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Zelda Wind Waker Reborn Pre-Orders Up On Amazon And GameStop

wind_waker_reborn_link and GameStop have begun taking pre-orders for the gorgeous The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Reborn for Wii U. The item is currently available for pre-order at and is priced at $59.99. Nintendo has yet to confirm a release date for the game, but they have said that it’s coming later this year for Wii U. The company also said that the game will feature overhauled visuals, and new and exciting gameplay elements.

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127 thoughts on “Zelda Wind Waker Reborn Pre-Orders Up On Amazon And GameStop”

      1. Wowwww this game suck ass, its childish like a carton i dont get it its retarded they shuld remak twilight princes not t’hi shitty gaem u fanboy only know hw to suck Nintendo dick

          1. Wow ok where do I start? you’re fucking retarded. Video games are art.
            The definition of art is something that visually shows human creativity.

      1. There were scrapped islands, and dungeons in the game.
        Honestly, thats my only fault this Wind Waker, i liked the sailing, i didnt mind the triforce scavemger hunt, the game just didnt have enough dungeons

        1. That triforce quest wasn’t annoying to me. I’m with you it did feel too short but it’s crazy how majoras mask had four dungeons and felt like a long game. Sidequests did help that game

          1. Yeah, i mean there was alot to do in Wind Waker, but still needed more dungeons, i meaning when JabbuJabbu. ( or whatever. ), just gives you blue pearl i felt so cheated…need a dungeon for that, a lovely water temple xD

            Hopefully the overall lay out has changed to, it would be interesting if they used this game as a test for what they want to do with Zelda WiiU, have a non linear dungeon order and using the Tingle Tuner on the gamepad that a “second player” can use.

        2. I’m on the exact same page. Loved the sailing and thought the triforce hunt was fine, just thought that it could have been longer. Changing the wind direction got annoying too.

      2. Some of content was replaced with part where you hunt down pieces of the trifold of courage. They were afraid it would be too long of a game and people wouldn’t finish it, like what happened with Ocarina of Time.

        1. That happened with Ocarina? Maybe it’s because I’ve played it more or because it’s a compartmentalized plot but I thought Ocarina was shorter than Wind Waker?

    1. They will. When HD Wind Waker was announced, they said they were going to show shots of SSB4, a new Mario Title, and new Mario Kart title, and a new Zelda game at E3.

      1. they didn’t mention Zelda and E3 (about the others, you are correct), actually they said that this remake is coming to help with the waiting for the new Zelda game which may take a very long time.

  1. If this sells good which I bet it will, hopefully they’ll make something similar with MM…now that’s something to drool over.

        1. It’s just a listing price you retard. Nothing was announced yet, remember when Wii u games were priced at 100 bucks at gamestop?

        2. Nobody’s forcing you to buy it. Besides, I think it’ts pretty well worth it since the game’s going through a dramatic change and is also getting things added to it.

    1. How is it lazy if it looks different? The fans have been asking for this ever since the wii u was announced and they just wanted it as a GameCube download. We’re getting more than that

  2. Why do you keep calling it “Reborn?” The only time it’s ever been linked to the word reborn was when they said “Wind Waker, reborn on Wii U.” Note the comma right there. The game’s title (for now at least) is “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD.”

    1. Maybe that is the working title?

      Its more than just HD, the lighting is better, the colours and whites a brighter, there’s more detail, it could easily be called Wind Waker Reborn

      1. No official title has been given. I don’t know why it’s been referred to as “The Wind Waker Reborn” on this site.

        1. Because it’s being reborn on the Wii U, and there’s no other title to call it by for now.
          It’s better than nothing, and certainly better than a lot of the fan-fiction-esque titles that some people would come up with.

  3. Come on, Sickr, it’s not called “Wind Waker Reborn”. They don’t have an official title yet, it’s simply “reborn on Wii U”.

    1. What other gaming stores?????? We only have GameStop and had Babbage for a while which are basically the same of course there is Walmart, BestBuy, Kmart, and general stores if that what you mean

  4. Me wanting this now!!! No want to waiting!!! Late is to late for end this!!!
    But seriously… I cannot wait… Fire emblem is comming out tomorrow in the US….
    Nintendo ♥♡♥♡♥♡…

  5. My brother didn’t play this game because link is a child. Same as majoras mask. I won’t be skipping this game :) its too fun

  6. I don’t bother pre-ordering because within a 10 mile radius from where I live, there are more than 15 different places where I can purchase my software or hardware of choice…from day one! Guaranteed!

  7. THE WII U :

    1) HD windwaker remake with finese and class
    2) Unreal Engine 3 and 4 check
    3) CryEngine 3 check
    4) Unity engine 4 Check
    5) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 1080 P ( with 3DS cross play ) with irritatiing gunners check
    6) Pikmin 3 Check
    7) Support of more controllers than any console ever built check
    8) Miyamoto stepping out and silencing the naysayers with his new IP ‘PRICELESS!’

  8. Wow, $60? for the same game but with HD graphics. For that price they could’ve created an original Wii U game, not just another remake.

  9. Im sorry but i just dont wanna spent 60$ on a game ive all ready beaten twice. No urge to play through it again regardless of what it looks like or what they add. Personally think Nintendo remaking this and not putting more employees working on the new one is just stupid.

    1. It is just a listing price for the game, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a full priced game. And they are remaking the game for the sole fact that the new Zelda will take a while to finish .

  10. Just to clear this up, the game is not going to be called The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Reborn because when Aonuma was talking about the game, he said Wind Waker, reborn for Wii U, not Wind Waker Reborn for Wii U. It’s amazing what difference a comma makes.

  11. Its not called “Wind Waker Reborn.” Its just “Wind Waker.” When they announced it, they said: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, reborn on the Wii U.” So, its reborn on the wii U, not called “Reborn”

  12. I’m very thankful Amazon isn’t listing any product reviews on this one yet. Some of things people write BEFORE an item is even released are laughable. It winds up being someone repeating Wikipedia info or discussing how much they are looking forward to the title.

  13. Does anyone else think for this game they should redo the soundtrack with an orchestra because after hearing The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement from the anniversary CD I know the whole soundtrack would be epic if it was all orchestra.
    Who agrees with me..

  14. I’ll get the game if the price goes down (assuming it’ll be that high). Would prefer a download too but yeah I can wait on this one. Great game, but in no rush to play it again.

  15. I think it’s stupid to pre-order a game when the release date hasn’t even been announced yet. Then again, I don’t understand why ANYONE pre-orders games. Just wait until they’re released, go to the store and buy it. What’s so difficult about that? I could understand if a person lived in a place where video games wasn’t sold.

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  17. never owned a gamecube, or any console that generation, i was still playing my n64 then haha, so i never picked up this zelda so i am keen as a bean for this game :)

  18. I remember pre-ordering the original Wind Waker and then getting Ocarina of Time Master Quest. Possibly the best pre-order bonus ever!

    1. Yeah, that’s the only time I EVER pre-order a game. When there’s some sort of irresistable bonus that comes along with it. And yes, the Ocarina Of Time Master Quest game WAS the best pre-order bonus ever.

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