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Costco Slashes Wii U Deluxe And Basic Model In US


American retailer Costco has decided to slash the pricing of the 8GB Basic Wii U console and the 32GB Deluxe Wii U console. The retail outlet is selling the 8GB Basic Wii U console for $244.97 and the Deluxe 32GB Wii U console with Nintendo Land for $299.97. Yesterday Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that Nintendo wouldn’t be dropping the pricing for Wii U, but it seems retailers have their own plans.

72 thoughts on “Costco Slashes Wii U Deluxe And Basic Model In US”

  1. who gives a fucking fuck

    Cool, might pick one up if Nintendo makes more new Ip’s. I love zelda, metroid, f-zero and all but it kind of gets repetitive. The wonderfull 101, bayonetta 2, and rayman look great. I’m just waiting for shigeru’s and retro’s new Ip.

      1. Retro has a few guys from the Uncharted team. That’s all we know for sure. Don’t want to many new guys at once or Retro will lose its magic.

        1. You crasy? Whit how biased the industry is against Nintendo it could get a metecritic of 100% and still would hate on it.

  2. damn that is a good deal!!! And my sis has a costco card but its too late I already got mine from Gamestop back in November oh well

  3. Its a great console with negative press…Americans lust for all things powerful but poor quality is destroying good things

  4. Well if the console was not region lock I could have ask to my friends in the USA to get me one. I guess that +1 for Nintendo to have their console region lock. If Costco UK could sell the console @ £190 here in UK I will be jumping on it.
    if they do that I am sure the next post on mynintendonew would be: “Wii U in UK selling much faster than wii” or “Wii overtake the lifetime sell of the Xbox and Wii in just 4 months.” or even better “another good week for Wii U software sell in the UK”.

    1. Does everyone in uk get bad pays? Cause the only thing i hear is that they should get everything cheaper than anyone else.

      1. Dude, I though you were from Manchester in UK? OK my bad if you are not from there. The wii U cost more or less £300 ($480) in UK. Mainland Europe the Wii U is 269€ ($xxx) so here in UK we have the Wii u more expensive than anybody else in Europe (from my knowledge). Don’t get me wrong I would not want to be Australian cause my god they also have a tough time to get a wii.

        As for the answer to your question, yes the pay is bad and the living standard is very high, since we are in recession lot of big high street shops closing, the fuel is very high which involve an increase of the price of food. Also not mentioning the price of water,electricity… well bills in general increase, whereas salaries they don’t increase but they decrease…. in short yeah it suck to me in UK for the last 3 years. And it’s not wonder why MS and sony doing well here cause their console are affordable.

  5. I think an official price drop is imminent. The ‘We can just wow you with great-looking next gen games, magically forcing your wallet open’ sales plan (sighs), isn’t gonna work. Take the loss like you did with the 3DS and watch those U’s fly off the shelves.
    If not now, cut the price by December. I can’t see this not working, but whatever…

      1. If sales improve, you’re probably right- and I hope they do! But plans change when your main product isn’t performing well. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

    1. I completely disagree. We haven’t really seen any AAA games on the Wii U yet and when Nintendo starts pushing them out there, the sales will rise. This could’ve been done with the 3DS but Nintendo didn’t have any AAA games in development for it at the time so they had to drop the price.

  6. not surprised, the press and overall take on the wii u is down. I grabbed on day 1, still no regrets, but i did tell my younger brother to hold off for a few months as price drops would follow quickly. It probably should have started at 300 and 250, but thats easy for me as a consumer to say

      1. it’s like Sam’s club but I never seen video games at Costco just hdtv and computer but I never walked around much.

  7. What I can’t understand is that after being out for 2 months, people want Nintendo to offer a price cut. When the next Xbox /Playstation come out, I wonder if people will call for a price cut after 2 months? Also, with the black Wii U, Nintendo includes a game, HDMI cord, charging cradle, and 10% cash back on eshop purchases. Add up the game, HDMI cord, and charging cradle, that’s a savings of nearly a $100. I don’t think the next Xbox/Playstation will be so kind!

  8. online chat with bestbuy :Thank you for contacting chat support, my name is Nigel, how may I assist you today?
    hi just wondering if you guys price match? because i found wiiu basic and deluxe cheaper at costco
    Hello Tony. We currently offer price matching with Costco on in store purchases, however they are not one of the online retailers that we offer price matching with.
    k because at the store it cost same price online as well
    Okay. If the price match is the same price at a Costco within 25 miles of the Best Buy store you are receiving the price match at, they will be able to offer the price match for you.
    k thanks

  9. Still overpriced considering the anemic game list that it’s sporting.

    ZombiU turned out to be shite after an hour of playing and was more annoying than anything.

    New Super Mario Bros. U is a clone of the Wii/DS game with some worthless “modes” tacked on and prettier backgrounds; hardly an awe-inspiring first HD Mario title.

    NintendoLand LITERALLY looks like a kindergarten play date, with terrible low-res, boring, unimaginative “Mii” characters that look like they were originally created on a Nintendo 64; My my, how impressive that they can mimic designs from over 16 years ago there. Not to mention the games in NintendoLand are boring as fuck unless you have several people over, and who the hell does that on a regular basis anymore? Only the die-hard “Nintendo is the ONLY console ever and anything else sucks simply because it’s not Nintendo” fanboys still gather together like that.

    The rest of the world enjoys the ease, simplicity, and convenience of ONLINE GAMING.

    HEAR THAT NINTENDO?! IT’S 2013 YOU DAFT GITS! I realize you live harping on about making “fun” games above all else, but the vast majority of gamers don’t find inconvenience, low-rate console power (compared to modern standards) & games that look like they’re a decade old “fun”.

      1. Typical fanboy reply: no intelligence, just terrible 2nd grade insults.

        And you people wonder why everyone hates Nintendo fanboys so much. Nintendo games are childish, so no wonder you all love them because you ACT like a bunch of 5 year olds.

        1. Doofy… you have no fucking clue of A) video games; and B) Nintendo. First of all, Nintendo games are NOT CHILDISH. Not every Nintendo games are Mario and Pokemon. Nintendo games have franchise. Not only the Super Mario and Pokemon series are franchise… they also have hardcore franchise titles like the Metroid and Fire Emblem series. You’re nothing but a fucking child bitching on a company that have saved the video game industry drought in the mid 1980s. Experience it and accept it!

          Get N or Get OUT!!!!

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  11. $244.97 for the Basic and $299.97.for the Deluxe? I’m not seeing that on Costco’s website. Right now they have the Basic for $289.99 and the Deluxe for $339.99. Do I have to be a member to get the extra discount? Or have they changed their prices since this post was made?

      1. Yeah they changed the price quickly. I managed to get the Deluxe for 299 before they changed their minds…guess Costco knew that was a little too much of a discount

  12. I think this is just a test to see if the Wii U can sell and make a proffit in Costco at $100 off. And if it succeeds, Nintendo will do so everywhere else.

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