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IGN Tease “Interesting Wii U-Related News Coming Tomorrow”


Richard George, Executive Editor at IGN has teased on Twitter that we should receive some interesting Wii U-related news sometime tomorrow. Sadly, George wouldn’t give any hints regarding what to expect. It’s unlikely to be another Wii U focussed Nintendo Direct, as we’ve only recently had the last one. What would you like to hear?

“Some very interesting Wii U-related news coming tomorrow. Stay tuned. All I’m saying.”

166 thoughts on “IGN Tease “Interesting Wii U-Related News Coming Tomorrow””

    1. I think it might be something to do with their combining handheld and console dev teams, and what we should except in terms of new hardware and software ideas.

      1. People don’t really refer new games as “interesting”, that word is normally used for an upcoming feature, that we didn’t expect, so it’s either some cross hardware feature or miiverse related.

        1. Then again, the new issue of ONM is supposed to he teasing a new game, although that could just be the RE:Revelations re-release

            1. Maybe they are going to say that the had version of castlevania is coming to wiiu or that they have a release date for pikmin and the wonderfull 101.

      2. Nintendo already announced they are combining the the two, so that wouldn’t really be news.

        I really hope thats not the big announcement because that will bring a big ol yawn as I don’t buy portable gaming systems.

      3. may be jus may be, its a Grand Theft Auto 5 confirmation for wii u, LOL doubt it, a Nintendo console is not something you buy to play mainstream 3rd party games, its been like that a long long time, i hate it, but its true,regardless it does not effect me, since i am one of those lucky people who buys an games on ALL PLATFORMS, PC,WII, WII U,PS3, XBOX 360,portables,retro, gaming is not just my hobby, its my passion, an second to it, comes my wife an 2 kids, LOL anyway i hope metroid prime 4 gets announced, or possibly metroid dread, but in 3d, an like a prime game, in first person, hell i tell you i only bought my wii u for a 3d hd metroid prime game form retro, man i love those guys,an then any 3d mario, aka mrio galaxies 3, or should i say mario U-niverse! lol an zelda,but i gotta say skyward sword although fantastic, with the true one to one motion controls, was a massive disappointment, the linear nature, an repeating dungeons, just felt lazy to me,i hope the new hd wii u zelda lives up to the hype! ps all the god damn trolls on this site, why dont you die! i wish firefox had a instant troll blocker, just like ad blocker, that i would pay for!!

    2. Just remembered, the ps4 possible announcement, this could be Nintendo’s first punch at trying to get back alot of the attention. After the Nintendo Direct there was alot of hype, and then straight after Sony came in with what we think is the date for the PS4 reveal, and id be surprised if Nintendo didn’t retaliate in some way to get everyones attention again, we know they have alot of secrets up their sleeve

      1. I don’t think so. IGN would hype it up a bit more instead of just saying “interesting.”

        They’d probably say “big” or “shocking” “sweet” “awesome” something along those lines.

        So I’m not expecting anything too big. Maybe some new features or plans for the system.

        1. Well they can only say that if they knew what it is :p anything could be considered good news even a port of recently released games coming to the wiiu could steal a bit of the spot light. Farcry 3 port? Splinter cell? New screen shoots of wind hd?

    3. its the fact that they are about done with new zelda and fooled everyone with saying it would’nt be out for awhile iwata said all those games would be out by christmas this year as in 2013 to stock holders

    1. I really freaking doubt it. Last year mytamoto barely found out fans want a new f zero game. At 2-4 years will we get one

  1. I am calling it. World of Warcraft for Wii U.

    Waaaayyyyy back before the Wii U was released there was a “leaked document” of downloadable Wii U games, and WoW was one of them.” Tomorrow is the quarterly report from Activision-Blizzard. Coincidence?

      1. It would actually work very well on the wii u. The pad could be used for map and the activations(spells, abilities ect.) And that would leave the TV for the full picture of the game. Could work very well actually.

        1. Well, that and the fact that the Wii U has USB ports that could easily support a keyboard, but I digress; I’m with byte on this one. I feel it’s highly, HIGHLY unlikely, though man would it be a SHOCKER if it turned out to be true!

          1. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it’s gonna happen at all, I’m just saying it’s totally possible and potentially plausible, it any mmo were to make it to a console at this point it would be the wii U, but still don’t think it will.

            1. If Nintendo and Blizzard announced WoW for the Wii U, Microsoft and Sony just better hang it up and forfeit, because Nintendo just won the next generation before Sony and Microsoft had a chance to reveal their systems.

              1. Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’d win the gen with that announcement, but it’d have a big impact for sure.
                Not everyone gives WoW high praises, after all, but I’ll be damned if it wouldn’t be a great way to increase player base on the Wii U.
                Plus, Miiverse is a pretty laid-back community, so it would be much less griefer-filled than the PC version, or at least I think it would be.

          2. I hardly used the keyboard while playing WoW, just for the movement (E,S,D,Z), I spent most of my time clicking icons to cast my mage spells, it would work just fine clicking an icon on the tablet controller

      2. incorrect, It wouldnn’t work on XB and PS, but it would certainly work with this tablet controller.

        I would absolutely die if thats what the announcement was…. RPG’s are going to be SICK on the Wii U because of this control mechanism.

    1. You have a point there, I took a little break from Wow because I’m eagerly waiting for 5.2. I would be awesome to play my account on the Wii U or arenas with my bro on the Wii U and me on my comp. Sounds too good to be true atm

        1. Retro can make it amazing. Maybe even better than star fox 64 and that’s the best game in the series according to fans

          1. I really enjoyed Stay Fox Assault more than any of the other Star Fox games. I wish it got more love. But I’m fine accepting that the one held in the highest regard as it it’s still extremely fun, and almost timeless. I just… *sigh* it sucks when your favorite game gets no attention, y’know?

            1. The Nintendo Reviewer

              I very much agree with you. I think Star Fox Assault was a great game but very underrated. I really hope that a Wii U Star Fox game would expand on what Assault started. For one, the multiplayer mode needed bots. And now that online multiplayer is everywhere, a Star Fox Assault sequel would be great with online multiplayer in addition to bots in local multiplayer. My favorite of the series is Star Fox Assault but like you said it doesn’t get much love which is sad.

      1. *metroid, I feel nintendo that will be handling the franchise it is in a pretty bad state and after the poor entry in the franchise ( even tho it was technically nintendo fault for change the already amazing dinosaur planet) and after that 3rd part developer that made assaults, nintendo is being very cautious, and donkey kong is all unlikely, metroid will be great to show off those fancy graphics and dinamic controls. :)

      2. they would be giving us a metroid prime not a crappy old starfox game that wasnt even liked that much when it was relesed for N64 what are you ppl high on get a hold of reality i liked starfox but it aint happing ppl

  2. 3rd party support, a pro controller with headphone and mic port, a pre-installed update wii u retail box, a new rev of wii U with ethernet port… stuff like that. lol

    1. 3rd party is coming. Pro controller with Mic and headset port…who gives a damn. Use the freaking Gamepad. The update is pre-installed with all Wii U systems these days. Screw the Ethernet thing. Less secure that way.

    2. You know you can use wireless microphones on the Wii U, right? Plus just wait. Xbox and ps3 didn’t have good microphones at first.

  3. Even though the Wii U is in a current bad position, I’d be shocked to see any news that would make the future even brighter. X, bayonetta 2, wind waker hd and rayman legends already have me super excited & and a proud wii u owner.

        1. dude please use your internet and you will find out wii u version aint ready becuase its not just a port its getting new stuff exclusive to wii u thats why its not released on feb 12

          1. For people who dont have a Wii U, to be able to experience the Miiverse to see what the addiction is all about to help them think okay this is awesome I need a Wii U. Yes I think those people would find it interesting.

            1. Maybe that would be interesting for people without a wii u, but an ign editor is not so likely to find that “interesting”.

              1. yeah ugh hes right why would us wii u owners care if ppl without one could access it its exclusive to owners thats the whole point man ppl are dense these days

            2. I’m fairly sure that once Miiverse enters the browser, it will still need an NNID made on a Wii U or a 3DS (it’s likely they’ll introduce it to 3DS too).

              But anyway, I highly doubt it’s about Miiverse.

    1. its been out since December in the states, while cool and all, I don’t think its the sort of thing they would tease… remember the TVii announcement back in Dec was just a quick press release.

  4. New Nintendo Official Magazine is due out soon with that exclusive look at a new game. I’d imagine IGN will be showing off the same thing

  5. I would like him to give us dates on what we are expecting before E3 and since we had one all about Wii U, could possibly be all towards 3DS.

      1. retro needs to make zelda the end, think star fox would be a waste of talent a space shooter come on, somebody els can make it, platinum games is a better fit, maybe even team ninja, seems to fit either one but retro, i hope its not starfox

  6. Mario 64 HD, Shenmue 3, Wii u is actually very powerfull?

    Why do people want to see another f-zero, that would be so boring. Mario Kart is the most entertaining racing game, that is enough racing for me. Just play f-zero on nintendoland and you will get a glimpse of how boring it will be.

    1. Well … In my opinion its a very good game that requires some skill . Of course mario kart is a still more fun experience but it requires less skill than f-zero .. Both games are great

    2. Haha what a stupid statement. F-Zero on Nintendo Land isnt anything like the true F-Zero. Play GX it was such a great game. Going like 800Mph smashing into people racing on insane courses sending them off the levels. Mario Kart is great but F-Zero is its own beast.

  7. Probably not That big of deal since he only said “interesting”. If it was something that would wow us he would have chosen a better word

  8. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    I hope it’s about a new Pro controller. Apparently the Wii U Pro controller doesn’t have a microphone port.

    It also can’t play the Wii virtual console games. I had to buy a Classic Controller Pro to do that -_- If we can play Wii games on the Wii U, but we aren’t able to use GameCube controllers anymore, the only way we can play the Wii games is with Wiimotes or Classic Controllers (if the game works with CC).

    In addition, the absolute ONLY way to play Wii’s Virtual Console games on the Wii U is with a Classic Controller….

    I need a Pro controller that can play Wii AND Wii U games. (and not those crap $35 third party controllers that suck)


      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        What I meant was for games that utilized the GameCube controller/Classic Controllers. It’d nice if a new Wii U Pro controller could control them.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Yeah that would be silly but that’s not what I was expecting. There ARE third party controllers that can control Wii games. If you see my reply to TheDragon234, I want a Wii U controller that can be used instead of a GameCube or a Classic Controller.

        If Nintendo added a sensor, that’d be even better, but no matter what it won’t be able to play a game like Skyward Sword because it needs the Motion+.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        But the Classic Controller sucks. I got the Classic Controller Pro controller for $19.99. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to spend money willy-nilly on 4 different controllers that can’t be used for the same games.

        That’s one of the reasons why (some) people get confused when they get a Nintendo console. Too many controllers, too many different layouts, too much money spent. Some of you may disagree with me, but this is just my opinion :P

        1. i agree with you and wii mode should be connected to wii u i have to set it to 720p to play wii games eevry time because if its 1080p green bars show, thats annoying

  9. I’m going to go with “price drop.” Things may have gotten to the point where NIntendo’s worrying. Sales are even down in Japan. :(

    1. Not enough to justify a price drop, they aren’t.
      Nintendo just recently started making profit off the Wii U.
      Why would they want to go and do a price drop and lower those gains so soon, especially when the investors were already giving the Wii U dirty looks for that sort of thing?
      No, I’m 99.9% sure that it’s not going to be an announcement for a price drop.

  10. Probably a price drop, or the announcement that ZombiU is going multiplatform.
    The price drop would be the best bet to go on with this one, since the 3DS investor’s conference had the same quote about “no 3DS price drop” and then within a matter of weeks they announced the price would be dropping! Hopefully neither of those 2 things, but the announcement that Crysis 3 will be coming to the Wii U!!!! That would truly be an announcement!

          1. Actually I did and I thought it was great! The great thing about the games that I play and enjoy is this… You don’t have to like or play them and no one is going to make you. I, however, liked Crysis 2 and I would like to play 3 as well… on the Wii U because I will not be buying it on another console. Nobody is asking you to play the same game as them and like it as much as they do, but we are asking that you keep your negative opinions to a minimum with regards to personal likes and dislikes. Thank You.

          2. *pretty *play (this word needs to be used in a past tense reference and not past participle. In order for your sentence to be proper, it would have to be written as such “That pretty much says that you never played Crysis(Proper name needs capitalization) 2.” Your poor grammar and opinions are unwelcome.)

        1. I played the beta. Bugs and lag, and generally boring gameplay.
          Crysis 1 was ok, Crysis 2 was mediocre, i dont expect anything more from 3

  11. Here are my 2 cents of what can be revealed.

    1. Gamecube Virtual Console

    2. Price Drop…unlikely…but so was the NG3:RE ports to EU and NA…

    3. More Wii U exclusives being ported to either Shitbox360/PS3 or Durango and Orbis…

    4. Wii U/3DS connection

    5. A new game…third-party…

    1. Just because one game that barely uses the gamepad and isn’t even out yet got ported, doesn’t mean all games will.

  12. last time ign said that about 3ds we all got was a podcast which was then bashing nintendo non stop. this is ign people not nintendo dont get fool by the ign hype they do everytime e3 gets close.

  13. Probably something Miiverse related, and/or cross platform features, Nintendo laready confirmed the restructure of combining some of its console and handheld devs to happen later this month, so could be related to that.

    I doubt it’s a new game, although could be news on an existing game, with something we didnt expect.

    1. That is laughable! Kojima seems to have a great distaste for Nintendo and making items for them, even though the first Metal Gear was on the NES.

  14. It probably isn’t a release date for Pikmin or Animal Crossing, but that’s what I’m waiting for. And I have been for a few months now.

    1. Wouldn’t happen, since Nintendo has stated that they don’t ever plan on loaning out their first-party IP’s to phones or tablets.
      And that’s precisely what people would expect from such a merger.

      1. Well the share holders want it to happen… Nintendo software on mobile devices… Could happen no matter what Iawata wants.

  15. Maybe retro ip or even mayamoto’s ip .. Anyways I won’t get my hopes high . Probably some update new accessories more about miiverse new apps … Anything is possible

  16. Shitbox360 just makes me angry.
    It stands for everything gaming is not supposed to be…almost entirely…almost…

    Anyway, the day Nintendo goes under, I’ll buy all franchises and protect them amd if possible revive them somehow.

      1. NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck you nintendo, thats what i would say the next one should be on the next home launch console and be completly difernt from the new series

  17. Its gotta be about some sorta 3rd party thing. Like a NEW Nintendo team-up or some new 3rd party game is coming that was origionally not. <My prediction.

      1. your trolling is gettng annoying we all no that nintendos games are more babyish, they came out almost 30 years ago, and they will never make games that arnt like that, back then mario and star fox was the most hardcore things out there, so today they are more babyish looking and some of them more than others

  18. I was looking forward to this for most of the day and it turns out it was that Rayman Legends is going multiplat and is delayed 6 months. So disappointed!

    1. Wait, so, THIS is the “Interesting news” that IGN teased about on Twitter?
      Yet another “Oops, something odd happened to Nintendo, their future is looking sooooo dark” report?
      Dear Lord Jesus, do I feel silly.
      For a while there, I thought they actually had something worth reporting, instead of another instance of their usual trash talk about how badly Nintendo is doing over tiny set-backs.
      I should have learned better than to hope for anything different by now.

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