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Capcom Says “There’s A Possibility” That Resident Evil Could Receive A Reboot


Masachika Kawata, producer of Resident Evil: Revelations, has told Eurogamer that there is a possibility that the Resident Evil franchise could receive a reboot. Kawata revealed the information when he was quizzed about the mediocre reviews and sales of Resident Evil 6. He said that he is open to the idea, but said that a lot of decisions would have to be taken before something like that is done to the series.

“If we did [go with an open-world], we would want to preserve what Resident Evil is and what makes it appealing to fans, while also making it accessible to new players. It would almost entail having a slight reboot to get the series into a place where it would work with open-world gameplay. That’s just a personal opinion.”

“A lot of decisions would have to be taken before something like that is done to the series, but it is something that…” he trailed off. “There is a possibility.”

“Once we see Revelations released on consoles, we’ll be looking very carefully at how the title is received and what feedback we get. I think we’ll get a lot of input from the fanbase and the media on what it means for Resident Evil, and what it could mean for the future of the series. We’ll definitely be looking at that as a signpost for where we need to be going next.

“Moving forward I can see us focusing even more on the horror aspect and fear in the series, and see us making something scarier than we have already.”


104 thoughts on “Capcom Says “There’s A Possibility” That Resident Evil Could Receive A Reboot”

  1. “we would want to preserve what Resident Evil is and what makes it appealing to fans, while also making it accessible to new players”

    Capcom…i dont think you even know what Resident Evil is anymore

    1. Just give me a Resident Evil game thats good.
      You can make fixed camera, which anyone who played REmake, will agree fixed camera is fucking beautiful, but you can make the controls work, and you can allow us to aim when shooting (lock on is shit against dogs and crimsons), and best of all, you CAN make it scary, and tense, and atmospheric, and open world.

      One of the most popular games last gen, Slender, as well as tons of other indie horror games. People LOVE getting scared.

      Just give us a classic game :/

      1. I loved the fixed camera in the older games. It made it that much more suspenseful not knowing what is off the camera and knowing you have no control over it. I miss the old RE before it became quick time events and action oriented.

        1. Me too, the REmake is one of my favourite games ever.
          They can still make it more accessible, even i think the old games have bullshit, like the lock on, and the way some enemies are at the other end of the door a grab you straight away, and the fact a key is now equel to the weight of a gold shield emblem -.- but still.

          1. I don’t understand when people say that re4 is the best resident evil. For me it’s the second and REmake. Actually i place re2 as the second best game in my top list, the game that beats it is Zelda OoT (3D). Well re4 is a really good game but the re-3 AND REMAKE beats i8t everyday.

            1. I only like the Wii version of 4.
              The controls are awkward in old Resi although i use Type C which is beautiful, but in the normal version of RE4, its just controls like balls, and i found it hard to enjoy, it was better being able aim properly.
              Resident Evil 5 had good controls though.

              1. I’ve only played re4 on wii because people seemed to think that was the best version. Which version do you have for the old resident evils. I had re2 and 3 on PS1 and recv on ps2, but I sold them and got them on dreamcast. On the dreamcast you can see your ammo and health on your controller.

                1. I had RE2, then every other i played the GC versions of, Coe Veronica: Whatever is was, and REmake, then RE4, but ditched it for the Wiiversion.

            2. RE2 is a by far also my favorite RE title. It’s head to head with the REmake for me. I love both games equally as much and both are the most enjoyable ones in the series for me.

  2. Focus more on fear they say? That’s what they said they would do for RE6, that game isn’t scary. Resident Evil stopped being Resident Evil the minute Raccoon City got blown up.

  3. If you make anymore on rails Resident evil spin offs for Wiiu Capcom I will find you and destroy you. Stop fucking this franchise up , and release Games like Resident evil revelations. Is that so Hard ?

    1. Or release resident evil games as good as 1.2 and 3. They were in my opinion, the best in the franchise, then they all went to shit.

      1. Resi 4 is my favorite. 1,2 and 3 are all excellent. Especially 3 Nemesis is one of my favorite bosses in gaming!

        Revelations was excellent and the best Resi since 4.

          1. U serious ? I would put that in the top 10 best games ever made. That being said I like paper mario sticker star , you don’t :) . Everybody has a different opinion hence why 100 Xbox and Sony drones just disregard games as Skyward sword and galaxy as ”kiddy”.

            1. I agree with the dragon here.
              Personal resident evil ranking:
     zero (hate this game)

              I’ve never played re6 or original re1.

              1. Fair enough bro. Everybody has different opinions. Thinking back Resi 4 is my favorite Resi on the gamecube. And Zero was good imo. Resi 3 is up there for me too.

              2. Wow, I totally felt the same about zero…I tried like 8 different times to get into that game, and everytime I just felt like ‘wow, this game is really boring/irritating/bad/I don’t really know’…but I, like a few others, would have to rate Resi 4 as my favorite(on Wii of course), but for sheer scares, definitely Resi 2. Which is maybe why I love Resi 4 so much, getting back in Leon’s shoes was nice after playing through all the others.

            2. Skyward Sword is pretty meh, it has so many issues. Galaxy is diamond though.

              But RE4 was good, just not that good. The only parts i thought “okay, this is amazing”, was the bits with the Iron Maidens and Regenerators, those are creepy as fuck.

              1. Yeh those bits were immense. Having to use the Xray sniper to shoot the Virus inside of them!

                You know what I mean though , pretty much everything is opinionated , unless someone comes along and try’s to defend something like CoD declassified in which case they’re flat out wrong.

                Resi 4 is my favorite though. Those big boss fights , that shop guy ”HHHHWEEEELCOME!!!!” . The game is aging well and has a nostalgic feel about it already.

                1. Well i could say the same thing about Skyward Sword, some people say its the best Zelda ever. HEEELLL NO. It has issues that no game should have, period, let alone a Zelda game. And then there people are blatantly harsh on Twilight Princess.

                  1. It’s not the best Zelda game ever I agree , but it has the Zelda feel and quality about it. I see the flaws in the game, but to me the positives out weigh the negatives. That game was refreshing due to the motion plus sword controlls and it was like a Diamond in a sea of shitty rehashed games.

                    I would give the game a 9.5/10. It’s perfect to me ! But is it perfect for everyone ? definitely not…

                  2. I had literally 0 issues with Skyward Sword as far as gameplay mechanics go.
                    Not once did I ever have moments where it didn’t detect my swings, but that’s what comes of properly setting up one’s Wii beforehand.
                    No, my issues were with the lack of variety in side-quests.

              2. Dragon we agree again!
                Skyward sword barely had any exploration in it. The path you took was almost a straight line with puzzles, and in skyloft (skysea) there was no point in flying around and exploring the islands. Almost all islands had a locked chest, which would be activated trough a f*cking goddess cube that is placed in the path you’re going at the surface. And later you could search for them too.

                Some argue that you have to explore and get these bugs and sh*t, but you never has to stray away from the path to get this, and I actually got like all bugs and treasuers except maybe 3.
                I would say that skyward sword is the worst 3d zelda made.

            3. And how you disregard people who own more than 1 console as being “drones”. What a twat. Skyward Sword wasn’t CHILDish, it was RUBBish. Worst Zelda game since the CDi Zelda game.

              To each their own, but in that same breath that you say that, you mock/criticize people who like a different console than you. Practice what you preach and stop taking other people’s console preferences as a personal attack/insult to you.

          2. It was funny , at the time of Resi 4’s release it felt like a next gen game that had came early. I just remember how much my Jaw dropped when i saw it. And the gameplay pretty much matched the visuals. Ashley shouting ”LEEEOOON HEEEEELP” was the only negative. I like the none dual stick controlls , but it was even better on the Wii version which I have.

  4. Just think! In the new Resident Evil, Wesker could be a demon, Chris could be a drug addict, and Jill could be an angel!

    And gaming journalists will call it the best game ever.

  5. Resident Evil was one of the best gaming franchise when it was a horror game. Now they made it into a millitary/action game, which is so horrible and boring that I would never play RE6, even if I got it for free. Just go back to ur roots and people might enjoy RE again.

  6. I had a brilliant Idea.
    Let’s create a genre that everyone will forever remember, then after a few games, kill off the iconic villain and make it as scary as a sheep turd!

    1. You know whats worse? Theyve done it to about 5 games :/ Mega Man, Resi, Devil May Cry, MvC and…i duno, probably one i camt think of right now xD

      1. Sometimes the iconic villain needs to die though… It isn’t a bad thing to bring someone new. Thats how you make MORE iconic characters.

          1. Umm, when the major villains die and a new game comes out a NEW major villain takes their place. So it isn’t alwas the same old villain detp derp!

  7. Here’s what you do Capcom, have one team make fixed camera RE games, and another making third person RE action games in the style of Resident Evil 4. Is that really so much to ask?

    1. Fixed camera angles have very little to whit scare factor, i got a shit ton of scares from fatal frame 2 on my xbox.

      1. Except they do, thats why the original Resi games were scary.

        But fixed cameras in Resi and just amazing. I remember so many great shots, like theres a angle where its looking through a window, that creeped me the fuck out, it was like something was looking in.

        1. Nope thats how we remember those games to be scary, dead space1 did a better job at scaring than resident 5 even corpse party is scary but thats mostly cause of the excelent audio, i say if capcom actualy try to ad scary elements back it would not matter what camera we use.

          1. I would prefer the fixed camera style, but it wouldn’t bother me much if they made it like the earlier version of re4 where you walked aroun in third person in a mansion(like re revelation, but less action).

          2. Dead Space 1 wasnt even scary.
            It was atmospheric, but its was just jump scare of enemies pretending to be dead on the floor, or coming out of vents.

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  8. RE went from Survival horror to Action/shooter games.
    I think the stories are gettin to the point where a reboot is def necessary.
    But I dunno if changing the genre altogether is the solution. That was the problem of the newer games…

  9. Reboot would be a mistake, but it wouldn’t be their first, their first was letting go of the Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami.

  10. Trust me when I say this: “DON’T make a Resident Evil Reboot!” Fans are just going to be ungrateful and bash it anyway! That’s why I think RE6 is getting so much hate, fans are just being stupid these days!

  11. hardcore fans are unpleasible. survival horror is a dead genre now. i think resident evil 6 looks great and i can’t wait to get it

  12. More trash from Crapcom. Didn’t they stop lying after Resident Evil Revelations was a 3DS exclusive? No. Nintendo didn’t get RE5 or RE6 after RE4 was released for the Gamecube.

    Honestly, i don’t like them anymore because they killed off Mega Man, made Resident Evil into Call of Duty, and they don’t support Nintendo anymore like they did in the NES days.

    1. thenintendoreviewer

      It usually means a series of movies or games done again from scratch with the inspiration of the original series. But with a different style, new technology, things like that. Basically a bunch of remakes that could be very similar or very different but with the same story. Depending how a reboot is handled it can either be a good thing or a bad thing that just makes fans angry.

  13. I stopped caring about RE after the second game on the PS1. It’s been increasingly shite since then as far as I’m concerned.

    A new reboot with a more open-world, almost Walking Dead-style survival would be amazing. Especially if they made it online, and each player starts off somewhere in this huge, grand world map, and has to go around and scrounge & figure out how to get to Umbrella and kill the infidels! Lol.

    Honestly though: think world of Warcraft, but with an actual story that takes place in an online multiplayer world. Obviously some tricky setting up would be required so that each person can discover the key things that need to be done to move the story forward, but I think it would be a HELL of a game, and is certainly finally buy a Resident Evil game again if they did.

    Especially if it’s on the next XBOX or PlayStation. I want more console power for larger worlds, more detailed and interactive environments, better graphics and lighting, etc.

  14. More Horror, Less Shooting action and hollywood crap, Intelligent thinking when it comes to save or use the limited ammo you can find whther it’s just 2 bullets or 5 bullets you find in some area and that are scattered pretty far away from each other.
    No Health recovery items, One hit kill death from most monsters that far worse than Zombies is a must beacuse it also make sthe game way more harder, intense and realistic at the same time.
    No more Chris and other hollywood crap characters.
    Reasonable mutations that makes sense and not a man that can turn into a kraken in less than 10 seconds, it makes the game utterly childish and pathetic.

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