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Your Characters In Fire Emblem Awakening Can Get Married And Have Kids

Fire_Emblem_Awakening_StahlNintendo 3DS-exclusive Fire Emblem Awakening launched today in the U.S. and Canada. Consumers can purchase the physical copy of the game from retailers, or they can download the digital version straight from the Nintendo eShop. Either way, it costs $39.99 to get your hands on this exceptional tactical role-playing game, which introduces multiple new features to the Fire Emblem series. For example, characters can pair up to perform dual strikes or protect each other from the enemy’s attack. When characters pair up on the battlefield, they develop relationships with each other, can eventually get married and have children.


      1. Yes, it is possible. You can do so as soon as you are able to marry the corresponding female character to that child, and beat their sidequest. Although, some sidequests may not be the easiest thing to do…

      2. Which is a good idea, especially with Avatar’s kid, since they can get extra bonuses that other kids can’t and have ludicrous stats (caps being somewhere in the 60s-70s, where most other units would cap at 40s-50s.

      3. While I’m gonna but character’s that look good together, I swear I’m gonna get my Avatar the best there is. XD

  1. I honestly like this feature a lot. Back in Geneology of the Holy War, it wasn’t really that amazing (thanks to the fact that the game had IMMENSE pacing problems), but here, it works very well. Not to mention the abusibility. Hello, 70-some-odd defense Avatar’s child.

    1. The japanese version only allows heterosexual relationships, I guess this is the same. I’ll use a really tomboyish female character and marry a guy, I guess.

  2. Waittt… I thought they only marry for A support. and if they only have room for one A, one B, and one C like the other FE games (sorry I’ve only played FE 6-9) then I don’t think you can breed to have children… I maybe wrong. Out of the loop with FE games lately. @_@;

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  3. this is one of the last games i would have expected to have breeding mechanics. i’d like to see how this works

      1. well i dont know much about the japan only games, so uh, thanks for the info?

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        BTW Alzecha, you rock.
        Personally , I will not be buying this game because of it’s lack of a same-sex marriage option. I know it’s a silly act of protest, and while I will continue to buy Nintendo products, I just can’t bring myself to purchase a piece of software that blatantly excludes an entire community. Gay people play, and enjoy, video games, too.

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    1. MU or Avatar. Is the son/daughter of Validar and is sent to earn Chroms trust to kill him. Avatar does manage to hurt Chrom at the end but ends up stabbing him so Chrom won’t die. Avatar is also the vessel for Grima.

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