro in the first nine months of Nintendo’s fiscal year contributed to an overall 2.4 percent year-on-year decrease in sales. On the other hand, the company has returned to profitability in ordinary income and net income levels, driven primarily by foreign currency exchange gains. It has now cut its Wii U sales predictions from 5.5million to 4million.

45 thoughts on “Nintendo Returns To Profit, But Slashes Wii U Forecast”

    1. I don’t know what’s going on there! I work at Wendy’s part time, and I could afford a Wii U. Isn’t their ecocnomy’s currency strong or is there a lack of advertising? I don’t understand the low sales myself… just saying!

      1. I live in Germany and a lot of people aren’t interested…
        The play pou
        (really E V E R Y O N E plays that shit…
        But they can’t believe how unmanly I am for playing Mario and Pokémon.)

        serious… I am the only one who doesn’t play that shit…
        Okay besides me I know four people who have a Wii U and three that want one… One of those three wants a new cell phone so he can play more games (playing games on a cellphone is soooo stupid)… The other one want a xbox be cause he wants to play Minecraft on a Xbox… And the other one can’t afford it yet… Oh and there is this girl in my class her name is Sarah and she also is interested… But she wants a xbox instead… Now let me list her favorite games:
        Super Mario, Animal crossing, Mario kart, Pokémon and she likes Zelda….
        Now let my list the games she dislikes:
        CoD, Halo… All shooting games…
        I don’t understand why she wants an xbox rather than a Wii U…
        Then there is my best friend who likes the Wii U but think that a ipod has better games..
        A few games he plays:
        Zombie farm, Order and Chaos and a few other games that are equal to shit.

        Germany and the UK has the worst “gamers”…

          1. Wow! I’m from Norway, too, and I swear, those are the only games people play these days. Ugh, what’s happening to the gaming industry?

      2. It’s because of the price and lack of game, it also doesn’t help that the retail market in the UK is slowly dying.

        Once the Wii U has more games, preferably one that aren’t ports, and lowers the price then sales will pick up.

  1. Does not bother me. They still sold amazing stuff for it for the time being and with announcements for E3. I expect them to raise forecast right after E3 because they know full well the games they announced are exactly what we want ;). Genius really and I expect summit great to heard about GameCube for Virtual Console then since they never really told us about it.

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  3. Nintendo should just leave England and focus on all the other countries. If England don’t want them Nintendo don’t want them! At least that should be the mentality. Nintendo would be making more money if they didn’t waste it in that country.

    1. Moron.. People in europe can’t afford :/ Not that we don’t want it! It’s too expensive and there aren’t enough jobs >.>

      1. I doubt that EVERYONE in England CAN’T afford Nintendo products. Face it. The UK is the worst when it comes to Nintendo. I think Iwata is wasting his time and the companie’s time being in the UK. Focus on America and Japan and the rest of the world Nintendo! We love you more!!

        1. Well obviously there are some people who can but simply don’t want it because of the lack of games and also the games that are out are stupidly high prices.

          I never see any advertisement on tv for it either…

        1. True, but that doesn’t mean the people are always smart with the money they get. Also there’s lay away and other stuff to help pay, and its not like no body has a job! I got a job last summer just to get a 3DS ;)
          It was part time
          Teaching kids in summer school to make video games c: I was a TA!

          Oh yeah and people save up too :p

    2. What a stupid comment.
      Our economy is shit at the moment.
      Do i want a WiiU though? Yes.
      Do 3 of my work mates want one?
      Yes. Moneys tight right now, Christmas just finished, we cant all afford it. Its not like America when you can just ask Obama to get you one. Sure, we could all live off money hand outs here, but there’s a catch. We have pride. We take pride in making money, and we spend it on essentials and other people.

      Go be ignorant somewhere else.

      1. Your just mad you can’t afford one! Take your biased comment off my post! England doesn’t support Nintendo plain and simple! Look at all the other countries, you think we all can “afford” the Wii U? you think we don’t have “money issues!?” Look around, England isn’t the only one in the hole, but they are sure as hell the only ones not supporting Nintendo. England is the suckiest country to live if your a Nintendo fan…

        1. Fuck off you American prick.
          I bet you didnt even buy a WiiU, you probably got it for Christmas, so you dont actually understand the value of money, and that people gave to buy FOOD, and pay BILLS, and RENT.
          Piece of shit.

          1. I bought my own Wii U thank you very much! I DO know how to make my own money as I work as a local soccer referee(where I got MY money) so stop making assumptions. I know what I am saying isn’t “nice” but it doesn’t make it any less untrue or needed. Sometimes the truth hurts.

      2. I understand where you are coming from, but please don’t lump us all in together…Obama is a marxist narcissistic compulsive liar, and not everyone in this country thinks they should get free shit from the government…I know I don’t make a lot, my wife only works like 10 hours a week, and I don’t take anything from the government, because ultimately its stealing out of someone else’s pocket, considering its the government committing ‘legal’ theft from its citizens. And these people that worship Obama? Yea, they aren’t the majority…they are the most of the dumbass kids coming out of high school and college and the rest are the suckers of the teet…thinking they are owed something…did you know we have had a pretty large percentage of people on unemployment for 2+ years? Its not like there aren’t any jobs, its people are too irresponsible or only want jobs where they want them, like they are too good to work at McDonalds or something…

        Sorry I’m ranting, but I do not want to be grouped in with these idiots…just because they are the loudest, does not make them the majority. Our government is beyond corrupt, and they keep pushing, they are seriously going to spark another civil war…

  4. Though the main reason is because most ppl don’t have jobs or only has a part-time job.
    Another reason is the extremely lack of marketing here in Europe.
    Here in stupid Sweden, the only way they advertise the Wii U is with a shitty 7 sec long advertise.
    I mean wtf?
    Europe needs more marketing!

  5. Man, all of this info is so confusing that it almost sounds japanese to me. Too much for my brain to comprehend. And it seems like 6 a.m. is always when the news starts coming in here.

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  7. i can understand this. Wii U’s not doing so hot right now. there’s cheaper stuff on the market with a LOT more games. once the good games start flowing in, things will pick up. 5.5 was a bit lofty anyway. the Wii was a smashing sales success and didn’t go much too far past that goal as i recall. 4 million might still be too high for the end of march and that’d be kind of disappointing, but nothing to worry about. it’ll hit its stride with time

  8. Nintendo needs better games, there’s no growth in the current releases at the moment, the same games setting on the shelves and the ones being released ahead are the same rehashed Wii games, nothing original.

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  11. I’m scared the Wii U’s falling into the path of the 3DS, meaning…immediate price cut come Summer, reimbursement to the people who bought within the year in the form of the 30-cent games they’re selling over time, and rabid fans of Wii U and trolls of Sony and Microsoft to flood the airwaves of sweet nothingness.

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